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Complete the teacher’s and student’s phrases.




Getting to know each other.

Complete the groups of questions 1-5 below with a verb.


Word order in questions

Question word Auxiliary Subject Infinitive (=verb)
Where What food Do Does you Jenny live with your parents? like Chinese food?


· In the present simple use the auxiliary verb do/does to make questions

· In the past simple use the auxiliary verb did to make questions

· In the questions the subject goes after the auxiliary verb

· Remember ASI (auxiliary, subject, infinitive) or QUASI (question word, auxiliary, subject, infinitive) to help you with word order in present or past simple questions.

Can you remember the questions? Re-order the words.

1. from are you where?

2. watch you do TV?

3. to music you what kind of listen do?

4. English where you before did study?

5. are do what you weekend going this to?

  p.126 Grammar Bank 1A. Read the rules and do the exercises.


In pairs, ask and answer the questions.

What day is it today?

What days do you have your English class?

What time does the class start and finish?

  What’s the time now?

       When’s your birthday?

    What’s the date today?

What’s the number of your house or flat?

                                     6. TIME EXPRESSIONS

Уақытқа байланысты сөз тіркестері

the day before yesterday — алдыңғы күні
yesterday morning — кеше таңертең
yesterday — кеше
last night — кеше кешке
this morning — бүгін таңертең
today — бүгін
tonight — бүгін кешке
tomorrow morning — ертең азанда
tomorrow — ертең
tomorrow night — ертең кешке
the day after tomorrow — бірсігүні
in the morning — таңертең

in the afternoon — күндіз
in the evening — кешке
last week — өткен аптада
last month — өткен айда
last year — өткен жылы
this week — осы аптада
next week — келесі аптада
next month — келесі айда
next year — келесі жылы
the previous day — өткен күні

the previous week — өткен аптада
the previous month — өткен айда
the previous year — өткен жылы
now — қазір
then — кейін
at once / immediately — дереу, шұғыл
right away / straight away — шұғыл
soon — тез арада, жақында


Play what does it mean?




қорытынды: Learn by heart English alphabets and new words.


Деңгейі: Beginner

Күні ___________                                                                 ________________


The theme of the lesson: This is my friend.     

The aims of the lesson:

1) Educational: Presentation of the lesson about: This is my friend, to train new words and to discuss it in English language

2) Developing: To develop the language learners habits of the oral speech , to develop  the language learners creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, listen and repeat numbers 30,40, 50…..grammar and lexical skills .

3) Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom and to develop friendship.

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, English

The type of the lesson: presentation, integrative

Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction

The equipment of the lesson: pictures, posters, computers, interactive board.


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