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DATES: 28.7.-11.8. TYPE: ENVI                               AGE: 16-26                                    12 VOLS

PROJECT: The city forest of Wolfsburg is very popular amongst joggers, cyclists and walkers. Apart from that it is the habitat for many (sometimes rare) plants and animals, orchids for example. Here in the forest is your place of action: you support the forestry in various activities such as forest management, preservation of resting places, removing non-native plants (neophyte) which overgrow local plants. Of course you will get an insight into a variety of forestry work and the eco-system forest. The accommodation is not far from the city forest, which means you can go for a walk there, too! You will work 4 days a week for 7.5h. Fridays are off.

ACCOMODATION: In the youth halls of the Stephanus parish in Wolfsburger-Detmerode


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; Hannover 75 km, Braunschweig 30 km, Magdeburg 65 km


NEAREST AIRPORT: Hannover, Berlin

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You have to fit enough for physically demanding work – you will work 7,5h on 4 days, Fridays are off.


IJGD 18215               Ecology and Sustainability in the forest – Wildemann  

DATES: 21.7.-11.8. TYPE: ENVI                               AGE: 16-26                               14 VOLS

PROJECT: The forest areas in the Oberharz are nature reserve – but also recreational areas. As big coherent forest areas, they are significant for climate protection. You help with nature and environmental protection work and thereby, contribute to the conservation of habitat for (rare) plants and animals and restoring the balance of nature. Cultivation of young deciduous trees, near-natural design of waters, but also building hunting facilities, repairing park benches, huts and hiking signs are part of the group's job. You will work in small alternating groups and get an insight into the ecological duties of a forestry.

ACCOMODATION: Shared rooms in a youth hostel


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; Hannover 100 km



SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: You will work 7.5 h a day on 4 days, Fridays are off.


IJGD 18218               Enjoy pure nature in Lower Saxony's nations park Wattenmeer (mud flats) – Norderney

DATES: 9.6.-23.6.    TYPE: CONS, RENO                 AGE: 16-26                               15 VOLS

PROJECT: The island of Norderney is located in the national park of the Lower Saxony mudflat, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The campsite is only about 4 kilometers away from the city centre of Norderney and is surrounded by dunes between mudflat and the open North Sea. The district of Aurich organises school trips, summer camps and has special offers for children and teenagers, which take place here. More than 200 children spend their summer holidays here and take part in free time activities. In preparation for the summer season, the campsite has to be checked and repaired and this gives you the opportunity to show off your skilled craftsmanship, repairing trails and fences. In addition, you will be building a new leisure facility with a barbecue spot. You do not need any previous experience, as you will be instructed by a foreman. What you need though, is a passion for working outdoors on an island, isolated from the busy everyday life of a big city.

ACCOMODATION: You will stay in wooden huts with 6 beds. The huts are close to the general purpose building, where you find bathrooms, washrooms and seminar rooms. Your accommodation is in the middle of the dunes of the island of Norderney.


CAMP LOCATION: Niedersachsen; Island in the North Sea


NEAREST AIRPORT: Hannover or Bremen (for flights from European countries), Hamburg (for international flights)

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Norderney is an island, you can only reach it by ferry. The physical work can be demanding.


IJGD 18220               Nature conservation on the fringes of a big city - Hamburg-Fischbek

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