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VIII. Choose the appropriate word.

I'm in my early (fifties, fiftieth). I'm very (tall, high ), and (quite, quiet) heavily built. I have straight (hair, hare j. but I'm. going (bald, bold), so (it, there) isn't a lot of it left. I have a grey (beard, brow) and moustache. My eyes arc blue, and I (wear, dress) glasses. I don't think I'm very (well, good), looking, (and, but) I'm (not, no) bad-looking (also, either) I (probable, probably) (look, see) younger than I (do, am).


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Many of the exhibits (damage) in the fire, and some totally (destroy).

2. What you (read) when I (see) you in the library yesterday morning?

3. How long you (be) married? - For twenty-five years. I (be) a student then.

4. If Sally (stay) here till the end of the week, I (take) her to the theatre. - That's OK. She (leave) next Monday, by the evening train.

5. That evening I (have) dinner with an uncle of mine. At the opposite table I (see) a woman whose face (seem) familiar to me. Yet, I (not/can) remember where I (see) her.

6. I know you (hide) something unpleasant from me, but I (want) you to be honest with me.

7. I (tell) the other day that Jim (break) his leg.

II. Use the right article.

1. Have you got... few minutes? I'd like to have ... chat with you.

2. They usually have ... dinner at... home.

3. It was ... luxurious hotel,... best I've ever stayed in.

4 There was such ...long queue that we decided not to wait.

5.... students will be writing ... test in ... Room 405.

6. ... head of... department made ... brief report.

III. Choose the suitable preposition.

1. Who's the old lady all dressed (on, in, to) green?

2. Are you still interested (on, at, in) chemistry?

3. Can you help me to look (at, through, for) my glasses?

4. We've known each other (in, for, since) a long time. 5.1 look forward (on, to, by) your next visit, dear.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. There's much (fewer, less, least) water in the river than usual.

2. Though his theory is fairly complicated, there are (few, a few, the few) people who understand it.

3. Come on! We don't have (many, plenty, much) time.

4. Learner-drivers are not allowed to drive on (them, their, theirs) own.

5. I'm not going (somewhere, nowhere, anywhere) tonight.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. in/expect/London/time/do/to/what/you/arrive?

2. doctors/teachers/more/than/paid/are?

3. university/brother/languages/my/studies/at.

4. tallest/all/is/giraffe/the/the/of/animals.

VI. Choose the right response.

1. Have a good day.       2. Thank you for the lift.

a) I'll have.                   a) Me too.

b) No, I shan't.              b) You are welcome.

c) Thanks and the same c) The same to you. to you.

3. Did you enjoy the film? 4. What was the weather like

a) Yes, it was great.       a) I liked.

b) Yes, I enjoyed.          b) Like what?

c) Yes. I enjoy it much. c) It was windy.

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

I must (write, to write) at once to thank you for your (lovely) lively) present. 1 like it (so, such) much! I can't (tell, say) you what I (fell, felt) when I opened the parcel and (found found out) a (pair, couple) of beautiful socks. I am (particularly, particular) touched because I can (see, look) at a (glance, sight) that they're (home, house)-knitted. You can't (buy, sell) socks (as, like) that in the shops!


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. The bowl (break) if you (drop) it.

2. I hear there (be) a barbecue at the college last Saturday. You (have) a good time?

3. Nick (pass) his driving test yet? - Yes, he (pass) it in October.

4. Look! The paper (peel) in the sitting-room and the hall; in fact the whole flat (need) redecorating.

5. You (try) using this new cordless telephone?

6. Which man is your husband? - The man in a grey hat. He (wave) his handkerchief at me.

7.1 (feel) sorry that Bob (not/keep) his word.

8. A lot of meetings already (hold) by the local council, but nothing (decide) yet.

II. Use the right article.

1. Listen to her beautiful voice. She sings like ... angel.

2. Did your advertisement get any result? - I'll say! We advertized for ... night watchman and ... next night we were robbed.

3 ... rain is getting heavier and heavier.

4 They say ... hard-working person works like ... beaver.

5 ... milk in that jug is very cold. You shouldn't drink such ... cold milk.

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