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Bush denies Iran nuclear threat exaggerated

At home

Find the details of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

a) What do the letters IAE and NIE stand for?

b) Comment on the cartoon above. What ideas are embodied in different parts of the drawing? Why is the cartoon titled “Mad Hatters”?


Look at the text title and complete the sentences according to their possible occurrence in the text.

There's no going back for a President …

Faced with a new US intelligence assessment…

There's a need to continue…

3 a). Form adjectives from these verbs:

administrate   supervise  
exaggerate   worry  
insist   continue  
warn   welcome  


3 b). Fill in the gaps with the help of expressions above:

1) The campaign’s confidence may turn out to be justified, but two weeks prior to the national convention there are more than a few ________________ signs for Obama.

2) Now, nearly 20 years later, the questions have not gone away, but have rather become more_______________.

3) Bulletins communicate information of interest to the nation’s critical infrastructures that do not meet the timeliness, specificity, or significance thresholds of ______________ messages.

4) Whether these were intended to be lifelike or______________, even idealistic, is unclear.

5) After 25 years of buying and _____________ a great variety of businesses, I have not learned how to solve difficult business problems.

6) _____________ monitoring is the process and technology used to detect compliance and risk issues associated with an organizations financial and operational environment.

7) With a strange ____________ of the familiar I saw also Cesar amongst them, and recognised Dominic's old, well-known, effective gesture, the horizontal sweep of his powerful arm.

4 a). Match the words

1) shrugged off Iran's nuclear threat
2) exaggerate nuclear weapons program
3) poses a danger to the world
4) halted the spectre of
5) is backed a nuclear holocaust
6) raised rhetoric
7) warned of claims
8) strident nuclear weapons
9) covert by some of America's allies
10) a damage control ambiguities
11) clarify nuclear capacity
12) despite media conference
13) defuse efforts
14) acquire new American intelligence
15) concerted the current crisis

4 b). Fill in the gaps with the help of the elements or whole expressions given above:


1) A British diet expert _____________ _____ __________ that too much of the sugary snack can be bad for babies.

2) Do you think Muslims in office ______________ to the US political system?

3) " We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran ____________its ___________ ____________ ________, " reads a declassified version of the National Intelligence.

4) Solana is expected to hold talks with Larijani this week to _______________ ______________ in Iran's response to an incentive package offered by the United States

5) Given the polarizing impact of this book, I was expecting a lot of __________________ ___________________ and distorted analysis. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a calm and careful essay on the subject.

The Polish government on Monday tried to ________________ _____________ on the country's eastern EU border, where truckers blocked the customs demanding to let them out of the country

5.Translate the sentences:


The national intelligence estimate has taken America's friends and foes by surprise.
The intelligence report could cripple the drive for a fresh round of UN sanctions against Iran.
President Bush phoned Vladimir Putin to make the case that now is not the time to back off.


Object to the statements replying with the words: Quite the contrary.


1) Iran halted uranium enrichment.

2) The British government is trying to withdraw.

3) US President is backed by the international community.

7. The word holocaust / Holocaust has the following synonyms: destruction, extermination, genocide, sacrifice which of them is the synonym to Holocaust written with the capital letter?



In class


1. Listen to the Webcast Bush denies Iran nuclear threat exaggerated and do the exercises.

Match the names with the positions.


Names Positions
1) Ehud Olmert The presenter
2) Manouchehr Mottaki Washington correspondent
3) Kim Landers Iran's Foreign Minister
4) George W. Bush US President
5) Tony Eastley Israel's Prime Minister


Group these words and word combinations Iran's nuclear threat, Tehran, America's allies, Israel, Britain, France, Washington, friends, America's foes, the White House, Russia, Europe’s approach. What principle determined your grouping? Write the Key word(s) in the heading line.


Key word(s): Key word(s):

C – Comprehension Test 4


1. US President, George W. Bush has A ignored claims that the USA has been exaggerating Iran's nuclear threat. B avoided speaking about alleged claims that the USA has been exaggerating Iran's nuclear threat. C been surprised with claims that the USA has been exaggerating Iran's nuclear threat.   2. Instead President Bush insists that   A Iran still poses a danger to the world, B Tehran has halted its nuclear weapons program. C Iran is inspired by new American intelligence    
3. Mr. Bush's line is backed by A Britain and France B Israel, Britain and France C none of America’s allies   4. A new US intelligence assessment says A Iran succeeded in its nuclear program B it is " warning signal" C Iran’s nuclear program has been inactive for four years  
5. The national intelligence estimate has A surprised America's friends B surprised America’s enemies and supporters C taken opinions of America’s friends and foes into consideration   6. US President believes that   A Iran is a danger B the USA is to stop worrying about Iran C nothing's changed in Iran
7. Iran’s Foreign Minister claims that his country A will be able to go on in its program under the supervision of the IAEA B will continue under the supervision of the IAEA C can’t continue under the supervision of the IAEA   8. The US is apparently worried that the report A could badly influence its drive for a fresh round of UN sanctions against Iran B could drive for a fresh round of UN sanctions against Iran C is to start a fresh round of UN sanctions against Iran    
9. Israel's Prime Minister calls for joint efforts A to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capacity. B to stop helping Iran in acquiring nuclear weapon C to restrict US interference in Iran’s home policy   10. The report backs Europe's approach of trying to negotiate with Iran   A and all countries share this opinion B and reflects position of Britain and France C and reflects position of Germany and Britain  
11. France says world powers should A work out a new UN resolution. B continue cooperate with the UN C prepare themselves to a new resolution of the UN 12. The IAEA says the US report should help   A lessen the current tensions around the issue B understand the problem in details C ease financial problem in Iran  

B - Comprehension Test 4

Part 1

1. What claims did the US President shrug off?

2. What information has new American intelligence delivered?

3. Who supports the US president?

Part 2

Washington correspondent Kim Landers reports.

KIM LANDERS: There's no going back for a President who once ____________

_________ of World War Threeand _____________a nuclear holocaust if Iran had nuclear weapons.

Faced with a new US ____________________________, that Iran's nuclear weapons program has been ____________________ for four years, George W Bush prefers to call the report a " warning signal".

GEORGE W. BUSH: Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have ___________ necessary ________ a nuclear weapon.


Part 3

KIM LANDERS: The national intelligence _________ has taken America's friends and _________ by surprise after years of _____________ from the US, accusing Iran of pursuing ______________________ nuclear weapons.

But the President's warning message is one he's repeated often, in what can be regarded as a _______________________media conference at the White House today.

GEORGE W. BUSH: I still feel strongly that Iran's a danger. _________________________ in this NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) that says, " Okay, why don't we just stop worrying about it? " ____________


Part 4

KIM LANDERS: Iran's _________________________ is Manouchehr Mottaki.

MANOUCHEHR MOTTAKI (translated): Now that the questions and ___________________ have been ___________________, if any countries have found answers to those question, no matter what their intentions were, and now want to correct their views towards Iran, we will obviously welcome that. The Iranian nuclear issue is a normal issue, like that of all countries, and Iran will continue its activities ____________________ of the ____________________.

KIM LANDERS: The US is clearly concerned that the intelligence report could cripple its _____________ a fresh round of UN _______________ against Iran.

Russia has ___________________ said it has no evidence Iran ________ nuclear weapons, so today President Bush phoned Vladimir Putin to make the case now's not the time to back off.


Part 5


Israel's _____________________ Ehud Olmert says it's still vital to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons in the future.

EHUD OLMERT: There's a need to continue ______________ to stop Iran from _____________ nuclear ___________________.

KIM LANDERS: Britain and Germany say the report ____________ Europe's _____________________ of trying to negotiate with Iran, while France says world powers should ______________________________a new UN resolution.

The International Atomic Energy Agency says the US report should " help ___________________ the current ____________________ ".

But President Bush warns military force is still _____________________to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms.

This is Kim Landers in Washington for AM



A – Comprehension Test 4



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