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Match the term with its definition.

1.population A.all the animals and plants in a particular area, and the way in which they are related to each other and to their environment
2.community B.an animal that eats flesh
3.ecosystem C.an animal that eats both meat and plants
4.ecology D.the number of living things in a particular area
5.herbivore E.an animal that kills and eats other animals
6.carnivore F.all animals and plants considered as a group in which a plant is eaten by an insect or animal, which is then eaten by another animal and so on
7.omnivore G.a group of plants or animals that live in the same environment
8.predator H.the way in which plants, animals, and people are related to each other and to their environment, or the scientific study of this
9.food web I.an animal that only eats plants
10.food chain J.a complicated network of feeding patterns, in which some animals and plants are involved in more than one food chain

9. Say, what you have learnt about:

· Interrelationships among living things

· Relations between living and non-living things

· Feeding patterns

Analyze the scheme given below and explain how living things are built up and how organisms themselves group to form a whole ecosystem. Illustrate your answer with examples.

11. Complete the text below. Use one word or phrase in each gap.

fossil fuels toxic waste recycling deforestation biodiversity effect organic impact bottle banks greenhouse effect

A healthier plant

Politicians around the world are meeting to discuss ways in which to safeguard our environment. The message is clear. Leaders in industry must find alternatives to create energy, other than traditional burning of 1….. such as coal. The laws governing the disposal of 2….. must be rigorously enforced. Governments must support projects to reduce our dependency on oil, and 3….. must decrease – our rainforests must be protected, not destroyed.

Many farming methods are also detrimental to our environment. Firstly, there is the 4….. of pesticides on local 5…... If insects are killed to boost crop production, other creatures in the food chain risk elimination too. Secondly, these chemicals pollute the produce and the soil that crops grow in. If more farmers could be persuaded to use less intensive methods, 6….. farming methods for example, and consumers be persuaded to pay higher prices to support this move, agricultural dependency on poisonous chemicals would decrease dramatically.

As individuals, we can all help in a very particular way by 7….. materials such as glass, cans and paper. Collection bins such as 8….. and waste paper containers are becoming a more common sight, making it easier and more convenient to sort recyclable household waste for reprocessing.

Reducing our dependency on natural resources, and on petrol in particular, is vital. The increasing volume of traffic on our roads is one of the main contributors to the 9….. which is causing our planet to get warmer. We must all take responsibility for the alarming 10….. that this is having on the environment we live in.

Revise all the information you’ve learnt about living things and test yourself.

Task 1. Complete the following table for goldfish.

Ordinary name man goldfish
Scientific name Homo sapiens Carassius auratus
Name of species sapiens
Name of genus Homo
Name of class mammals
Name of phylum animals with backbones
Name of kingdom animals

Task 2. From the characteristics below, choose a) those, which are unusual for mammals; b) those which are possessed onlyby mammals.

A Dolphins and whales are mammals that live in the sea.

В They have hairless skin.

С They have a constant body temperature.

D They give birth to their young.

E They have fins and a tail, but no legs.

F They feed their young on milk from mammary glands.

Task 3. Which of the organisms below a) has an exoskeleton (external skeleton)? b) is cold blooded with a dry scaly skin? c) has no skeleton?

A earthworm

D ladybird

В trout

E lizard

С frog

Task 4. Living things have seven important characteristics. Which characteristic is the most important to a) someone looking through a microscope? b) an athlete running a 100 m race? c) a sick person taking glucose tablets?

Task 5. The graph below shows the number of yeast cells in a vat of beer during fermentation. Which letter, A-E, identifies the time when

a) the yeast cells are dying at the same rate as they are being produced?

b) the yeast cells are multiplying at the fastest rate?

c) there are half as many cells as there are after 13 days?



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