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Quality of product and quality of production


The level of supervision is strongly related to quality in manufacturing – both quality of product and quality of production processes.

In industry, demands for a high level of quality must be translated into specific requirements based on features that can be measured. The results of the measurements of physical quantities are used to calculate a measure of quality which is called “quality index” and designated by q. The bigger the value of quality index, the higher the quality level.

In manufacturing departments the quality of a product is still frequently reduced to conformance of the properties of the end product to technical specifications. In specific cases of dimensional accuracy this means that all dimensions of the workpiece after machining should be kept within prescribed tolerance ranges. This then leads to the simplest binary assessment of workpiece quality, as “good” or “bad”. The quality index q may have one of two values: q=1 (“good”) when the diameter is inside the permitted range; q=0 (“bad”) when the diameter is outside. The modern trend, set first by Japanese industry, is to increase the uniformity of workpieces in a batch and to narrow the dimensional tolerances required.

When considering the quality level of manufacturing processes two aspects may be distinguished: 1) quality assessment from the safety or break-down point of view; 2) quality assessment from the efficiency or cost-of-production point of view. In the first case, quality level is associated with a two-value quality index (“good”, “bad”), in the second, with a multi-value quality index.

13. Ответьте на вопросы.

1) What is the level of supervision related to?

2) How is expressed the level of quality in industry?

3) What is the quality of product reduced to?

4) What is the modern trend in the assessment of quality index?

5) How many quality levels do you distinguish?

Заполните пропуски нужным по смыслу предлогом: for – для, к; to – к; after – после; from – от.

1) You may distinguish the quality assessment of manufacturing process … the safety or break-down point of view.

2) All the dimensions of the workpiece … machining should be kept within prescribed tolerance ranges.

3) The quality of product is reduced … conformance of the properties of the end product … technical specifications.

4) … this purpose you may use the results of measurements of physical quantities.

15. Заполните пропуски нужной глагольной формой (is applied; is designated; means; is considered).

1) The quality index ………… by “q”.

2) The quality level ………… from different points of view.

3) This ………… that all the dimensions of the workpiece should be within tolerance range.

4) The term “quality index” ………… not only to process, but also to products and manufacturing equipment.

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Disturbance means anything which was not planned and influences the quality index of the system of the manufacturing process. Disturbances do not necessarily have an adverse influence on the quality index. Sometimes disturbances make it possible to obtain better results than planned, e.g. a smaller than planned diameters of the shaft before turning allows an increase of feed and thus an increase in the output of machining.

Adaptive control of manufacturing processes is the control of a manufacturing process, which attempts, in spite of disturbances, either to keep the chosen features of the process (or features of the product) in the prescribed range or to obtain the highest quality index possible in the existing situation.



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feature, obtain, measure, tool

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