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DATES: 14.7.-4.8.    TYPE: KIDS                               AGE: 18-26                               16 VOLS

PROJECT: The AWO have been offering their “Strandfahrten” to the Falckensteiner Strand for over 90 years now. Each time up to 270 children, aged 6 to 13, can participate in a week long adventure (Monday to Friday) with different activities: participating in organized games, playing and exploring the forest and the beach. Each week has its own project theme and different activities going along with it. You will work from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM. In the first week you will have the Monday off while working together with AWO care takers on Tuesday and Wednesday. This will give you a chance to get to know each other and the project. On Thursday and Friday you will prepare week 2 and 3. In these weeks you will also work hand in hand with the AWO caretakers, but organize your own projects within your work camp group, caring for alternating groups of children. This is the time to show your creativity and own ideas. Bring along some songs, games or ideas for arts and crafts inspired by your home countries – this will add to the international atmosphere of the camp. If you enjoy spending time with children, working outside, swimming and like working in a big team, you will have a great time and bring home lots of memories and valuable experiences. The Baltic Sea Youth Village Falckenstein is located on the outskirts of Kiel and very close to the beach of the Kieler Fцrde. If you want more information on the village visit www.jugenddorf-falckenstein.de (unfortunately this website is only available in German). You will find some pictures from previous “Strandfahrten” here, too. In this project you, together with other caretakers from Germany, will be responsible for alternating groups of children and thus should have some basic German language skills. The children and also some of the other caretakers do not speak English, but within your work camp group you will speak a lot of English.

ACCOMODATION: Simple cottage with a green roof, big, shared bedroom; communal showers and bathrooms are located in the main building (100m from the accommodation).

LANGUAGE: German, English

CAMP LOCATION: Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, 100 km north of Hamburg



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Please bring ideas for games, creative projects and music from your home countries.


IJGD 28302               In Mother Nature's Foodsteps... All the way to the Alps - Freising

DATES: 28.7.-24.8. TYPE: ENVI                               AGE: 16-26                               9 VOLS

PROJECT: You will help to mow the communal meadows in the area and harvest hay together. Some of the meadows are on a hillside and are hard to reach with the machines. You will mend fences of meadow orchards and secure the trees against browsing sheep. You maintain neglected grassland to safe the habitat of endangered plant and animal species by taking out small trees like willows to stop spreading of these trees and bushes in this special biotope. By doing so, you will learn a lot about nature conservation. For one week you will be working at Freisinger Domberg, where you will secure paths against erosion, mend fences and a sheep shelter. The absolute highlight for nature lovers will be three days at the fringe of the Alps, where you can make a lot of hiking trips. You will absolutely HAVE to bring ankle-high hiking boots!!

ACCOMODATION: Big, cosy self-catering house, 7 km outside of Freising in idyllic hillside location.


CAMP LOCATION: Bavaria; Munich 35 km, Regensburg 100 km



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The work is physically demanding. The camp will be four weeks long. You will have to be able to cycle and absolutely have to bring ankle-high hiking boots and warm clothes, which you will not only need for your work in the forest but for the hiking, too!


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