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The importance of doing what you love

             When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was an artist. When I got to high school and could choose what classes to take, I took every art class that was available. Painting, drawing, photography, you name it-I took the class.

             Then I took a chemistry class, I LOVED it. It was fun! And I was good at it. I started thinking: wouldn’t I make more money if I went into the sciences instead of being a starving artist?

             So I threw away the art school applications and went to study chemistry. College was fun, and I graduated with my chemistry degree, I went to graduate school in Washington DC to do a PhD program in chemistry! It was OK to start with, but after the first year, I was completely depressed. I hated the program. It was dry and boring. But I didn’t know what to do about it.

             So I quit. I spent the next month feeling bad about my failure, unsure what to do next. Finally, I went to a work agency to get a job. Something- anything- that would pay money.

             I got a temporary job filling envelopes at an NGO. One day they needed some graphic design and I volunteered. This was the major turning point in my career. Over the next few months, they gave me more and more design work. What began as a temporary post turned into a permanent job. I was finally doing something I loved and I was making money doing it.

                   It’s been difficult at times, but I really love my job. Believe me, it is FAR more important that you are happy and get to do what you are passionate about every day and get paid less for it, than to dread getting up in the morning because you dislike what you do.

Healthy life style

It is a pleasure to look at a strong, athletic man and slim beautiful lady.
It is known that healthy people live longer and their career is more successful. To look well you must follow some simple rules: don’t smoke and take drugs, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat too much chips and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits, sleep well, do exercises. Students in Kazakhstan usually have two lessons of physical training a week. They do exercises, run, jump, play basketball, ski in winter. In America pupils have their PT lessons every day.
Students like playing tennis, riding a bicycle and swimming.

Now it is preferable not to smoke in public places. This bad habit may cause serious problems in men’s and women’s health. Do morning exercises, try to eat “healthy” food .The health of a person is the main value in the life. It cannot be bought with any money! There is no price for it. Being the sick person, you cannot realize all your dreams and be successful in the modern world.

But how to be healthy, when there are a lot of fatal temptations around us?

Don`t begin! Don`t make the first cigar inhalation, the first sip of alcohol! Everything begins so simply, but comes to the end with a trouble.

It was said so much about the harm of smoking. For a long time it has been proved, that smoking is not only reflected on the budget of a family, pollutes air, but also ruins our health. But, in spite of all that the number of smoking people is not diminished. And what is more grievous, not only the teens but also the junior schoolboys begin to smoke.

It was proved, that there is no such organ which would not suffer from smoking. Smoking is not a harmless pastime which can be given up without efforts. It is necessary to have the will - power to stop smoking.

In addition to smoking, we can name the other fatal habit: the drinking of alcohol. Unfortunately, very often they combine with each other. Alcohol is a poison! A great man said that drinking alcohol is a voluntary mad. Under the influence of alcohol the person can make absolutely rash actions. The matter is that alcoholis the drug, and drugs influence the brains of the person. Especially alcohol is very dangerous for the young because their organism is exposed to the influence of harmful substances more easily. Even a single sip of alcohol causes a poisoning which can lead to death. And the usage of drugs … They ruin all human organs, so the drug addicts die young. Few of them live longer than several years after they have started taking drugs. So there is no place to these habits in our life.

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