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Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из настоящих времён:

1. It’s the first time he (come) in due time.

2. A good brand (guarantee) a certain level of quality to customers.

3. I (learn) the english language since last year.

4. Consumer goods prices (rise) rapidly in the past few months.

5. I (not see) you for ages. What you (do)?

6. The technician (repair) the copy-machine. He (work) at it for an hour or so.

7. I (know) mr. Smith all my life and we always (be) good business partners.

8. This notice is too high for me to read. What it (say)?

9. Don’t rush me. I (work) as fast as i can.

10. He (apply) for jobs without success for months now.

11. I (study) hard of late. I’ve got exams next week.

12. It’s only ten o’clock but the secretary already (make) ten business calls.

13. Collin says she (be) very tired recently. She (work) almost sixty hours a week for the past month.

14. My boss (not believe) in the importance of women’s education.

15. I (think) about it the last three days, it’s such a bother to me. So it (be) really a relief to talk it over with you.

16. My neighbour (try) to find a job since she graduated from university.

17. I know that since january he (be) in charge of the management division.

18. On some occasions the hall (hold) up to 300 people, though you’d hardly believe it.

19. I (type) this report since yesterday and i’m only halfway through.

20. Since i last stayed at this hotel, they (put) their prices up.

21. Sorry about the mess! The workmen (install) new equipment in the office all morning.

22. I (not like) the new office manager, she continually (bother) me with silly questions.

23. The bseu students often (attend) courses in foreign languages to get a better command of the english language.

24. I see you (write) letters of complaint all the morning. Is it the last letter you (write) now?

25. I have an appointment with mr. Trench. Can i see him? – i’m sorry, you can’t, he still (have) his lunch.

Формы прошедшего времени

I . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. How long ago (had you taken / did you take) extension courses?

2. Mr. Billbord (had been thinking / thought) his decision over during the lunch break.

3. My assistant (typed / was typing) a letter when the telephone (rang / was ringing).

4. When (did she choose / had she chosen) to take a course in management?

5. Mr. Bronx (was / had been) the chief executive of the company for twenty years before he (had retired / retired).

6. Yesterday i (phoned / had phoned) the bank about my overdraft.

7. When i (looked / was looking) for the documents, i suddenly remembered i (left / had left) them in my briefcase at home.

8. The applicants were happy to hear that they (passed / had passed) the centralized test successfully.

9. When i (arrived / was arriving) at the office ms flick (waited / was waiting) for me.

10. While i (had / was having) lunch i (looked / was looking) through the financial newspapers and (saw / had seen) that the company’s investments (grew / had grown) by 10%.


Ii . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. They … a lot of useful contacts during their business trip to india.

a. Made                                   b. Have made                      c. Was making                        d. Had made

2. We … completely satisfied as not all our requirements had been met.

a. Didn’t be                             b. Weren’t                           c. Hadn’t been                        d. Haven’t been

3. What … the managing director … you when you were in his office?

a. Did; tell                               b. Has; told                         c. Had; told                             d. Was; telling

4. He … to work at this time yesterday morning.

a. Drove                                  b. Had driven                      c. Was driving                         d. Has been driving

5. Mrs. Smithson was furious. She … for her assistant for half an hour.

a. Waited                                                                                 c. Had waited

b. Was waiting                                                                         d. Had been waiting

6. Mr. Wilson was preparing his presentation while his secretary … a report.

a. Is typing                                                                             c. Was typing

b. Has been typing                                                                  d. Had been typing

7. He … his grammar for two hours yesterday.

a. Has been practising           c. Practised

b. Was practising                                                                      d. Had been practising

8. I … about changing my present job for some time before i finally decided.

a. Was thinking                                                                       c. Thought

b. Had thought                                                                        d. Had been thinking

9. My boss was in despair. His documents … .

a. Had disappeared                                                                   c. Have disappeared

b. Disappeared                                                                         d. Were disappearing

10. After the nickersons … the company, they … to make a lot of employees redundant.

a. Bought; had started                                                             c. Had bought; started

b. Bought; started                                                                    d. Have bought; have started

11. We … a reliable firm, so we … samsung.

a. Were wanting; had chosen                                                   c. Had wanted; chose

b. Wanted; had chosen                                                            d. Wanted; chose

12. I … the missing file while i … for some other documents.

a. Found; was looking                                                             c. Found; had looked

b. Had found; looked                                                              d. Was finding; was looking

13. Mr. Johnson … as an engineer for ten years before he … a supervisor.

a. Works; has become                                                              c. Worked; had become

b. Had worked; became                                                            d. Has been working; became

14. By that time she … any more explanation, she … everything.

a. Hasn’t needed; understood c. Didn’t need; understood

b. Hadn’t needed; had understood                                            d. Didn’t need; had understood

15. When i met him last week, it was the first time we … each other since we … from the university.

a. Have seen; graduated          c. Saw; had graduated

b. Had seen; graduated            d. Didn’t see; had graduated

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