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Sheikh Shahabuddin Ahmad (Diploma In mechanical Engineering

Sheikh Shahabuddin Ahmad (Diploma In mechanical Engineering

sahabudinsekh91@yahoo.com Res Tel # 0091 6151284639        

Mobile #in India  (+91 9162386863 8210015471 India current

Career Summery

A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering With over Twenty three years   of extensive professional

Experience   in. EPC contract with   working knowledge  of  various   code   and   standards

ANSI B31.1, B31.4, B31.8, AWS DM ASME SEC II, V, VIII & IX, ASTM Specification,

API 1104.

I nvolvement in health, safety, environment management, Hazop studies & risk assessment,

Risk control, hazard identification, incident/ accident analysis, safety auditing with a direct

Hand on approach to analytic problems solving encompassing excellent leadership &

Management   capacities.

A Keen planner & strategist with skills in team building, organization building capabilities

A very reliable honest flexible adoptable and able to work across cultural and geographical

Boundaries, A competent and committed to the profession

Personal Detail

Passport number -------------------------------------------------------------------k 3572856

Date &place of issued----------------------------------------------------------------11/5/2012 Patna

Date of expiry --------------------------------------------------------------------------10/5/2022 (f)

Marital status---------------------------------------------------------------------------married

Religion and nationality ------------------------------------------------------------Muslim Indian

Language known ---------------                                          English, Hindi, Urdu & Arabic

Permanent Address-------------------------------------------------Village & post Nawada, ps Brauli

Dist   Go pal Ga NJ state Bihar (India) mobile # 0091 9973730261(8210015471 (INDIA)

Resident tell phone # 0091 6151 284639

[Ahmad Sheikh Shahabuddin] Resume                                                    page 1 of 9

Profile hard working Meticulous Construction  Piping   Hydro Test Mechanical Supervisor, with sound technical Knowledge exciting opportunity in world class organization with burning desire to achieve newer Human excellence with conjunction of organization goal where my interest and knowledge in

Piping & Mechanical project could be best utilized and justify my potential to establish myself as a

Competent person, Able to use own initiative with strong communication skill

Project involved

Petrochemical Refinery & Fertilizer Ethaline Cracker    power plant Liquid Natural gas NGL plant & polyethylene plant construction, water injection and pump station

Oil & Gas field construction country cross pipe line construction,


FROM April 2015 to May 2016

 Work In Kazakhstan with EP offshore kashagan North Caspian sea project -PSNK

Company from September 2011 to March 2012  

Professional Experience

Worked as contracted expatriate for one of the global leading consultancy firm consult, EBCL


ASAB AGD II Project ASAB Gas Development phases II project

Client                 Bechtel Company limited

Customer           Gas co (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries LTD

Position                   piping & mechanical supervisor

Duration            22 September 2008 till to date

Job Responsibilities

Proficient in understanding Iso-metric, G/A plan and piping and instrumentation drawing

Strong Supervising Skill in fabrication and Erection of piping & structural works as per the

Issued construction of drawing, supervising erection of piping and structural fabricated spools

On site as per the Iso-metric and plan drawing, Able to prepare punch list item, A, of the line,

 For hydrostatic testing as per the approved hydrostatic test package and marked on the iso-metric

And P & ID drawing for the limit of test conducting hydrostatic test in accordance with the

Approved hydrostatic test procedure, Re instatement of line for the punch item B&C foreman and

Charge hands assigning job as per their exp, and capability explaining the assigned jobs to

 Keeping proper track of their progress. Arranging equipment as per the requirement and priority

Of job planning of jobs in advance on the priority

Field change required?

Consolidated contractors international company (CCIC) Abu Dhabi UAE

Project -------------------------------------3rd RNGL project Al Ruwais

Client ------------------------------------- SNAMPROGETTI

Customer ---------------------------------GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas industries LTD

Position -----------------------------------piping and mechanical SUPERVISOR

Duration ----------------------------------04 Aug 2006 to 26 Jun 2008

Job Responsibilities

ULG/LSGO- Project Al Ruwais

Client -----------------------         Technip

Customer ----------------------------- TAKREER

Position --------------------------------piping and mechanical Supervisor

Duration -------------------------------10 October 2004 to 25April 2006

Job Responsibilities

 Supervisor and monitor the manpower and materials Equipment needed for the project

Review and evaluate drawing on plan fabrication and erected lines, isometric and P &ID


Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

Proficient in understanding iso-metric plan GA and instrumentation P &ID Drawing

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

As the procedures

Ahmad Shaikh Shahabuddin [Resume]                              page 6 of 9    

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

For the materials, fitting, welding Raising of the (RFI) Request for inspection monitoring of Manpower And schedule of working time, Resolving of technical problem coordinate with concern person during

Job Responsibilities


Job Responsibilities


For all kinds of service?

Of service

(7) Shut down turn over & over hauling piping and reactor, heater, furnish

Computer skill

Sheikh Shahabuddin Ahmad (Diploma In mechanical Engineering

sahabudinsekh91@yahoo.com Res Tel # 0091 6151284639        

Mobile #in India  (+91 9162386863 8210015471 India current

Career Summery

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