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Choose the correct variant.

1. Some people like to sing ... they are taking a bath. A although       B after           C while

2. I enjoy tennis on TV ... I prefer playing it. A although       B despite       C since

3. ... she has a well-paid job, she never has any money. A Despite         B As             C Even though

4. ... she left school she started working in a bank. A Before          B After          C Since

5. Mike borrowed some money and ... he was able to go on holiday with his parents.

A because        B as a result   C after

6. She managed to write ... her hand was injured. A despite          B although     C while

7. The sky was gray and cloudy.... we went to the beach. A Nevertheless B As a result  C Despite

8. I've only been to the cinema once... I got out of hospital. A as soon as     B until           C since

9. ... I had nothing for lunch but an apple, I ate dinner early. A Although      B Since         C Despite

10. Please walk carefully ... the walkway is slippery. A that's why     B because      C until

11 ... she seldom eats at home she is good at cooking. A As                B Since         C Even though

12. John didn't feel well.... he didn't go to work yesterday. A Nevertheless  B Therefore    C In spite of

13. He insisted that he was right... the fact that everyone disagreed with him. A in spite of B while C though

14. Joe jumped into the river to rescued the little girl who was drowning ... he wasn't a good swimmer.

A even though  B despite       C since

15. I won't leave ... I find the keys. A while               B until           C before

16. The sea looked dangerous ... we didn't go in for a swim. A as                 B so              C though



The words in each group below are close in meaning and may even correspond to the same word when translated into Russian (or Belarusian). Despite the similarity they cannot be used to replace one another because each word has a spe­cific (different) meaning. In addition to semantic peculia­rities, they may also have syntactical differences. Some verbs-synonyms, for example, are followed by a direct object in the sentence, while others require an indirect object. It is important for a learner of English to know the prepositions that are used with an indirect object after each verb. Often learners find it difficult to differentiate between parts of speech or forms of the same word, e.g. adverb/adjective; present participle/past participle.

hard/hardly interesting/interested

Confusion can be caused, too, by words different in meaning but having a resemblance in spelling or/and pronunciation"

lose/loose quite/quiet

A. Verbs

bite/beat do/make reach/achieve get/have remember/remind/recall hear/listen (to) forget/leave lie/lay

rise/raise wait(for)/expect drive/ride steal/rob lend/borrow pass/take point(to)/show bring/take/fetch go/come/walk fall/drop carry/bear/wear fit/suit/match see/look/watch study/learn/teach speak/say/talk/tell

wear/ put on /dress/ to be dressed(in) leave/stay(in, at) suggest/offer sit/sat/seat

B. Adjectives/Adverbs/Conjunctions

happy/lucky easy/light tall/high hard/hardly interesting/interested exciting/excited heavy/difficult/hard empty/free/vacant/spare bare/naked like/as either/too still/yet/already late/lately/(the)latest happily/luckily

at least/at last/finally so/such except/besides still/else/other/more

C. Nouns

pair/couple  play/game language/tongue   place/seat/room/space cook/cooker   shade/shadow  country/state food/meal hour/clock/o'clock/watch   road/street/way/path  event/case/incident/accident  land/earth/soil


A. Verbs

1. Could you ... these books back to the library next time you go?

a) fetch    b) bring         c) take

2. My friend ... two hours in the snow for a bus. a) expected b) waited for  c) spent

3. It's too noisy here. I can't... anything, a) listen to b) hear          c) feel

4. How did your mother ... here so quickly? a) take      b) get            c) bring

5. Who can it be? I'm not... any visitors, a) waiting forb) expecting   c) seeing

6. Please ... her about it as quick as possible. It's urgent. a) talk      b) speak        c) tell

7. It doesn't... long to get there. a) last        b) have          c) take

8. This dog is dangerous. It has already ... me. a) beaten  b) bitten        c) barked

9. He ... he'd be back in an hour. a) spoke   b) said           c) told

10. Peter ... at the picture hanging over the sofa, a) watched b) saw           c) looked

11. We ... to the news every night. a) hear     b) expect       c) listen

12. You needn't tell me, I... about it yesterday. a) listened b) heard         c) recognized

13. I couldn't see who ... by. a) crossed b) passed       c) entered

14. If you want to say something ... your hand, a) rise       b) put             c) raise

15. Mother is ... sandwiches in the kitchen, a) making b) doing         c) getting

16. Look after my case. I'll... and pick it up later, a) go         b) become      c) come

17. He's busy at present. He'll... you in 30 minutes' time, a) watch   b) look           c) see

18. I'm having difficulty in ... what you say. a) hearing b) listening     c) answering

19. My wife wants James to give up tennis and ... law. a) learn    b) study          c) know

20. We are sorry about the noise we ... last night, a) become b) did             c) made

21. They last... to see us at Christmas. a) went     b) took           c) came

22. I think he ... too hard. a) learns   b) studies       c) teaches

23. Did you ... to anyone at the conference? a) feel       b) say                c) speak

24. Can I borrow your car? I'll... it back in an hour. a) carry     b) take           c) bring

25. I dislike ... housework. a) doing    b) making       c) acting

26. I'm afraid I've ... my umbrella at home, a) forgotten b) carried       c) left

27. I threw myself flat on the bed and... motionless for 10 minutes. a) lied       b) lay             c) laid

28. I don't think she's ... the truth. a) saying  b) talking       c) telling

29. I've ... his telephone number. a) forgotten b) left             c) carried

30. ... the tent down on the grass and I'll try to see how to put it up. a) lie         b) lay             c) do

31 They left at ten o'clock, so I ... they'll be here soon. a) wait      b) expect        c) intend

32  Nothing you do will... any difference. a) do        b) become      c) make

33 Can you ... me ten pounds until the weekend, please? a) lend      b) borrow       c) owe

34. Why don't you ... Jack's bicycle? I'm sure he wouldn't mind. a) lend      b) borrow       c) return

35. Could you ... these letters to the post-office for me? a) bring    b) take            c) fetch

36. I'm going into hospital soon. Will you ... and visit me? a) go         b) come          c) arrive

37. No one will... your ring if you put it into the safe, a) rob       b) steal           c) hide

38. ... me to post the letter when we go past the post-office, a) memorize b) remember   c) remind

39. Last night my uncle was stopped and ... of his very valuable watch. a) rob       b) steal           c) borrow

40. I... seeing him somewhere before. a) remind b) memorize   c) remember

41. None of the keys ... the lock. a) match   b) fit              c) suit

42. We ... she should consult her lawyer. a) suggest b) offer           c) intend

43. I'm afraid this job doesn't... me. a) fit         b) match         c) suit

44. Can you ... me some money till Friday? a) borrow b) lend           c) earn

45. I don't think you should buy this dictionary. You can ... one from the library. a) borrow b) lend    c) carry

46. She looks happy. She has been ... a job in London. a) offered  b) suggested   c) proposed

47. I'll ... you my car if you promise to drive it carefully a) borrow b) allow         c) lend

48. If you leave your money here it will be .... a) robbed  b) disappeared c) stolen

49. Have you a hat to ... my dress? a) fit        b) match        c) suit

50. When my neighbour learned that I was ill she ... to take my dog for a walk. a) offered b) suggested c) supposed

51. These colours do not.... a) fit        b) match        c) suit

52. He worked hard but... very little. a) reached b) achieved    c) arrived

53. By the time the travellers ... the village they had got wet through. a) reached b) achieved    c) arrived

54. Carol looked happy. She had ... her driving test, a) taken    b) passed       c) did

55. I won't be able to join you. I am ... my History exam tomorrow. a) taking   b) passing      c) doing

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