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II. Cross out one odd term in each line:

1) permanent, attractive, rewarding, independent, timetable, reasonable;

2) magazine, store, department store, travel shop, travel agency, sales outlet;

3) guide book, brochure, folder, luggage, manual, magazine, booklet;

4) ferry, rack, car, coach, train, charter plane;

5) airport, airlines, chain, charter plane, air terminal, air ticket;

6) cruising tour, department store, holiday centre, timetable, air ticket, inclusive tour.


III. Group the following terms according to the titles in the (able (3 terms in each group):

Brochure, charge, escort, free-lancer, holiday centre, inclusive, booklet, cruising, office site, folder, travel clerk, coaching, receipt, tax, outlet.



IV. Match the terms with their definitions:

1)  a receipt a) a catalogue of tours or a short video film about a tourist destination for advertising purposes
2) a tourist outlet b) an official paper which allows a person to do some kind of work
3) a free-lancer c) a package holiday, where the price includes transportation, accommodation and meals and is cheaper than it would be if all items were bought separately
4) a travellogue d) an official organization which promotes tourism in a certain part of the world
5) a travel insurance e) a point of sales of a tourist company
6) a tourist board f) a paper showing that money has been paid for some goods or services
7) a tour package g) a person who is not attached to any company staff and works for himself having a licence to do such work
8) a licence h) a paper that insures a traveller against accident, illness or loss of luggage during a tour


V. Pick out the right definition:

1) a free-lancer a) a person who is allowed to work without any permission b) a person who is not a company staff member working for himself c) a person who works for a few companies d) a licence which allows a person to work for himself
2) a timetable a) a table clock b) an office clock c) a schedule of work in an office d) a time schedule
3) a folder a) a folding booklet b) an envelope c) a file d) a fold-away seat
4) a licence a) a pass b) a permission c) an allowance d) a quota
5) a store a) a shop b) a stock c) a market d) a place of storage
6) a rack a) a pack b) a desk c) a shelf d) a hook
7) a charter a) ) an airplane flying to a popular destination b) a plane or a boat travelling in summer season only c) a person or a company hiring transport for a special purpose d) hiring of transport for a special purpose
8) luggage a) baggage b) carriage c) clothing d) equipment
9) a sales outlet a) a shop which is open round the clock b) a point of sales of a large company c) a shop in the open air d) an exit from a shop
10) a receipt a) a prescription b) a recipe c) a paper showing that money has been paid d) a paper showing that money must be paid

VI. Fill in the blanks:

free-lancers sales outlets travellogues inclusive tours air tickets racks airlines high season arrangements advice a chain research licenses receipts taxes

1. Tour operators publish colourful _____ .

2. There are _____ and shipping companies among major tour operators.

3. Tourist information office clerks give _____ to customers on passports and visas, luggage and the Customs.

4. Travel agencies make individual travel _____ .

5. A sales outlet clerk sells tickets and tours, collects money and gives _____ herself.

6. People who work for themselves are called _____ .

7. Tour operators always do market _____ when they develop tours.

8. There are _____ among tour operators' products.

9. _____ give free-lancers a permission to work.

10. There are _____ with booklets and folders at travel agencies and their outlets.

11. Free-lancers are registered and they pay _____ .

12. Major tourist companies branch out and have _____ .

13. Some tourist companies are members of _____ .

14. There are hotel rooms, train and _____ among separate tourist services.

  1. Most free-lancers work in _____ .



+ a // some

? Any

- not any // no

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