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Insert the correct prepositions where necessary.

1. Sandra was ... bed. She waited ... the postman to arrive. While she lay there she was thinking ... the application she had made for the scholarship. Suddenly she got... , put... her dressing gown and went... the bathroom. While she was having a shower she heard the postman. He knocked ... the door and her mother opened it. When Sandra entered ... the breakfast room, a letter was lying ... the table.

2 I'm a member ... a group who spend weekends looking ... footpaths, building walls and planting trees. We are not paid what we do but we enjoy it very much. You don't need any previous experience but it helps if you are fond ... gardening. The most attractive thing about it is that you meet ... other people interested ... nature and preserving the countryside.

3. We were late as usual. My husband had insisted ... doing his packing ... himself, and when he discovered that he couldn't manage he'd asked me ... help ... the last moment. So we had an hour to get... the airport. Luckily, there wasn't much traffic ... the road and we were able to get there just...


4. Archeologists and historians are more and more worried ... the Italian city ... Venice, one ... the world's most important historical cities. Venice, built... the seventeenth century ... the Doges of Venice, is visited ... more than one million people ... a year. But Venice's buildings are ... danger. Their foundations are shaken... the vibrations from passing ships. Many parts ... the city are often flooded and these floods cause

damage too. Worried residents and experts ... all over the world are looking ... ways to stop the damage and preserve Venice.

5. Unexpected guests are good ... you. The phone rings, the friends you haven't seen ... ages are arriving ... a few hours, and you realize ... horror that you haven't changed the sheets

... the spare bedrooms ... months, that all the dirty dishes have been ... the sink since the weekend, and that you've been wearing the same frock ... three days.

6. Last year I went... a trip which was an absolute disaster. I was going to Berlin ... business when, ... accident, I got ... the wrong train. We were ... the way to Brussels before I realized my mistake. ... the end I got... Berlin twenty-four hours later than I had expected.

7. Last year my family went... holiday to Thailand. We went ... air; it was a very long journey but we were very well looked after ... the plane ... all the stewardesses. We stayed ... a large hotel... the outskirts of Bangkok. We were given a wonderful suite ... the top floor ... the hotel. The most enjoyable day I had was when we went... a trip ... boat, down the river to the crocodile farm. We had a wonderful holiday.



- age -al pass - passage arrive - arrival - ment - sion improve - improvement divide - division
- ance - ation appear - appearance admire - admiration - tion - ure invent - invention fail - failure
- ence - ion differ - difference confuse - confusion - y - ee recover - recovery employ - employee

Study the following list of nouns formed from verbs which do not follow the above patterns.

advise - advice behave - behaviour believe - belief

choose - choice complain - complaint die - death

fly - flight grow - growth hate - hatred know - knowledge live - life lose - loss

practise - practice prove - proof serve - service ' speak - speech think - thought weigh - weight

Make nouns from the following verbs. Check your variants with the dictionary.

admit       develop      interrupt    protect

advertise   disappoint  introduce  propose

announce  discover     invade      punish

apologize  divide        invent       qualify

apply       educate      hesitate     receive

appoint     elect          marry       recognize

approve    employ      mix          refer

arrange     enter          operate     refuse

attend       entertain     pass          repeat

celebrate   exist          perform    revise

combine   explain       permit       satisfy

continue   imagine      possess     solve

confess     imitate       prefer       suggest

depart      improve     prepare     translate

describe   impress      produce    treat

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