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Little Grey Riding Hood (ecological musical)

Little Grey Riding Hood (ecological musical)

Действующие лица:  
Серая Шапочка Скоферца Лера
Мама Кузнецова Дарья
Красный волк Молодцов Егор
Сказочница 1 Щеголева Мария
Сказочница 2 Щеголева Марта
Сорока -сплетница Галич Марьяна
Охотники Березина Вероника, Каргинова Ева, Бройко Полина, Болотова Милана
Mother Earth Савульчик Настя

Сцена 1

На экране на фоне видео о природе появляются титры: English Theater Studio _ Presents_ Ecological musical_ Little Grey Riding Hood   Презентация Фонограмма (минус) Mother Earth by Karliene (слайд 1-2)
Из-за кулис появляются две рассказчицы, ведут разговор. Сказочница 1: Once upon a time there lived a girl. And everyone called her Little... Сказочница 2: Little Grey Riding Hood. Сказочница 1: Grey? You said “grey”? Is it a joke? Сказочница 2: Of cause, not! Everyone knows the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. It was a long time ago. She is an old woman now and lives in her grandmother’s house, deep in the forest. And her granddaughter, Little Grey Riding Hood, visits the old woman and brings her butter and pies. Сказочница 1: (соглашается) Ok. Let’s go on. Little Red(запинается) Little Grey Riding Hood had to walk through the forest where the Grey Wolf lived. Сказочница 2: Red… Сказочница 1: (в недоумении) Who is red? The Wolf? But why? Сказочница 2: The environmental situation in our region has changed so much that even a wolf has been listed in the Red Book and needs protection. Сказочница 1: (соглашается, пожимает плечами) So, everyone began to call him respectfully Mr. Red Wolf. Выходит Волк, грустный, с записной книжкой в руках, пересчитывает кустики, цветочки…хмурится Сказочница 1: (обращается с вопросом) Look, Mr Red Wolf is so sad. And what is he counting? Сказочница 2: The forest is his home. He wants to keep it clean and safe for living. But someone is trying to do a lot of harms. And we don’t know who. So, let us see. Something is going to happen. Презентация   _опушка леса   _на экране появляется Красная Шапочка, бабушка и домик _вместо Красной Шапочки появляется Серая Шапочка   _появляется Красный Волк _ Красная Книга     _На экране грязный лес «The Earth Song» by M. Jackson (минус)    

Сцена 2

Выходит мама, зовет Серую Шапочку Mom: Daughter! Little Grey Riding Hood! Get ready soon to visit your grandmother, take her a basket with pies and butter. Grey Riding Hood: (ведет себя развязано, жует жвачку, музыка в наушниках) I’m here, mother. Put everything in a plastic bag so that I won’t get dirty. Мама протягивает пластиковый пакет Шапочке и дает наставления. Mom: Little Grey Riding Hood! You will go through the forest! Don’t break branches, don’t tear flowers, don’t make noise and … don’t hurt Mr Red Wolf! Grey Riding Hood: (пренебрежительно) I know, mother! _на экране комната

Сцена 3 Лесная поляна

Mother Earth поет: There’s something in the air, I want to go outside. I see the golden Sun up in the blue, blue sky, And the clouds have gone away, It’s a beautiful day. Сказочница 1: Meanwhile, the Wolf was sitting in the meadow listening to the Mother Earth singing. He loved the sounds of nature. Mother Earth поет: Sing a song of flowers, Flowers all around, Flowers that are growing, Growing in the ground. Flowers are very colour, They look so pretty too! Red and pink, Orange and yellow, Blue and purple too! Red. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Blue and purple too!                                              Появляется сорока. Magpie: Hey you, Mr Red Wolf! You’re sitting here listening to the songs, and by the way Little Grey Riding Hood has come again to the forest to visit her grandmother. I have already warned all the animals and birds. And you, too, hurry up. Why wouldn’t you have eaten her right away, and that's the end of it. Wolf: No one could expect her to behave so harmful. Сорока улетает. Волк ожидает Шапочку. _на экране лес     _звуки леса    

Сцена 4

Шапочка появляется на сцене, громко поет невпопад, кладет конфету в рот, бумажку бросает. Wolf: Please pick up the wrapper, it should be clean here. Шапочка не обращает внимания, продолжает идти. Волк поднимает бумажку. Wolf: And do not shout, please. Нere the birds hatch chicks, do not scare them. Grey Riding Hood: Nothing will happen to your birds, but I want to sing, my soul sings! (Walks around the wolf). And why are you just following me! So, my grandmother told me how good it used to be: everywhere they hunted wolves, no one felt sorry for them. Wolf: Listen, Little Grey Riding Hood, you are again carrying Grandma's pies in bags. They are then lying around the whole forest, everywhere. A mole recently barely got out of it! Grey Riding Hood:                                   At another time, it will look where to poke his nose! Отворачивается от Волка. -на экране грязный лес    

Сцена 5


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