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Model: Norma felt sorry it had been an impersonation. Norma wished it hadn't been an impersonation.

1. He had to work at week-ends though he didn’t want to very much. 2. I wanted to go on that job interview but I didn’t have enough time. 3. She felt sorry because her husband had been paid off. 4. Mr. Benson felt sorry for Jack who hadn’t got a promotion. 5. She surely wanted to get a considerable pay-rise. 6. He felt sorry but he had to fire the young woman. 7. She said, ‘Unfortunately, I didn’t hire a good lawyer.’ 8. As it happened our department hadn’t got any bonus whatsoever at the end of the year like others. Everybody was very sorry about that.


Translate from Russian into English using the vocabulary from the text.

1. Я хотела бы найти хорошую работу, но без рекомендаций и специального образования это трудно сделать. Меня могут взять пока только стажером. 2. Руководство пытается держать это в секрете, но уже известно, что в конце года будет сокращение штатов и более ста сотрудников предприятия будут уволены. 3. Я заполнила заявление, секретарь сказала, что мне позвонят и пригласят на собеседование в конце недели. 4. Ваше предложение поработать на телевидении, конечно, лестно для меня, но я, к сожалению, не могу его принять. Сейчас я занимаю пост редактора в одном из ведущих издательских домов, моя работа мне нравится, и уходить с нее я в ближайшее время не собираюсь. 5. У меня было огромное преимущество перед другими претендентами на работу - престижное образование и большой опыт работы в сфере рекламы. 6. Почему ты согласилась на эту работу, там ведь зарплата даже меньше, чем установленный профсоюзами минимум? 7. Ей назначили собеседование на полдень, но она так и не появилась. 8. По правилам резюме следует писать печатными буквами. 9. Когда она уже почти потеряла надежду найти работу, то заметила на витрине парикмахерской написанное карандашом объявление о вакансии. 10. У нее даже не было денег, чтобы купить обязательную для работы спецодежду, и она отложила ее покупку до первой зарплаты.


1. Describe the events that took place that day. Imagine that you are a) Norma; b) the receptionist in the employment agency; c) Mr. Larkin.

Discuss the following questions.

1. Do you think that work means the same in different countries and cultures? Give some specific examples to illustrate your point of view. 2. Are there any employment agencies in our country? Have you ever tried to get a job through their assistance? 3. Have you ever had a job? What kind of job was it (unskilled, odd job, etc.)? What were your duties? 4. Is it difficult to get a job without any qualifications in our country? What kind of job can you expect to find without qualifications and references? 5. Have you ever written a resume? What information should (shouldn’t) a resume contain? 6. How would you describe an ideal boss? What qualities would you like your future boss to have? Would you prefer a man or a woman as your boss? 7. Do many Russian students have to combine work and studies? Would you like to get a part-time job? Why? 8. Do employees usually get holiday pay and sick pay in Russia? 9. What are the normal working hours for most office jobs in our country? What jobs often involve shift-work (Give 3 examples)? Is flexi-time common in our country? 10. What should / shouldn’t a person do to get a managerial position in the company (firm) he works for? 11. What are the most common reasons for giving up a job in our country? 12. What are the most common reasons for dismissing workers from a company? 13. At what age do people usually retire? 14. Is it possible to combine a happy family life and a successful career? 15. How can you account for the fact that it’s more difficult for women to reach managerial positions than for men? 16. What factors might people consider when choosing a job?

Work with a partner. Make up conversations using the cue cards below.

CUE CARD 1 You are trying to get a job of a receptionist at the hotel. You are having an interview with a personnel officer, who asks you questions about your education, experience, personal interests. In turn you find out about working hours, salary, your duties, workload, career prospects. CUE CARD 2 You are complaining to your friend about your boss and your job. Your friend is trying to reassure you and persuade you not to give up. Tell your friend about a) the personality of your boss; b) your relationship with the co-workers; c) your workload, salary.   CUE CARD 3 Both of you are graduates of the Linguistic University. Discuss your future career prospects. Talk about a) your ambitions; b) how much time you are prepared to devote to your job; c) what kind of boss you would like to have; d) how much you expect to earn.  

Here’s a list of occupations

Air-hostess, chef, civil engineer, employment officer, interpreter, lawyer, nurse, police officer, receptionist, sales manager, social worker, taxi-driver, teacher, travel agent

1) Which of them do you think require a) leadership skills; b) organizing abilities; c) shrewd business sense; d) the ability to control oneself; e) the ability to seem cold and unfeeling; f) the ability to care for others?

2) Which of them do you think give better opportunities of a) meeting people; b) travelling all over the world; c) getting long vacation; d) earning a decent salary?

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them?



Role-play the situation.

Counsellors at the employment agency are having an interview with a number of job applicants. They have two job vacancies, and they are to find the best candidate for each job:

A: Tourist Agency seeks tourist agents with good communication and inter-personal skills. Knowledge of foreign languages is required. Excellent salary plus good benefits.

B: Pharmaceutical company seeks manager at the sales department. Must be able to manage group of 20 sales assistants. Competitive salary and superior benefits.

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