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The ground area is formalized as private ownership of land, which is building as an assignment. The ground area has all the communications and electricity and roads are provided as well.



The first floor will locate major restaurant, zone-lunge (closer to the hotel) and manufacture (kitchen, support spaces and own bakery) First floor square percentage corresponds the requirements: 50% - restaurant, 50% - manufacture. 

Restaurant manufacture includes the following processes:

Cold dishes, meat, fish, pastry shop

The second floor will contain events hall, VIP-zone, billiard room, administrations room for staff work. 

Restaurant cuisines : European, Ukrainian, vegetarian, individual.

Major directions:

• Salads and cold dishes

• First course (borsch, fish broth, solyanka)

• Second course (meat, fish and vegetable dishes)

• Chicken dishes

• Chef’s specialty made in “hunting cuisine” style

• Grilled dishes (meat, fish, vegetables)

• Garniture

• Desserts

• Own bakery and bread

• Hot beverages (tea, coffee, chocolate, Горячие напитки (чай, кофе, шоколад, glogg)

• Cold beverages (water, juices, lemonades compotes, fresh juice)

• Beer

• Wine list (wide range of red and white wines)

• Strong alcohol beverages (vodka, whisky, cognac, etc)

• Kalian


Additional directions:

1. Kids menu

2. Banquet menu

3. Catering menu

Outdoor performance stage will be located in front of the restaurant. Glades with flower and wonderful flower-gardens will surround the outdoor performance stage. Besides the restaurant, this area will contain summerhouse for 4-5 and 6-8 persons. Two summerhouses seem to be closed and heated by fireplace in order to be used in winter season.

In order to make events (banquet and corporate), tent beautifully adorned with flowers will be set on the glade in summer season

Restaurant design should be done in serious way, and such zones as major hall, manufacture, additional rooms and administrations rooms should be planned in accurate from, as well.

Equipment and working zones should be located due to the actions which will be done. It’s important to foresee cooperation between departments and waiter’s serving zone. The kitchen is separated. It must be ventilated, have good kitchen hood (but its noise must be maximally reduced), have good lightening. Waste traffic route must not intersect with food. Correct equipment location will improve the efficiency of staff work, release from useless movements and raw material spending. Good restaurant design let us create comfort in working zones and improves personal efficiency.



Hotel complex consist of hotel and 5 cottages staying separately on the complex area.


· Lobby (hall, reception, support spaces) Лобби (холл, служба рецепции, подсобные помещения)

· Conference hall containing 40 per.

· SPA, steam baths, sauna

· Hotel room capacity is 34 rooms:

“lux” rooms – 10

“standard” rooms - 24

5 VIP cottages (each contains 6 persons + kids)

Total: hotel capacity is 98 adults and 72 children)

· Each floor contains linen room

· Equipment room

· Laundry

· Storage

· Boiler rooms, control room, water filter and so forth and so on.


The first floor will locate receptions, lobby, restaurant, kitchen, rooms for SPA and treatment procedures

The second floor will have conference hall and rooms.

Floors with hotel room capacity must have linen and equipment rooms.


Basement is suggested to contain boiler rooms, water-supply facility,  laundry, raw material storage.


Hotel services:

· Breakfast – open buffet

· Bar-lounge, where you can order alcohol, snacks and tea/coffee

·  Information service

· All day security system

· Parking

· Communication service


Hotel living cost:

Room Low season High season Holiday season
Standard 750 UAH 1300 UAH 1900 UAH
VIP 1500 UAH 2500 UAH 3500 UAH


Conference hall will provide full range of business services for organizing conferences, business meetings, seminars, banquets and corporate events.

Conference hall will be located on the first floor, in the central zone.

Conference hall services

· Multi Media Projector

· Projection display

· Laptop

· Loudspeaker equipment

· Radio microphone

· Video

· Flip-chart

· Wi-Fi

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