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Moscow Finance-Law University. Kaliningrad Branch

The Moscow Finance-Law Academy is a non-state accredited higher education establishment. It was founded in 1990. There are 50 branches and representations in different regions of Russia. In December 2010 the Academy was given a status of a university. About 60 000 students are currently enrolled. The University provides both secondary and higher professional education.

The Kaliningrad Branch of the Moscow Finance-Law University was founded in 1997. The building of the University is situated in the centre of the town. It`s address is 3, Yermaka Street.

There are two faculties at the University – Economic and Law. Admission to the University is by Federal Certificate Exams (FCE) and admission tests. There are two departments at the University – day (full-time) department and correspondence courses.

The term of studies at the University is 3 or 6 years. There are two terms in the academic year. The students study different general and special subjects such as History, Mathematics, Russian and foreign languages, Economics, Finance and Credit and others. At the end of each term the progress of the students is tested by the examinations.

The students at the Finance-Law University have all conditions for getting a good education. There are many qualified teachers and professors who give students lectures and provide them with general and cultural education.

There are specially equipped classrooms, lecture-halls, two computer classrooms, library and gymnasium (gym) which are effective for proper training. There is also a café. The food there is tasty and prices are reasonable.

They pay great attention to sports. Sport competitions are often held at the University. The students take active part in the social life of the University. They organize different contests, Faculty Day, hold charity actions, etc. There is also a quick-wits club.

The Kaliningrad Branch of the Moscow Finance-Law University has everything necessary to become one of the leading educational establishments in Russia. After graduating from the University students get a diploma and become qualified specialists. Solid background gives the opportunity for getting promising and well-paid job.



1. non-state – негосударственный

2. accredited – аккредитованный

3. higher education establishment – учреждение высшего образования

4. branch – филиал

5. representation – представительство

6. be enrolled – числиться в списках студентов

7. both… and … - как … так и …

8. admission – прием

9. Federal Certificate Exams (FCE) – ЕГЭ

10. admission test – вступительные испытания

11. department – отделение

12. day (full-time) department – дневное отделение

13. correspondence courses – заочное отделение

14. gymnasium (gym) – спортивный зал

15. training – обучение (подготовка)

16. reasonable – доступный, приемлемый

17. pay attention to – уделять внимание

18. to hold (held) – проводить

19. contest – конкурс

20. charity actions – благотворительные акции

21. quick-wits club – КВН

22. solid background – качественное образование

23. opportunity – возможность

24. promising – перспективный

25. well-paid job – хорошо оплачиваемая работа


Упр. 4. Ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста.

1. When was your University founded?

2. How many branches are there at the University?

3. How many students are enrolled?

4. What is its address?

5. How are students admitted to the University?

6. How many faculties are there at the University?

7. What is the term of studies?

8. How many terms are there in the academic year?

9. What subjects do the students learn?

10. How is the progress of the students tested?

11. What are the facilities (материальная база) of the University?

12. What opportunities does the University give to its graduates?





Ex. 1. Read the text and answer the questions.

What is Business

Business is not an easy thing. It’s rather a difficult kind of human activity. It has many important elements such as money, taxes, customers, transport, banks and others. There are two general types of business: small business and big business.

Why do people do business? Why do they like small business? People do business by producing goods or providing services. They buy and sell goods. They do business for a profit. If you ask “What business is good? ”, the answer will be: “All business are good”.

Production of goods is very profitable; provision of different services is profitable too. Communications are a good business too, for example, telephone, telegraph and mail services. Financial services, for example, banking and insurance work very well, too.

So, people do different types of business for a profit. Doing business has become very popular everywhere. For example, the whole families in America run small business now. At present it is very popular to be a businessman or a businesswoman. It should be noted that women, like men, successfully run a firm or a company, they prove to be good bank managers or shop keepers.

Briefly speaking, doing business is a comparatively new and perspective tendency in modern life.

There are three main types of business: a sole trader (you alone have responsibility for the business and you take all profits after paying income tax on them); a partnership (a group of between 2 or twenty people trade, as one firm, and share responsibility for debts, decision-making and the profits); a limited company (a company formed by two or more shareholders who put money into the business in return for a share of the profits).



  1. to do business – заниматься бизнесом
  2. to run business – руководить, управлять предприятием
  3. to produce goods – производить товары
  4. production of goods – производство товаров
  5. by producing goods – производя товары (путем производства товаров )
  6. to provide services – предлагать услуги
  7. by providing services – предоставляя услуги (путем обеспечения услугами )
  8. a profit – прибыль
  9. insurance – страховка
  10. shop keeper- зав.магазина
  11. comparatively – сравнительно
  12. perspective – перспективный
  13. human activity – деятельность человека
  14. customers – покупатель
  15. communications – средства связи
  16. a sole trader – единоличный предприниматель
  17. responsibility for - ответственность за…
  18. income tax – подоходный налог
  19. partnership – партнерство
  20. to trade – торговать
  21. to share – разделять; share – акция; shareholder – акционер
  22. debt – долг
  23. to make decision -принимать решение; decision-making – принятие решение
  24. limited company – компания с ограниченной ответственностью
  25. to put money into; to invest – вкладывать деньги в …

like men – подобно мужчинам

successfully – успешно

they prove to be good managers – они оказываются хорошими управляющими

in return for - в обмен на


Answer the questions:

1. Is business an easy or a difficult kind or human activity?

2. What types of business do you know?

3. Why do people like small business?

4. For what purpose do people do business?

5. In what two forms do people do business?

6. What business do you think is good?

7. What main services do you know?

8. Are production of goods and provision of services profitable?

9. Has doing business become very popular everywhere nowadays?

10. Do women, like men, successfully run a firm or a company?

11. Do women prove to good bank managers or shop keepers?

12. Is doing business a new and perspective tendency in modern life?

13. Do you prefer to work as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company?


Ex.2. Read the dialogue and discuss it.


(Two friends, Martin and Barbara, are having lunch together in a restaurant)


Martin: Well, it’s been a long time, Barbara. What have you been doing?

Barbara: I’ve been pretty busy. You know, I went into business with my friend, Jean.

Martin: Oh, yes. How is it going?

Barbara: Pretty well. We get along quite well and the shop is beginning to attract more customers.

Martin: Good. Are you two a partnership?

Barbara: Yes. I’m very pleased about it. We seem to have the right combination. Jean’s background is in accounting. She’s the one who is good at keeping the books and ordering stock.

Martin: And you?

Barbara: Well, you know, I’ve always liked talking a lot. I guess I’m rather good with customers. I enjoy selling.

Martin: Sounds interesting. I guess it’s not too risky a business.

Barbara: We haven’t had any problems, although I suppose all business can be risky. Being partners, we’re both liable.

Martin: Did you both put the same amount of money into the business? Or do you mind my asking?

Barbara: To tell you the truth we didn’t invest the same amount of capital. But we’ve combined our resources very well, I think. It seems to be a good deal for both of us.

Martin: It sounds like it. That is one advantage of a general partnership. One partner can invest less capital than the other-in fact, no money at all-but a partner can contribute important services or skills, sometimes just a name or reputation.

Barbara: Exactly.

Martin: What kind of arrangement do you have for distribution of profits and losses?

Barbara: They’re equally shared. We hope to be in business for a long time.

Martin: Good for you. You’ve really become very knowledgeable about business.

Barbara: Believe me, I’m still learning. The subject becomes quite technical.

Martin: But I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well. Next time you’ll take me to lunch.




1. partnership - партнерство

2. to get along well - ладить

3. to be pleased - быть довольным чем-то

4. to keep the books - вести бухгалтерский учет

5. to enjoy doing smth - получать удовольствие

6. background – подготовка, образование

7. stock - ассортимент товаров

8. be liable - нести ответственность

9. advantage - преимущество

10. skills - умения

11. distribution - распределение

12. they are equally shared - они делятся поровну




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