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Analysis of the origin of the RFPL players

Analysis of the origin of the RFPL players

By regions, districts and academies

Completed by: Nariman Akavov

Distribution of RFPL players

By region

21.6% of all Russian players who competed in the Premier League this season were born in Moscow and the Moscow region. 54 of 250 players .

8.8% in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (22 players)

7.6% in North Ossetia (19 players)

4.4% in the Krasnodar district (11 players)

3.6% in the Chechen Republic (9 players)

2.8% in the Irkutsk region (7 players)

2.8% in the Samara region (7 players)

The remaining 48.4% of the total number (121 players), comes from 58 other regions of Russia and the countries of the former USSR.

Distribution of RFPL players

By federal districts

Centra l 80
North-Caucasian 40
North-West 28
Volg a 28
S outhern 22
Siberian 18
Ural 9
Far Eastern 9
USSR formers 16

The average age of players in the North Caucasus and Southern Federal Districts is 23.1% and 23.3% respectively. This fact suggests that the largest influx of young players in the Premier League is from these federal districts. For comparison, the average age of players in the North-West Federal District is - 26.8. Privolzhsky - the same. Ural and at all 28,4. From the Urals and the Far East, there is only one U23 player in the Premier League. From the central district - 15.

The highest percentage of left-handers from the Southern Federal District - 36.84%. In the Volga - 13.04%. In the North Caucasus - 16.22%.

By the average growth between the districts there is a colossal difference. Siberians average 185 cm. Urals - 183.9. The lowest players from the Far East (180.4), North Caucasians (179.8) and from the countries of the former USSR (177.1).

The highest percentage of effective duels won by Siberian (58.1%), players from the Center of Russia (58.1%), Urals (56.9%) and North-West (56.5%). The lowest among players from the Southern (49.2%) and from the Far East (50.5%).

To some extent, this is very strange, but the accuracy of the pass completely correlates with the indicators of% successful duels.

Distribution of RFPL players

By Academies

Most of the academies graduates in the Premier League from "Lokomotiv" Moscow - 29, including players who are in the main team of the club at the moment. In "Spartak" - 24. At the "Academy of Zenith" - 19. "CSKA" Moscow - 17. "Dinamo" Moscow - 15. "Academy of Konoplev" - 13. The other clubs from 1 to 7.

Surprising is the average height of "Spartak" graduates performing in the Premier League - 175.5 cm. In "CSKA" - 183.6; "Dinamo" Moscow - 184.1; "Academy of Konopleva" - 184.9; The "Academy of Zenith" and "Lokomotiv" - 181.4 cm.

Most lefties graduates from "Dinamo" Moscow - 35.71%. (5 out of 14). For comparison, "Spartak" has only 1 lefty in the 22 graduates.

The highest accuracy of the pass in the graduates of the "Academy of Konoplev" - 83.7%. "CSKA" has 78.8%; "Lokomotiv" - 80.0%; "Spartak" - 80.6%; "Zenit" - 79.5%; "Dinamo" Moscow - 80.3%.

In the Premier League eleven "Lokomotiv" academy graduates in the U23 category. 3 players from "Zenith", 4 from "Spartak", 5 from "CSKA".

Most of the goalkeepers were prepared by "CSKA" Moscow and "Dinamo" Moscow - by 4. "Lokomotiv" and "Academy of Konoplev" by 3. Most of all right defenders among graduates from Spartak school - 5. It is followed by the Academy of "Zenit", "Lokomotiv" and "Terek" - 2. The left defenders most of all from the Academy of "Zenit" - 3. Central midfielders are best prepared by "Lokomotiv" and "Spartak" - by 6 players. But the central attacking midfielders "Lokomotiv" is preparing much better than the rest - 8 of 29 players in this position in the league. "Zenit" prepared 4. Forwards and Wingers most prepared by "Spartak" - 8; "CSKA", "Dinamo" Moscow, "Lokomotiv" at 6 and "Zenit" - 5.

Distribution of RFPL players

Goalkeepers - Moscow (12), North Ossetia (4), St. Petersburg (2), Belgorod (2).

Analysis of the origin of the RFPL players

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