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I Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 T (ask) her what (happen) but she just (look) at me with a strange smile.

2 It's a bit trivial to talk about the beauty of autumn, but this year it (be) the prettiest I remember. According to the experts, it (be) the warm and moist summer that (cause) the intensity of the colours.

3. Laura (sing) professionally since 1978 when she (record) her first song.

4. Wye College (situate) in the village of Wye in the beautiful area of Kent.

5. Trinity College closely (associate) with the University of London since 1876.

II. Use the right article.

1. We never eat... white bread at... dinner.

2. Four people were taken to ... hospital after ... fire at their home early this morning. They left ... hospital after some treatment for ... minor burns.

3. - Who's that girl over there? Her face is familiar to me. -1 think she's one of... girls who came for ... job inter­view ... other day.

4. How do you like ... weather today, Mr. Hope?

5. My granddad was wounded during ... war.

6.1 like Jane. She has... lot of... warmth. She is ... kind of... person you can trust.

III. Choose the suitable preposition or postposition.

1. You mustn't travel (by, on, at) a bus without a ticket.

2. We'll be getting (of, off, out of) the train (in, through, at) ten minutes.

3. It takes some years to develop a real skill (in, with, on) skating.

4. I think the play is a bit weak (on, about, at) the end

5. I wouldn't like to go (to, for, in) a foreign country without knowing a little of the language.

6. The lifeboat was raised (out, from, out of) the water and the rescued man was helped (out, in, up) on to deck.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. He's made (so, such, this) much money that he doesn't need to work (any, no, some) more.

2. I got home at 6. To my surprise (neither, either, both) of my parents was there.

3.1 find (this, such, so) sort of attitude offensive. 4. (Every, Each, Some) time you use my dictionary you forget to put it back on the shelf.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. heard/who/party/you/be/the/have/will/at?

2. more/than/do/Dick/the/practises/I/guitar/often.

3. until/played/the/noisily/children/dark.

4. slow/chess/very/is/game/a.

VI. Choose the right response.

1. Do you sometimes     2. Where is Adriano Morri

work on Saturday?        from?

a) Why?                       a) He's from next door.

b) No, I don't.              b) He is a tourist.

c) What for?                 c) He's from Italy.

3. Do you like dancing?                                      4. May I use your telephone?

a) I used to, when I was younger.                       a) I am very sorry, indeed.

b) I prefer dancing.                                             b) It's a pity.

c) I have learned to dance,                                       c) I am afraid not.

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

that morning the office looked (quite, quiet) different. I fact it (hard, hardly) ever looked (like, as) that at all. All he (employers, employees) were standing (up, about, out), chatting and smoking. At the far (end, edge) of the room a man must have just (told, said) a very (fun, funny) story, and (there, it) was (a loud, aloud) burst of laughter just (when, while) Mary came in.


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Shortly after the war my brother and I (invite) to spend a few days with an uncle.

2. When he (lock) the car door he (remember) he (leave) the keys inside.

3. Everything (come) to him who (wait).

4. Slow down. You (go) too fast. There (be) a speed limit of 30 kilometers.

5. I (be) afraid we (not/can) to come over, to see you next Sunday, as you (suggest). Tom's mother (come) to spend the day with us. - What about the Sunday after that -the twenty-second? -We (be) free that day and we (love) to come. We (look forward) to seeing your new house.

6. You (freeze) if you (not/put) a coat on. The weather (change) since the morning.

7. Oh, I (know) exactly what you (mean). Things like that (drive) me crazy too.

II. Choose the right article.

1. It is ... wonderful part of... England and ... scenery resembles ... Switzerland. As ... matter of... fact, we had such ... good time that we have decided to have ... holiday there again ... next year.

2 Her husband is on ... business trip so she has to look after ... children all by herself 3. Before I had ... car of my own I used to spend ... lot of ... time waiting for ... buses.

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