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DATES: 21.7.-11.8. TYPE: ENVI                               AGE: 16-26                                    15 VOLS

PROJECT: The Harz with its mountains, stalactite caves, mining museums and forests is a popular holiday destination and recreational area. Above the Oker dams, 550m above NN and in the middle of the forest, you will find Haus Ahrendsberg, part of the Waldpдdagogikzentrum Harz, which will be the starting point for the activities of your group. Here you will help the forestry office Clausthal with nature and environment reservation work and contribute to preserving the habitat for (rare) plants and animals. Together with experienced foresters, you will care for a number of biotopes and forest stands. You will build protective deer fences and get an insight into ecological and economical duties of a forestry. For 4 days you will work 7.5h, Fridays are off.

ACCOMODATION: Shared rooms in the Waldpдdagogikzentrum Harz.


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; Hannover 120 km, Braunschweig 80 km, Gцttingen 80 km



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: For people, who really love nature, outdoor garments have to be brought along, the accommodation is very remote in the middle of the forest.


IJGD 18210               On the trails of mining history – Goslar                           

DATES: 21.7.-4.8.    TYPE: ENVI                               AGE: 16-26                                    15 VOLS

PROJECT: This project offers a great insight into the UNESCO World Heritage site Rammelsberg. Rammelsberg is a closed down mine ore mine, which is nowadays used as a museum open to the public. If you feel like supporting the museums team twice a week with your volunteer work with landscape conservation work on the premise and, on top of that, are interested in helping with the restoration of objects from the collection of the museum, this is the right place for you! You can find additional information about the place here: https://www.rammelsberg.de/ - your accommodation: www.ferienwohnungen-goslar.com

ACCOMODATION: Three homely, yet individual holiday apartments in a house close to the project. Shared rooms, single beds, double beds and bunk beds. Cosy lounge area.


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; Hildesheim 40km, Gцttingen 80km, Hannover 70km


NEAREST AIRPORT: Hannover, Hamburg

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Parties are not permitted in the accommodation.


IJGD 18212               Forest conservation and survival – Schwafцrden                               

DATES: 22.7.-4.8.    TYPE: ENVI, STUD, TEEN             AGE: 14-17                                    23 VOLS

PROJECT: If you fancy being outside in nature, spending the evenings in front of a campfire and experiencing nature with people from all over the world while supporting the forester with practical hands-on work in the forest, you are perfect for this project in the Waldpдdagogikzentrum Hahnhorst. The study part of the project will provide you with the knowledge of how to orient yourself in the forest, recognise eatable plants, make fire without tools and build a night camp out of natural materials. In addition, you will work together with the forester and forest workers and contribute to the improvement of natural habitats for rare plants and animals. In the mornings (getting up early!) you will start with your work experience. The survival workshops will take place in the afternoons. Take a look at your accommodation here: https://www.landesforsten.de/Waldpaedagogikzentrum-Hahnhorst.1592.0.html

ACCOMODATION: Shared rooms in the Waldpдdagogikzentrum with participating in house work.


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; ca. 50 km to Bremen



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 395 Ђ additional fee. You have to be keen on working in the forest and taking part in outdoor activities. You have to be able to ride a bike.


IJGD 18214               Action in Wolfsburg's city park - Wolfsburg                    

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