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Complete the sentences with the words below. What do they have in common?

small   desktop  software      different    paper     larger   lightweight typical     

1 Computers come in _______ sizes and shapes.

2 Laptop computers are _______ ________ machines that can run on batteries.

3 Desktop computers are _______ machines designed for use at a desk or table.

4 The parts of a ________ ________ computer are the case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

5 Most cases have a CD or DVD drive so that you can install________ programs.

6 If you have a printer you can make a ________ copy of what displays on your monitor.

Read the information and complete it with the words from the exercise above.

In general an attribute is a property or characteristics. Speed, for example, is an attribute of your computer (high-speed computer)

The attribute of a noun may be an adjective ( _____________), a compound adjective

( __________), an adjective in comparative form (. __________) a noun (________),

a compound noun (________),  a pronoun ( his computer), an infinitive, (desire to win),

a noun in the possessive case (today’s computers), a past or present participle (chips made of silicon, existing models).

*In using or programming computers an attribute is a changeable property or characteristic of some component of a program that can be set to different values


Give Russian equivalents to the word combinations below.

  time machine            research computer              potential customer     profit record

  machine time       computer research          customer potential     record profit


In English it is extremely common to use nouns as adjectives. The problem arises when several nouns are used attributively. In this case you should figure out which nouns are functioning as nouns and which are adjectives and what goes with what. The last word in a chain is often used as a noun.


Translate these noun chains.

chips                                                                             circuit

computer chips                                                             circuit design

today’s computer chips                                                circuit design materials

today’s computer chip fabrication                               candidate circuit design materials

today’s computer chip fabrication  technique             researcher’s circuit design materials                                                                                               


physics                                                                         key           

quantum physics                                                          key distribution

quantum physics research                                            potential key distribution

quantum physics research methods                             potential key distribution methods            


Are computers making us dump?

A Listen to part one of the recording and answer these questions.


1 What was Neil doing at the moment of starting their conversation?

2 What definition of a smartphone did Neil give?

3 What reasons did Neil mention for using his smartphone so much?

4 What does the abbreviation app stand for?

5 Who designed and created the first desktop computer?

6 When was the first commercially produced desktop computer launched?

Was it in: a) … b) … c) … . What is your answer?


B Work in pairs. Listen to part two of the conversation (2:35) and complete what American technology writer Nicholas Carr said. Then listen again and check.

The ability of computers to do things we used to do is growing astronomically and we’re rushing to hand over to computers tasks, activities – both in our work lives and in our personal lives – and what you begin to see is . The person becoming reliant on computers; because they are not exercising their own talents, And we begin to lose, as a result, the unique things that the human beings can do that computers can’t:…

C Role play the dialogue between Neil and Rob. Use the prompts.

Neil Nicholas Carr / use / computers / lose / skill /

Rob loss / talent / natural ability / do / well / rely on computers / talent / fade /

Neil lose / things /make / human / empathy/ other / people / feel/

Rob agree / writer / with?

Neil get / point /

Rob friendships / social media / new people / different countries /remember/ face-to-face/

Neil use /global positioning system /conversation / ask for directions /

Rob spellchecker / miss / learn /spell / words / properly / not leave / machine /                                                                  

Neil rely on / digital technology / computers / sophisticated /remember / tools /

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