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Any business success is known to be depended on its correct organization. Hotel business is not an exception that's why  institutional structure will influence all the enterprise indexes. In order to serve clients in a good way hotel must have perfect system for service providing. Different hotel specializations will have special aspects in its institutional structure, but each organization form must secure each important function. Besides that, extremely important factor is to harmonize activity in all hotel departments.  

BIG, MEDIUM AND SMALL ENTERPRICES can be different in institutiona structure. But anyway we need to control crucial service in order to have successful work.  

Small enterprise doesn’t’t need to have own department for working with staff: this functions may be done by department chief.

All the staff belong to separate hotel department and have their obligations.

CEO carries questions regarding strategic planning.

Administration obligation is to improve guests’ service. The functions:

1. To assess rooms capacity;

2. To calculate average income (one night and one rooms)

3. To take into account collective claims for nearest month

4. To look through coming and leaving guests;

5. Просмотреть список важных гостей и подготовить бумаги для регистрации;

6. Take part in organizational meetings

7. To check working schedule

8. To provide instruction about client service


Chief accountant analyses business activity results

Public catering service secures guests service in the restaurant, bar, solves problems regarding banquets organizing..

Logistics manager is reliable for products and raw materials purchase, its storage and account

Additional services (guards, chambermaid) secure complex works, offering laundry cleaning services.

Each co-worker must know his functions perfectly but he must understand also which way his work cooperates with another departments. It is important for CEO to compare this scheme with the service hotel provides – this will help him to make correct conclusion about department usability.


Due to the fact that the hotel belongs to service sphere, the working hours for staff are from 9.00. to 20.00. Serving staff will have shifts.

There are some requirements to the workers due to type of described works:  

Administrator – high education with WE in service sphere.  

Chief accountant - high economic education, possibility to work with modern programs.

Cook – 5th category

Barmen – middle education, WE

Waiter – skill to work in service sphere, need to know languages.

PERSONAL HIRE WILL BE PROVIDED ON COMPETITION BASIS according to their private features and work experience. We plan to estimate their work each month and award good workers.




№№ Account cost Amount , U AH
1 . Project work 12 5 000 ,00     (5000$)
2 . 2 complexes building 3 500 000 ,00 (140000$)
3. Design and interior 1000 000,00 (40000$)
4. Equipment and furniture purchase 1 500 000,00 (60000$)
5. Area modification 125 000,00   (5000$)
6. Total (2 complexes):   6250000,00 (250000$)



№№ Account cost Amount , U AH
1. Service ( signalizing , Internet , telephone, electricity)   28 000,00
2 . Salary budget 170 000,00
3. Taxes 37 4 00,00
4. Advertising and promotion 10 000,00
5. Laundry 15000,00
6. Other expenditures 5 000,00
7. Total amount 270 000,00 (11000$)

Project works:

· Graphic design

· Working design

· Interior

· Engineer calculations


Major hotel equipment :


· Furniture from natural wood which will serve in long term period – beds and double beds, bedside chest, mirrors, tables, chairs, sofas. Take to consideration reception design.

· Computer equipment for reception and “lux” rooms.

· Cooling equipment and mini bar equipment and bar design.

· Laundry equipment, ability to do laundry for guests every day – irons, washing machines and other equipment.

· Kitchen equipment;

· Bathroom equipment: shower cabin, hangers, white robes, green and blue ceramic tile, liquid soap, glasses, shampoos, soap, bathrooms (in light colors);

· Cleaning equipment: vacuum cleaner, push broom.

· Mechanical dust-collecting devices



Staff schedule for administrative-institutional personal


Position Quantity Salary, UAH Annual payroll taxes, UAH
CEO 1 25000 (1000$) 300000 (12000$)
Administrator 4 32000 (1280$) 384000 (15360$)
Chief accountant 1 8000 (320$) 96000 (3840$)
Cook 2 20000 (800$) 240000 (9600$)
Junior cook 2 10000 (400$) 120000 (4800$)
Barmen 2 10000 (400$) 120000 (4800$)
Waiter 4 16000 (640$) 192000 (7680$)
Chamvermaid 4 12000 (480$) 144000 (5760$)
Logistics manager 1 8000 (320$) 96000 (3840$)
Guard 3 9000 (360$) 108000 (4320$)
Bath attendant 4 20000 (800$) 240000 (9600$)
Total 28 170000 (6220$) 2040000 (74640$)



Financial plan



In order to create 2 hotel complexes we need funds for building, its repair and equipment, getting HIS and fire fight permission as well as expenditures cover during first year.


Expenditures for 2 complexes opening:,00 U AH или 250000$




It is really practice to set prices upper than medium market prices but a little lower than other hotels’ prices which have been working for long period. гостиниц, работающих на рынке продолжительный период времени.

Competition environment is crucial; this influences pricing. Expenditures will be changed while pricing. There are expenditures for building, staff keeping nad accountant.

We are focusing not on the lowest prices but high-quality service and uniqueness.

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