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Task 16. Guess what types of business letters are taken into consideration. МІНІСТЕРСТВО ОСВІТИ І НАУКИ УКРАЇНИ Київський національний університет будівництва і архітектури Unit three           Computer Systems    Civil Engineering Profession (2) Civil Engineering Profession (3) Agree or disagree with the statements using the following Civil Engineering Subdivisions (1) Civil Engineering Subdivisions (2) Understanding main issues and details Translate two abstracts in a written form from Text A. Read, translate and be ready to do the tasks after the text: Read, translate Text B and be ready to analyze main issues and details. Understanding main issues and details Architecture and the History of its Development Text 1. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture Look through the text again and render it in English. Make up 5 mini dialogues like those given below. The system of Education in Great Britain and America Which university? Gareth asks questions Other Colleges for Further Education Higher Education in the USA Офисный ПК до 20 000 рублей За основу основ нашего офисного трудяги мы возьмём MSI A320M PRO-VD/S EVOLUTION OF OPERATING SYSTEMS Present Simple Passive Voice PHYSICALLY BASED RENDERING ENCYCLOPEDIA Terms and Services of Use Gamma and Their Effect on Electronics Microsurface (Roughness/Gloss) Material Reference Values There is no chart for the reflectance value of the Unreal engine 4, just let the value by default and apply a cavity map on it. Describe the OpenMP programming model and compile programs with OpenMP. Describe the process of setting the number of parallel streams in OpenMP. НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ ТЕХНІЧНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ УКРАЇНИ Google To Offer Free 5GB Of Cloud Space (25th April, 2012) Task 1. Choose one of the three topics on the card and give a report. (15 points) Financial plan . Costs and revenues report . Characteristics of the Hotel Complex GROUND AREA CHARACTERISTICS Abovementioned services cost : 300 UAH/hour Hotel “Perlyna Karpat” in famous mountain small town Slavskoe INSTITUTIONAL AND MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Sure, it was big. It looked like a mansion compared to our old house. It was a tall redbrick house with a sloping black roof and rows of windows framed by black shutters. Dad sure was excited. He’d been looking for an excuse to quit his boring office job and devote all of his time to his writing career. This house—absolutely free— would be just the excuse he needed. Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your choice Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Dancing plays an important role in a culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Some students like classes where teachers lecture in the class. others prefer classes where the students do some of the talking.what do you prefer .give reasons and examples How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position. Topic 5. A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. Topic 8. What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be                                                                                        successful in the world today? Topic 17. If you could ask a famous person one question, what would you ask? Why? Regional Difference among Filipinos THE IMPORTANCE OF RELIGION TO FILIPINOS UNDERSTANDING THE FILIPINO MALE ENVIRONMENT, HIS ATTITUDES TO DRINK/DRUG USAGE AND SOCIAL HABITS HOW TO MAKE THE FILIPINO TICK AND CLICK Asking Questions or Not Asking Them at All HOW TO MOTIVATE AND BMNG OUT THE BEST IN THE FIUPINO Steps in Filipino Negotiation Chapter 1 - What are you getting into Away from home and family Emirates features and amenities Etihad features and amenities Qatar Airways features and amenities Your worries and questions answered Chapter 2 - Let's get you the job Secretary/Administrative Assistant/Personal Assistant Make-up, hair and accessories EXAMPLE (1300 characters) Basic requirements questionnaire Virtual Interview Questions How to dress for your assessment day How to be confident during the assessment day Important points about the first stage of the assessment day HOW TO HANDLE THE EXERCISE Exercise 2 - Customer service Exercise 3 - Team-building Important points about the group exercise Reading and understanding test Important points about the Math Test Why do you want to work for our airline? What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive about it? Tell me about your dream job. What have you learned from the mistakes you made on the job? What are the positive traits you don't have? Tell me about a time when you helped someone. What are the steps you follow to study a problem before making a decision? If I were your supervisor and asked you to do something that you disagreed with, what would you do? Describe a time you worked as part of a team and it failed due to one or a couple of people. Do you have any blind spots? Give me an example of a situation when you did something extra for your customer. What was it? Tell me about a time you misjudged a person. Tell me about a time you resolved a conflict. Would you say that you can easily deal with high pressure situations? Give an example of excellent customer service you provided. What motivates you to do the best on the job? List five words that describe your character. What is the most important thing you learned in school? Do you have any restrictions on your ability to travel? How would you react if we asked you to change your appearance to fit in with our company? Important points about the Final Interview Documents to prepare for your departure Safety and Emergency Procedures - SEP На стабильность проходит нормально. Агитировать за какого-либо кандидата или партию At the weekend Kate is going In the future Kate wants to be Компьютерный практикум по дисциплине PIII-600/128 SDRAM (PC-133)/13Gb/32Mb AGP/50x/SBLive128. Центральные (внутренние) устройства ПК В зависимости от возможности записи и перезаписи данных, устройства внутренней памяти подразделяется на следующие типы: Понятие и назначение BIOS Накопители на флоппи-дисках Накопители на оптических дисках Периферийные (внешние) устройства К устройствам мультимедиа относят: Из толкового словаря по информатике Percent of the Russian gas is delivered to Western Europe through Ukraine. A company answers customers' letters. He'll be back in time for the meeting. People should set themselves more realistic deadlines. The ozone layer stops ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Grammatical category and its characteristic features. Parts of speech and different principles of their classification. The functions of the g. in the sentence Adverbial modifier of cause. Dangling/Misrelated Participle Classification of phrases according to their distribution: Semantico-situational analysis of the simple sentence The Compound Nominal Predicate The Principal Parts of the Sentence С ) The Complex Sentence. Adverbial Clauses Attributive Appositive Clauses It was appropriate that the guests wore evening dresses C.s. with causative-consecutive coordination THE GREAT BRITISH SEASIDE Past time: past simple, past continuous, past perfect simple, past perfect continuous, would, used to/be/get used to Topic vocabulary in contrast Future time/present tenses in time clauses/prepositions of time and place Topic vocabulary in contrast Topic vocabulary in contrast Topic vocabulary in contrast LIVING TOGETHER IN SOCIETY Topic vocabulary in contrast Topic vocabulary in contrast UNITS 1 -14                                                                              Progress Test I The passive / the causative / direct and indirect objects Topic vocabulary in contrast CULTURAL DIFFERENCES AT THE DINNER TABLE Topic vocabulary in contrast EARLY HUMANS AND THE WEATHER Weather and the environment Local academic causes a stir Reported speech /reported questions /reporting verbs Topic vocabulary in contrast FIND ME A SHOW THAT WORKS Topic vocabulary in contrast Topic vocabulary in contrast DOES WHAT WE WEAR MATTER? Topic vocabulary in contrast LACK OF FAITH IN POLITICIANS ЛИСТ РАБОЧЕЙ ТЕТРАДИ ДЛЯ УЧАЩИХСЯ ПО ДИСЦИПЛИНЕ Название темы: «Основы анимации во Flash» Попелюшка - М ова загублена в віках  - Фенікс Пізнання суті слова, числа, довкілля, людини OO Writer: Виділення тесту Конвейерная организация работы идеального микропроцессора. Классификация конфликтов. Структурные конфликты. Организация многоуровневой памяти компьютера Логическая схема памяти 4х3. Иерархичность структуры памяти компьютера. Способы организации оперативной памяти. Адресная, ассоциативная, стековая память. История развития техники параллельных вычислений. Функциональный и тестовый контроль Методы построения тестов. Достоинства метода параллельного моделирования: Основные модели обмена данными с периферийными устройствами. Молекулярная электроника. Молекулярный компьютер. Направления исследований. Кубиты. Квантовые компьютеры. Read the article about the work of a team of tour operator representatives in Majorca. Then choose the most suitable sentence from numbers 1-6 for each of the gaps in the text (A-F). Read the article above again and tick the phrase which best completes each statement. Read this advertisement for Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and fill in the gaps with the brochure language (adjectives). Read the article below to answer these questions. Join these verbs and prepositions and make phrasal verbs to replace the words printed in italics in sentences 1–15. What do business travelers want in the hotel of the future? Read this article to find out. Use the following prompts to make conditional sentences expressing improbability. Dover Castle is trying to attract not just foreign but also British visitors, and to encourage the general public to be more aware of their heritage. Read the article and answer these questions. Which words in the box would you associate with Victorian museums and which with modern-day ones? Make two lists. Which words give a negative impression and which a positive one? Кафедра иностранных языков Ex. 2. These are the key words to Lesson 1. You are to copy them and memorize their meanings. Ex. 11. Translate the sentences from English into Russian. Transform the Passive Voice into the Active Voice. Basic Principles of Railway Signaling Centralized Traffic Control Ex. 4. Choose the appropriate word given in brackets and translate the sentences into Russian. Ex. 9. Choose the correct tense form of Continuous: either Active or Passive. Ex. 2. These are the key words to Lesson 3. You are to copy them and memorize their meanings. Ex. 8. Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the Complex Object. Ex. 11 . Translate the words given in brackets into English. Translate the text you have now into Russian. Do it in written form. Ex. 4. Fill in the gaps with the suitable derivative of the word given on the right. Ex. 10. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian. Ex. 2. These are the key words to Lesson 5. You are to copy them and memorize their meanings. Ex. 7. Translate the following sentences paying attention to different functions of the infinitives. Ex. 11. Translate the following sentences from Russian into English. Text A. Read and translate the text using a dictionary if necessary. Text A. Read and translate the text using a dictionary if necessary. TEXT 1. Railway Switches or Points European Rail Traffic Management System Intermittent ATP TEXT 5. Network Management Systems To Set Routes at Vinh A computer virus hoax is a false email message. Ads are known as commercials. Last year in our country taxes were lower than this year. The charges for telephoning are always exact. Iii . Расставьте апострофы там, где это необходимо: I . Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу личными, притяжательными или возвратными местоимениями: Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из настоящих времён: Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из прошедших времён: Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из настоящих или будущих времён: Разъемы ввода/вывода, установленные на плате Память – ВЗУ, ПЗУ, ППЗУ, статическое и динамическое ОЗУ, КЭШ- и FLASH -память. Принцип работы, ёмкость, сфера применения. Сколько объем различных видов памяти Вашего РС. Описание и характеристики — Модуль памяти Kingston HyperX 240-конт. DIMM, 2048 MB, PC6400 DDR2 SDRAM, 800 МГц, non-ECC, unbuff Nico is a chef and has his own restaurant, the Blue Jar. He lives in Chile with his wife and her three children, aged 16, 12, and 9. Customs and traditions. Holidays in the UK. Medical profession peculiarities Revision is a personal, individual process The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Top airports in the world Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne have been Dragons on the show since it started. Deborah Meaden joined in 2006 The importance of doing what you love Health: Sport and fitness Nature and man: Ecological Problems Say the even numbers from 2 to 20 round your group. Then say the odd numbers from 1 to 19. Complete the teacher’s and student’s phrases. The procedure of the lesson IV) The Presentation of the new theme Direct and Indirect Speech Шинные интерфейсы материнской платы Системы, расположенные на материнской плате: центральный процессор. Шины. Система команд процессора. Системы, расположенные на материнской плате: оперативная память. Основные рабочие параметры процессора. Кэш-память. Разрешение экрана монитора Внутренние устройства системного блока: Жесткий диск. Базовая аппаратная конфигурация персонального компьютера: системный блок. Базовая аппаратная конфигурация персонального компьютера: клавиатура и мышь. Периферийные устройства персонального компьютера: устройства ввода знаковых данных и командного управления. Периферийные устройства персонального компьютера: сканеры. Периферийные устройства персонального компьютера: принтеры Б18. 35. Программное обеспечение Управление атрибутами файлов Функции операционных систем персонального компьютера: взаимодействие с аппаратным обеспечением. Классификация служебных программных средств. III. Заполните пропуски глаголами в Past Continuous Tense или в Past Indefinite Tens e IV. Прочитайте и переведите текст. ACCORDING TO LAWS OF HOSPITALITY UNKNOWN ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Have you made any mistakes? CITY PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE THE PROBLEM WITH HAPPINESS
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