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Firstly, what do you want work to do for you?

Be prepared to ask yourself deep and direct questions about what you really want from a career. Right now, you might be thinking that all you want is a big salary or to do something worthwhile. But is that really what will motivate you on a daily basis?

Looking for a career is like looking for a new partner - your life goals need to match. Ask yourself what you want from life. You will need to analyse yourself closely: put yourself and your lifestyle preferences under the microscope. Think about what you enjoy doing the most with your time. Take a look around you - note down particular jobs and fields that inspire you.

Secondly, what do you have to offer?

Any sales rep will tell you that you have to know your product inside out to sell it effectively. In job-hunting, the product is YOU. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Asking close friends can be one way, but you have to be sure they're being honest. Think about achievements and successes you've had, and analyse what you did to make them happen. Do the same for failures and disappointments. Decide if any of your weaknesses will get in the way of your perfect job. If they will, then set about addressing your weaknesses immediately.

The next question: where can you find the ideal job?

The ideal job won't just suddenly arrive - you'll have to work hard to find it. There are the traditional ways: newspaper advertisements, trade press, company websites, internet searches, and recruitment agencies. But also look at the bigger picture. The best, most fulfilling jobs often come to those who spot opportunities before they are advertised. Look around you. What trends have been happening in the industry or sector you're interested in? What changes and developments are going to happen? How can you be part of them? Don't be frightened to seize the opportunity - it may change your life for the better.

And finally: what's involved in the application process?

The different stages of applying for a job are fairly well-known: prepare a basic CV, research the job details and company background, tailor your CV, write a personalized covering letter, send it... and then start preparing for the interview. However, the important thing to remember is that each stage is an opportunity for you to show your potential employer what you can offer.

One final piece of advice: enjoy the process. If you're enjoying it, then there's more of you involved - and that ideal job is first and foremost about YOU.


Explain the meaning of these expressions from the article.

· do something worthwhile

· put your lifestyle preferences under the microscope

· know your product inside out

· set about addressing your weaknesses immediately

· look at the bigger picture

· seize the opportunity

· tailor your CV

· first and foremost

Decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best fits each space.

Choosing a job

One of the most difficult decisions is choosing what to do for a …….(1). For example, do you want to follow a definite ……..(2), and……. (3) a low…….(4) at the beginning, but have good ……. (5) in a company that trains its ………(6)? Or are you more interested in taking any kind of work, because you need a/an …….(7)? You may have to…….(8) the fact that a good

……..(9) can be difficult to find. In that case, why not take a ……..(10) one? You will gain some useful …….(11). Remember that even if you have the right ……..(12), you may have to …….(13) lots of application forms before you are asked to ……..(14) an interview. But don't worry if you don't know what you want to …….(15) exactly. You'll enjoy finding out!

1. A salary В living С employee D work
2. A company В training С business D career
3. A earn В gain С win D take
4. A money В profit С cheque D salary
5. A hopes В prospects С futures D promotions
6. A employers В crew С staff D persons
7. A money В cash С account D income
8. A face up to В go over С come up with D call off
9. A work В labour С job D seat
10. A temporary В overtime С profitable D short
11. A experiences В experienced С experience D experiencing
12. A qualifications В exams С letters D degrees
13. A fall through В get on С turn down D fill in
14. A be В attend С make D advertise
15. A work В job С do D employ


Unit 1.

Covering letter and CV

Look at this job advertisement. What would it be like to do this job?

Fascinated by wildlife? Do you have what it takes to live in sub-zero temperatures? The Antarctic Research Project is looking for helpers. You will be a part of a team spending 18 months studying Antarctic wildlife. For further information: phone 02134 568827  


Studying the sample

Adrian has finished school and is looking for work. He has decided to apply for a job helping on the Antarctic Research Project.

Read his covering letter and his CV (Curriculum Vitae), and put the missing words in gaps 1-12.

join two expand spare enclose hearing helping as fascinated applying interested look

21 Alexis Mansions


N14 7FD



The Antarctic Research Project

15 Queen's Road




Dear Sir or Madam,


I am …… in …… for the job of helper with the Antarctic Research Project., advertised in the London Times on 18 August.

My reasons for wishing to ……. the team are that I have always been …… by wildlife and I would very much like to …… my knowledge of wildlife by doing research of this kind.

I …… my Curriculum Vitae. … … you will see, I have worked in …… veterinary practices in my … … time and have spent some time in the north of England …… a vet during the lambing season.


I …… forward to …… from you.


Yours faithfully,

Adrian Roberts

Curriculum Vitae

Adrian Roberts

Phone: 2001567 3456 21 Alexis Mansions
Date of birth: 19 June 1982 London
Age: N14 7FD
Nationality: British citizen  



Hillside Secondary School, London

1998 General Certificate of Secondary Education

Maths, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry,

English, History

Advanced Level examinations

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography



· Editor of the school magazine

· Represented the school at cricket, football, chess, swimming


Work experience

2000 Helping at a Veterinary Practice, Bowett, Yorkshire

1999 Winchmore Veterinary Practice, Brighton

1998 London Weekly: assistant typist



· Member of the local Scout group

· Rock climbing

· Sports diver



Dr Peter Murray Mr Charles Rowell


Answer these questions about Adrian's letter and CV.

1. Which job is he applying for?

2. Who is Adrian writing to? Does he know the person's name?

3. Where and when did he see the advertisement?

4. What experience does he have which is relevant to the job?

5. Why does he want the job? Why would he be suitable?

6. Is he enclosing anything with this letter?

7. How does he end the letter?

8. What style is he using to write the letter?


How does Adrian organise his letter? Put this information in the correct order.

1. relevant skills or knowledge

2. reasons for applying for the job

3. particular points in the CV that show experience is relevant

4. why he is writing the letter

5. reference to the CV enclosed

Steps to better writing

Choose the correct preposition in each sentence.

1. I don't like the idea of working/for/in /by someone.

2. Paul joined us to /for/as a research assistant.

3. To join a team as /of /for experts, ring this number.

4. A knowledge in /of /for wildlife is desirable.

5. I have always enjoyed working for/with/by animals.

6. Send in a CV when applying in/ to /for a job.

7. I am interested for/in/to the job advertised.

8. Maria has always been fascinated in /with/ by wildlife.

9. Sam represented his school of /at/ with sports.

10. We look forward to I of /for hearing from you.


Read Susanna's covering letter, find 12 mistakes in what she has written, and rewrite the letter.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply of the job of helper on the Reasearch project. My reasons to doing this are that I have always fasinated by the world of wildlife and I am very good in working in a team.

I am putting my curiculum vitae. Because you will see, I have organised many events at school and have spent the some time working in an office at the weekends.


I look forward to hear from you.


Yours sincerely,

Susanna Taylor

Writing your application



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