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III. Choose the suitable preposition.

1. According (for, to, by) the Bible, Jesus Christ was born (on, at, in) a stable.

2. There's no sign (at, in, of) snow coming this Christmas.

3. The tree was hung (by, in, with) presents for all the family.

4. Look (out, at, on)! That tree is going to fall (at, on, to) you.

5. We drove swiftly (on, across, along) the narrow winding road that led (in, to, at) the hills.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. She never does very (much, many, a lot). Sometimes she watches TV or looks through (some, few, any) magazines.

2. I'm sorry, I can't tell you (nothing, something, anything).

3. There is (not, no, none) more bread.

4. There has been (many, a lot, much) of rain recently. 5.1 last saw Jack (few, little, a few) days ago.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. little/train/station/the/stopped/every/at.

2. Tom/this/I/find/photograph/can't/in.

3. he/how/now/feeling/is?

4. Jack/nobody/gone/knows/has/where.

VI. Choose the best response.

1. Why not go to a disco?

a) That's why.

b) That's a good idea.

c) That's the trouble.

2.1 want to ask you something.

a) Do it again.

b) Don't bother.

c) Go ahead.

3. Who's that man over there?

a) He's an architect.

b) He's very clever.

c) He's my brother-in-law

4. Come and have lunch with us.

a) With pleasure.

b) I like it. c) Not at all.

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

I'm Anna Gonzales from Brazil. (It, There) is eight years (since, from) I started to learn English. My (bigger, biggest) Problem is pronunciation. (I'd love. I l ove) listening to Eng­lish pop music (which, what) is a (great, large) (way, road) of learning new (vocabulary, dictionary). My dad's a businessman and he (uses, used to) English all the (time, period) He (.speaks, talks) it (fluent, fluently). He wants me (to speak speak) it (good, well) enough so that I can (enjoy, join) his (company, campaign).


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. We (not/make) a decision where to spend the holidays yet.

2. My train (leave) London at 4.30, so I'm in a hurry.

3. Shakespeare (be) born in 1564 and (die) in 1616. He (live) in Stratford for most of his life but he (live) in London when Queen Elizabeth (die) in 1603.

4. When they (argue), I was afraid that the argument (end) in a fight.

5. Is that 703485? - No, I'm afraid you (dial) the wrong number.

6. She (come) in and (say) that the kettle (boil).

7. After I (post) the letter I (remember) that I (forget) to put on a stamp.

II. Use the right article.

1. All... first three runners received ... prize.

2. Tom looks as if he has enjoyed .. party. 3.1 prefer ... tea to ... coffee.

4. That's ... house where I was born.

5. We came in quietly so as not to wake ... baby.

6. How wonderful... weather is! I'm going to ... beach. 7.1 play ... football nearly every day.

III. Choose the suitable preposition or postposition.

1. Why can't you cut the cake (onto, into, by) ten pieces?

2. First we'll send you a letter and invite you (on, to, in) an interview.

3. A car drew (down, up, on) (in, at, on) the Swan Hotel and a young man got (from, out, through).

4 When did you arrive (to, in, at) the airport?

5 Very few people live (to, in, -) the age of one hundred nowadays.

6. Why are you so angry (to, on, with) us?

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. (No, Not, None) two people look alike.

2. (My, Mine, Me) room is as hard to clean as (your, yours, you).

3. Sorry, but I haven't got (some, none, any) razor-blades.

4.1 don't think I can wear this shirt for (other, another,others) day. It's dirty.

5. Would you like (a few, a little, little) champaign?

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. looks/in/Stella/after/hospital/patients/a.

2. you/to/do/going/enjoy/concerts?

3. serious/at/her/was/more/than/illness/much/we/first/ thought/had.

4. for/Monday/Scotland/I'm/to/a/next/going/holiday/short.

VI. Choose the right variant.

1. When are they going to buy this house? - Don't you know? They finally decided

a) not to be.

b) not.

c) not to.

2.1 can't play the violin.

a) I can't too.

b) I can't neither.

c) I can't either.

VII. Choose the suitable response.

1. Shall I give anyone a lift?

a) Oh, it's very kind of you.

b) Give it to me.

c) Don't.

2. Where are you from?

a) From the library.

b) It doesn't matter.

c) From Canada.

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