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Fill in the missing letters and read the encoded word. Then explain this term.

  m e a   u r e        
  r e s   l u t i o n  
  p e r   o r m a n c e
  s y s   e m          
h a r d   a r e        
  c a p   c i t y      
    c i   c u i t      
  s c r   e n          


37 Read the text below and complete it with the phrases in the box. Check your definition of the term from the previous exercise.


applications software operating system software system software


Information provided by programs and data is known as (1)_________________ Programs are sets of instructions that make the computer execute operations and tasks. There are two main types of software:

The (2) ___________________ refers to all the programs which control the basic functions of a computer. They include operating systems, system utilities (e.g. an anti-virus program, a back-up utility) and language translators (e.g. a compiler - the software that translates instructions into machine code).

The (3) __________________ refers to all those applications - such as word processors and spreadsheets - which are used for specific purposes. Applications are usually stored on disks loaded into the RAM memory when activated by the user.

The (4) ____________________ is the most important type of system software. It is usually supplied by the manufacturers and comprises a set of programs and files that control the hardware and software resources of a computer system. It controls all the elements that the user sees, and it communicates directly with the computer. In most configurations, the OS is automatically loaded into the RAM section when the computer is started up.


Complete the sentences to make true statements.

All the programs which control the basic functions of a computer are __________ _________________________________________________

Application software include such ______________________________________ _____________________________

Operating system refers to _____________________________________________


Explain the difference between applications software, operating system, and system software to someone who is a layman in computers.


40 Before you read the text about operating systems name all the operating systems you know.


41 Read the text and find of:


1 the OS that is freely redistributable under the GNU general public licence

2 the mail package included with Windows '98

3 the meaning of 'multitasking'

4 the text-based operating system delivered with most PCs

5 the OS created for Web-based computers.

6 the function of the Finder in Macintosh computers

7 the operating system which is written in С language and has been adopted by many corporate installations as standard


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