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Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. colour/a/they/bought/new/have/television-set

2. all/liked/the/Italian/1/brown/most/shoes/of

3. chose/blouse/blue/an/she/silky expensive

4. brick/was/house/it/old/an

5. gave/beautiful/few/he/red/her/roses/a

6. jeans/and/man/leather/a/jacket/the/black/wearing/blue/ was

7. a/fair-haired/sister/his/girl/smart/is/young

8. large/eyes/has/Mary/round/got/brown

9. leather/pair/shoes/I/of/new/need/sport/a 10. old/slippers/put/woolen/she/on/her

1 1. bought/a/I/white/lovely/marble/Turkish/chess set 12. for/a (an)/had/brown/beef/we/dinner/enormous/German/ sausage

Put the adjectives in the correct order.

Dear Sir.

I am writing to you because I left a (leather/large/brown) suitcase on the 7.45 train to London yesterday. In the suitcase there is a (plastic/digital/little) alarm clock and a pair of (silk/ black/expensive) pyjamas. There is also a (lovely/satin/long) dress, which is a present for my wife, and a (Chinese/ beautiful/gold) chain which I would hate to lose. Finally, there is a (black/leather/plastic) folder containing confi­dential government papers, so it is very important that my suitcase is found and returned to me as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully, Paul Daniels



After/ before/ when/ as/ while/ as soon as/ since/ till/ until/ then

Study the following examples.

After I got back home I read the letter once again. Christmas will he over before you finish' the decorations.

When I last saw you, you lived in Washington. I saw him as I was getting off the bus. You can't leave while we are still discussing this problem. Buy your tickets as soon as you reach the station.

Have you flown a kite since you were a boy? I'll keep practicing until (till) I'm better than he is. Study the rule and then do the exercise below.

Choose the correct time connector.

1. While/when I had locked all the doors I went to bed. 2. He fell off the chair whileluntil he was changing the light bulb. 3. They waited when/until everybody was there before/ until they started the meeting. 4. I broke my leg as soon as/ while I was skating. 5. I'm not going to stop work now. I'll keep going as soon as/until I finish. 6. After/while we've fi­nished lunch we'll do the washing up. 7. As/till I was walking around the supermarket I met a friend of mine. 8. When/whi/e Jessica finishes her degree she intends to work in her father's company. 9. The man was hit by a car as soon as/while he was running across the road. 10. While/as soon as Martin saw the fire, he telephoned the fire department. 11. We haven't met as/since we attended the conference in Brighton.

Combine the following sentences to show time relationships between the ideas. Make the necessary changes.

1. A small stone struck the windshield. We were driving down the gravel road.

2. Nancy had been jogging for half an hour. She began to feel tired.

3. You won't improve your ability to speak English. You should learn to relax more.

4. I turned off the light. I left the room.

5. I won't return the books to the library. I'll first finish my research project.

6. I'll finish working on the car. We'll all go for a walk.

7. We met last summer. I was studying in London.

8. I'll wait. Someone will get back.

9. I was watching TV. The telephone rang.

10. They arrived at the station. The train had left.


Although/ though/ even though/ in spite of/ despite/ but/ however/ nevertheless

Study the following examples.

Although the sands are very long, few people bathe.

The children weren't interested, although (though) the donkey rides were attractive.

Even though she disliked jazz she enjoyed the concert.

In spite of (despite) the bad weather we went out for a walk.

She speaks French well but my brother speaks better.

Allan seems capable as a financial adviser. However,I wouldn 't trust him with my money.

Ann's father gave her some good advice, nevertheless (but) she did not follow it.

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