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III. Choose the suitable preposition or postposition. IV. Choose the suitable pronoun. IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. Can you look (for, up, at) a word in the dictionary (for, to, by) me, please?

2. Are you listening (at, to, in) me? Why are you looking (out of, up, to) the window all the time?

3.1 hate travelling (in, on, by) underground. It's too crowded.

4.1 can't help knocking things (down, of, up). I'm such a clumsy person.

5.1 thought I had left my umbrella (in, on, at) home but in fact I had been carrying it all day (in, at, on) my bag.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. The (fewer, less, least) cars there are the (least, fewer, less) pollution there will be.

2. I don't hear (nothing, something, anything).

3. Sorry, but there is (not, no, neither) time to talk.

4. She is a very quiet person. She doesn't generally say (many, a lot of, much).

5. This coat is (more, much, most) cheaper than mine.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. anything/she/today/hasn't/eaten.

2. the/was/salary/I/to/low/decided/job/the/accept/although.

3. a/we/yesterday/had/very/day/tiring.

4. car/happy/you/with/are/your/new?

VI. Choose the right response.

1. Most children like     2. Have you been to Piccadilly

animated cartoons.         Circus and Trafalgar Square")

a) So will I.                  a) Not yet.

b) So do I.                    b) Not much.

c) So shall I.                 c) Not now.

3. I'm going out for      4. What do you think of

a walk.                        jogging?

a) Take the dog with      a) Nothing, you, will you?

b) It's very kind of you   b) It's fun. to do so.

c) Have a nice trip.        c) It's funny.

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

I went to (study, teach) medicine in London as a pupil to a famous (surgeon, sergeant) and (while, during) I was in London I started to study navigation (because, that's why) I had always wanted to travel. (Soon, Sooner) I was (offered, suggested) a (job, work) as a (ship's, sheep's) doctor and I (accepted, rejected) it. At (first, the first) the (journey, hiking) was (pleasant, pleasantly), (but, and) in the Pacific we ran into a storm, the ship (sank, drowned) and (every, everybody) on board (except, besides) me was drowned. I managed to swim to an (isle, island), but I was (so, such) tired when I reached (land, soil) that I fell (fast, fastly) asleep on the sand.


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. It (rain) hard this morning when I (wake up). It (seem) the rain (fall) the whole night.

2. I never (be) to India, but I (go) to Pakistan last summer.

3. When I (be) a child, my parents never (let) me watch TV after 8 p.m.

4 She (be) sixteen now but I thought she (be) older.

c fhey (try) to find a solution to this problem ever since I (get) to know them.

6 When the lake (freeze) it'll be safe for ice-skating.

7. Yesterday I (tell) that you (have) a vacancy for a com­puter operator in a couple of months.

II. Use the right article.

1. She sometimes gets ... letters from her friends abroad.

2.... government ought to do something about housing.

3. ... knife shouldn't be used as ... screwdriver.

4. ... plane crashed while it was being tested.

5. Some people believe in ... life after ... death.

6. ... music which excites me is 1930s jazz.

7. While they were sailing up ... west coast, they ran out of... food.

III. Choose the suitable preposition.

1. A strange thing happened (to, with, at) me the other day.

2.1 didn't have enough money to pay (-,for, on) the meal.

3. I'm waiting (-, to, for) the rain to stop. I must go (at, to, on) the post-office.

4.1 was upset that I had done so badly (in, with, at) the exam.

5. The driver of the car was injured (at, in, on) the accident.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. You don't need to go shopping - we've got enough food for supper - (few, little, a few) eggs and (a few, a little, little) bread and cheese.

2. Don't say (nothing, something, anything).

3. (Each, Every, All) chair and table looks freshly painted.

4. (Some, Both, Many) magazines and that book were left in the study hall.

5. Don't blame (myself, me, oneself). Blame (you, yourself, ourselves).

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. nervous/examinations/feel/you/before/do?

2. of/boring/I/ever/he/one/most/the/is/people/met/have.

3. unpleasant/near/living/sometimes/be/very/life/must/ people/airports/for.

4. Friday/wedding/place/the/took/last.


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