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Look through the text again and render it in English.

6. Prepare a short presentation about:

· Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture;

· Scientific schools of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture;

· The life story of a scientist (researcher) at our University.

·  The conditions of students life.

Text 2.               The British Universities


Read and discuss text 2

When people speak about higher education in Britain they are generally speaking of university education. The two oldest Universities in England are Oxford and Cambridge. These date from Middle Ages. The education at classic British Universities is centred more on general culture than on professional training or specialisation. With the rapid advance of industrialisation more technicians and scientists were needed. Therefore, science classes were set up in industrial centres and they were developed into either technical colleges or the "Modern University", such as the University of London,

While in Oxford and Cambridge there are a number of separate colleges, each with their own regulations and courses of study, the new universities are divided into various faculties. In each faculty there may be a number of departments teaching separate subjects, though often these departments may have the status of faculties because of their high reputation. The colleges in the University of London are essentially teaching institutions, giving instructions by means of lectures, which are attended by day students.

The colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, however, are essentially residential institutions and they mainly use a tutorial method.

The students work under direction of a tutor who carries on his own research work and directs a group of 10-15 students. Each student is to write essays and papers on the subject he is studying and submit them to the tutor regularly, about once a fortnight, for correction and discussion.

English students are keen on sports, especially football and boating.

The whole world knows of the traditional Oxford-Cambridge boat race and of the Henley Royal Regatta held on the Thames. Social life is highly developed at English colleges. The students edit college newspapers, take part in various amateur theatrical and enjoy discussions in one or other of their many debating clubs.

Some of the students' clubs are given very peculiar names, such as; The 'Hobby' Club, The 'Get-together' Club, The 'What-can-you-do' Club, The 'Forget-me-not' Club, The 4'H's' Club (Head, Hand, Heart, Health) - the club's motto is 'We learn to do by doing.'

At present there is a severe crisis in higher education in Britain. It is caused by the growing public demand for better and more democratic system of education.

2.Put each of the following words or phrases into its correct place in the passage below:

Amount Calendar Curriculum Opportunity
Course Credits Number Subject
Graduation Major Specified Week
Outlines Prospectus Three  
Selecting Technical College  
Requirements Class hours   Selecting Courses  

The courses given by a ___ or university are called its curriculum. The __ of the institution __ the complete __. It gives the __ for entry to each course, as well as the credits given for the ___.

Each course is designated as giving a ___ number of credits. These are usually equal to the number of ___ devoted each week to the course. For example, a course that meets three times a ___ usually gives ___ credits towards graduation. School using semester ___ require about 120 credits for ___ . Between 30 and 40 of the required ___ must be in the student’s ___ subject.

Schools vary considerably in the ___ of freedom given to students in ___ their courses. Almost all schools have a certain ___ of required ___ . Students can also choose non-required courses called ___ . Liberal arts colleges usually give students more ___ to choose than do ___ schools.


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