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Characteristics of the Hotel Complex


Hotel complex is assigned to provide service of renting rooms into short-term use for living and having rest on a paying basis.

That means that service consumer can use hotel rooms in order to live and have rest, having paid using cash, paying terminal or non-cash.

Comfortable complex location, full range of services, silence and fresh air will let the visitors relax and avoid city’s day-to-day vanity.

Optimum alternative to run hotel business is place building and purchasing. Having took into consideration our case, it was chosen to build hotel complex according to private project on the own land.

In this case organization schemes seems to be the following:

· Getting the area and building permission;

· Project development;

· building;

· making interior design;

· complex opening.


There are no complexes which are not let to be settled, but there are complexes which don’t correspond their price and service quality. That’s why one of the best places in this region in close vicinity to ski resort Bukovel was selected and purchased. The main point is to know your direct consumer, i. e. answer the following question: who (what population category) is able to pay such room in the hotel complex? The hotel must be able to take both clients types; middle+ and VIP quests. Middle+ clients are settled in the complex rooms, but VIP guests are settled in cottages.

There is a permanent need to calculate settling percent and resort service expenditures in order to keep track of events happening in the hotel.

If settling is high (70% and higher) revenue from such additional service as bar, restaurants, sauna, steam baths, pool, treatment procedures, conference hall rent, etc. is increased.

High-qualified management tends to be +30%-40% of hotel’s revenue.




The restaurant with events hall for 40 persons and stylized VIP-zones for 10-15 persons will be located in the area. Also there are summerhouses for 4-6 persons. One of the buildings will locate hotel for 34 comfortable rooms with SPA service and conference hall for running corporate events for 40 persons.  The rooms in hotel are divided into “standard” (24) and “lux” (10). Besides that, the complex area will locate 5 cottages. Each of the cottages will contain 6 persons and private SPA-pools.

Hotel complex will provide full range of services for additional payment: sauna, steam baths, SPA, treatment procedures, sports ground, ping-pong field, pools, billiard, Ropes Park, bicycles and Quadra cycles hire. Kid room and special playing ground will be worked for children. Skiing gear hire will be arranged in winter season.



Visitors categories

Families Families with children having average revenue level, who follow healthy lifestyle, appreciate rest at nature, comfort and worthy service.
Young people People who want to have a rest on fresh air, , to abstract themselves from day-to-day routine and enjoy nature beauty. Young active people, who like conversation and funny leisure time.
Audiences having separate interest        Yoga-groups and groups with other interests
Business audience Companies, organizing corporate events, meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.   
Age 22-65 years


· Restaurant (40 per., VIP-zones – 10-15 per.)

· Hotel ( 24 “standard” rooms and 10 “lux” rooms)

· Cottages with Jacuzzi – 5 pc.

· Conference hall containing 40 per.

· SPA, steam baths, sauna

· Pool

· Ropes Park, sskiing gear bicycles and Quadra cycles hire

One of the greatest advantages is year-round seasonality providing additional service: ski – in winter, bicycles – in summer.

There is a forest next to the complex, where you can find bicycles track.

Guided tours and mountains hikes will be organized for guests of the complex.


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