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I . Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу личными, притяжательными или возвратными местоимениями:

1. Doctors advise us that we have to exercise regularly in order to keep … healthy.

2. Goods get into the hands of those who really want … .

3. It was rather useful to exchange views; for us to hear theirs and for … to hear … .

4. Just between you and …, i think mr. Wilson is going to lose … job.

5. Microeconomics studies the economy from the perspective of … individual participants.

6. Mr. Lewis has only … to blame for the mistake he made.

7. My boss congratulated … heartily on … promotion.

8. Scarcity is the imbalance between … desires and the means of satisfying … .

9. We need employees who are willing to exercise … own initiative.

10. Will you give … best regards to mr. Bradley and tell … i hope to see … next month?


Ii . Заполните пропуски местоимениями some / any / no или их производными:

1. … theory is a simplification of actual relationships.

2. Do you have … else to ask me while i’m here?

3. … analysts are saying that the crisis will continue for … time.

4. I am enclosing … information about our new range of products.

5. … has … against your suggestion.

6. We’ve had … complaints about our services.

7. … has ever had any trouble with this equipment.

8. I have absolutely … idea what he wants.

9. There was hardly … in the office when i arrived.

10. … manager will tell you that good organization is important.

11. Unfortunately, we haven’t got … components in stock.

12. We advise you that … items were supplied in increased quantities.

13. I think there is … point in wasting … more time on this issue.

14. When scarcity exists we must sacrifice … of value to obtain any scarce goods or services.

15. Where can i find a good job with plenty of money and no work? – … .

Iii. Заполните пропуски местоимениями many / much / a lot of / little / few / a little / a few :

1. His work is well-paid but doesn’t give him … satisfaction.

2. … decisions are made without … thought.

3. I’ve had very … success with my job applications.

4. The size of the deficit was … surprising.

5. As she has very … colleagues she works mostly on her own.

6. He worked hard but achieved … .

7. His deputy has very … initiative and always waits to be told what to do.

8. I’ve got … minutes to spare so we can continue our talk.

9. Miss maple’s work leaves … room for improvement.

10. Only … people knew it was our boss’s anniversary.

11. The salary is negotiable, so how … do you think i should ask for?

12. There are only … companies operating in our market niche.

13. We stock … spare parts in the warehouse.

14. You’ll have to work at this project as … as possible.

15. There was … disagreement over the proposal.


Iv . Заполните пропуски местоимениями both / either / neither / none :

1. … of his opponents spoke at the board meeting yesterday.

2. He’s studying … economics and management at university.

3. They put forward various proposals but … of them was accepted.

4. It is regrettable that … of the two candidates really impressed the personnel manager.

5. … of my assistants knew how to fulfil the task.

6. Miss barrows received two job offers; … of which she accepted.

7. They arrived at the solution that was to the mutual satisfaction of … sides.

8. Mr. Kirsten is engaged in several business ventures. … of them is profitable.

9. The company paid … of its invoices.

10. Which of these samples would you prefer? – … will do.


V. Заполните пропуски местоимениями each / every / everything / everybody / all / whole:

1. The belarusian state economic university is provided with … modern facilities.

2. … formal meetings are a waste of time in his opinion.

3. The accountant keeps a record of … financial transaction.

4. … item of the agenda needs to be carefully discussed.

5. As soon as … arrived, the chairman began the meeting.

6. … of the senior directors will give a short presentation.

7. The productive potential for an economy can’t be used to do … for … .

8. … offer must be submitted together with … the supporting documentation.

9. The members of the conference were … given copies of the regulations.

10. … one of the participants has now given me their replies.

11. I accept … that was said in the meeting.

12. … that he said was not to worry.

13. Check the delivery note and see that you’ve got … .

14. … time we make a choice we forgo an opportunity.

15. They spent the … day packing for their business trip.

Vi. Заполните пропуски местоимениями another / other / others / the other / the others:

1. … large item of expenditure in this country is education.

2. Some people are lazy, … are energetic. Most people are a mixture of both.

3. In … four years bob will have qualified as an accountant.

4. Mr. Danny and mr. Fee welcomed each … heartily.

5. Nissan, toyota and … japanese car manufacturers may be forced to lower their prices.

6. Only six of my colleagues turned up at the farewell party. All … guests had to go somewhere else.

7. Some of my assistants were preparing the report, while … were dealing with the mail.

8. The bank manager has agreed to lend me … $2,000.

9. There has been … directive from the head office about absenteeism.

10. We have considered some … locations and none is really suitable.

Vii. Выберите правильный вариант :

1. The office is empty. There’s (nobody / anybody) here except me.

2. (each / every) candidate will be interviewed individually.

3. Could you help me to sort out these letters? I cannot tell which are (your / yours) and which are (our / ours).

4. Everyone (has / have) to meet in the lobby at nine o’clock to collect (his / their) conference registration forms.

5. We sent sales letters to all our customers, but (neither / none) replied!

6. He had only (a few / few) problems in his exam even though he had done only (little / a little) work for it.

7. I can’t see (no / any) solution to the problem, i’m afraid.

8.  (each / every) manager and (all / whole) their deputies will be invited to submit suggestions for the new product line.

9. In view of (all / everything) this, we must delay a final decision.

10. No one (like / likes) to discover hidden costs, (does he / do they)?

11. We think that (many / much) of the candidates had not really read the job requirements.

12. You’d better read through the (all / whole) contract before signing it.

13. (no one / someone) likes to bear the responsibility for crucial decisions.

14. Ok, i think that covers (all / everything) on that point. Shall we move on?

15. So (these / that) are our objectives and (that / they) concludes my short talk.

16. The figures in this spreadsheet don’t correspond to the ones on the invoices. We have to check (everyone / every one).

17. Not (a lot / many) people voted for him; he is not popular.

18. The flight and hotel are booked. (all / everything) is organised.

19. I (felt / felt myself) quite nervous at the beginning of the presentation, but after (a few / few) minutes i (relaxed / relaxed myself).

20. The key account managers (each / every) have their own list of clients.

21. I see that (all / everybody) has a copy of the agenda, so let’s begin the meeting.

22. There are (few / little) companies functioning in our market niche and even (fewer / less) which we consider our real rivals.

23. We have considered (all / whole) the options and (none / neither) is really suitable.

24. (each / every) of the candidates was given a questionnaire before the interview.

25. We have to pay our telephone bill (each / every) three months.

26. I’m sorry, but the personnel manager is busy. Would you mind waiting for (him / his)?

27. We’re not close to our destination yet – we have (another / other) six miles to go.

28. Will you cancel (all / whole) my engagements for the rest of the week, please?

29. Your two colleagues introduced (themselves / each other) to me yesterday. First i met mr. Black, and then i met mr. Smith.

30. (each our customers / our customers each) have a separate file on the database.

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