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Text 1. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

I. Read, translate and discuss the text

The Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (till August 13.1993 - the Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute) was created in 1930 on the basis of factory and communal construction branch of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the Kyiv Art Institute.

In the years of its existence this higher educational establishment has trained many thousands of engineers and architects, including specialists for 70 countries of the world. The University's graduates who got the diplomas within its wall work on construction sites, at plants and factories, in government and communal bodies as foremen and managers, leading specialists and organisers of the country's national economy.

The training of specialists is effected in such directions: construction, engineering of natural environment, engineering mechanics, automation and computer-integrated technologies, computer sciences, geodesy, cartography and land management, architecture, depletive art, management. The main departments of the University are as follows: construction, architecture, automation and complex mechanisation, city development, construction-technological, sanitary engineering.

The department (chair) of foreign languages provides teaching of foreign languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Special courses are provided for postgraduate students and those who wish to master a second foreign language.

All instruction, educational and scientific work is organised and carried out by more than 40 chairs numbering about 700 highly-qualified instructors, among them more than 100 doctors of sciences, professors and over 350 candidates of sciences, assistant professors (docents). Many of them are authors of text - books and manuals used in the University teaching process. The University's instructors and scientists have made and are making a considerable contribution to the national and world science in the branches of construction and architecture.

Three scientific-research institutes, two scientific-research complexes and a centre of economic investigations and forecasting function at the University. Specialised scientific councils confer scientific degrees of doctors and candidates upon applicants in construction and architecture, modern technology.

About 7000 Students including those preparatory departments and special faculties study at the University which ensures their fundamental and general-branch education. The University's theoretical and practical basis provides them with the possibility of acquiring the educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master of Science. Postgraduate courses in about 30 specialities are in store for those who choose to continue their professional and scientific training under the guidance of experienced advisers.

    Scientific-research work is done at the University not only by the teaching staff and post-graduates but also by the students. New vistas opening up on every side in R&D (Research and Development) are a real challenge to our students. For it they have the Engineering Design Centre, i. e. a laboratory where challenging design problems can be attacked on an interdisciplinary basis. Research is done in well-equipped laboratories, in specialised classrooms, in a computing centre, in libraries and reading-halls. There are numerous spacious lecture theatres, laboratories, study rooms with up-to-date equipment, design studies, computing facilities, etc.

    Besides studies and scientific work the students have living accommodations and full facilities for rest and recreation: halls of residence, hostels, refectory, a modern sports complex with a stadium and a swimming-pool, a sporting camp, a preventorium and other facilities.

   In training engineers and architects the University uses various methods of instruction, giving them the most up-to-date theoretical and practical level of training in accordance with the demands of the time.

   The introduction of research elements into the instruction process (lectures, laboratory and practical studies, the course and diploma designs) promotes the students further scientific growth, enables them to make their contribution to the scientific and technical progress in our country. The student's works are often awarded medals, prizes, and diplomas at Olympiads, conferences and competitions.

    The instructors, assistant professors (docents) and professors of the University work at perfecting the instruction process, at improving the existing system of training, introducing new progressive methods of work into classroom and laboratory activities.

The scientists of the University have extensive scientific contacts with specialists from many countries at international level taking an active part in numerous conferences, symposia, and seminars, meetings sponsored by various scientific organisations in the country and abroad. Such scientific contacts are of mutual interest as they promote exchanging views on many problems of research, give the opportunity to share the results of investigations, advance further scientific and technological discoveries. An international exchange of students grows from year to year as well, and has already become common practice in raising the future specialists’ qualification, in perfecting their professional skills.                                

Scientific work and pedagogical process conducted at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture are deeply interconnected. They embrace research in the field of construction, investigating different problems of natural sciences, training highly professional future specialists.


2. Match the following words with their respective definitions:

1. Accommodation 2. Attend 3. Campus 4. Degree 5. Facilities 6. Graduate 7. Recreation 8. Research 9. Subject area 10. Tuition A. A particular sphere of studies B. Any form of play, amusement, etc. C. The means to do something D. The grounds and buildings of a university, college or school E. Logging or living space, e.g. in a hotel F. Teaching, instruction G. Systematic investigation in a field of knowledge H. A person who has completed a course of study at a university or college and has a degree or diploma I. Recognition of academic achievements J. To be present  

3. Look through again and answer the following comprehensive questions:

· When was Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture founded?

· What specialists does the University train?

· In what directions is the training of specialists effected?

· What are the main departments of the University?

· How many chairs are there at the University?

· What institutes and research centres does the University comprise?

· What degrees do scientific councils confer?

· What educational qualifications does the University provide the students with?

· Who studies at the postgraduate course?

· Do the scientists of the University take an active part in scientific conferences?

· Who carries on scientific and pedagogical work?

· What postgraduate's courses at the University are the most perspective ones?

· What countries does our University contact on scientific basis?

· What facilities are provided at the University for studies and pedagogical work?


4. Complete the following sentences, selecting words from the list given below:

· Our University occupies a large ....

· On entering a university, students follow a four-year... leading to the award of a bachelor’s....

· During a semester students ... lectures and practicals.

· At the end of the semester they ... examinations.

· A modular system provides greater variety in the....

· The university and the city have much to ... students from across the world.

· There are excellent... here to study.

· Our University offers ... in many different... in its various schools.

· Our students don't have to ... time travelling between lectures.

· The University buildings are concentrated on a single campus, and everything is ... there.


a)  subject                       g) offer

b)  course                        h) attend

c)  courses                      i) waste

d)  campus                       j) syllabus

e)  facilities                      k) take

f) degree                         i) on land


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