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Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из прошедших времён:

1. I already (hear) the latest news before he (communicate) it to me.

2. At the time i (be) twenty-one i (study) english for three years.

3. By the time he (find) what he wanted he (waste) all his personal savings.

4. Fred (not give) any explanation why he (be) late for work.

5. He (keep) his job although the manager (threaten) to dismiss him several times.

6. I (send) her an e-mail just to see how things (go).

7. When we (get) to the airport, we (hear) that they (cancel) all the flights.

8. I always (suspect) that the contract (not be) lawful.

9. My colleague (read) a book in management while i (look) through some economic magazines.

10. Pollyanna (confess) that she (make) an error and (apologize).

11. She (start) writing the introduction to the quarterly report after she (clarify) some points.

12. Susie was upset as she (not manage) to prepare for her english exam.

13. The chairman’s main fault was that he constantly (interrupt) the speakers before they (finish).

14. Their share price (rise) steadily before the merger was announced.

15. They (close down) the factory because it (yield) losses for years.

16. We (make) a careful study of the provisional agreement before we (sign) the contract.

17. When i (get) back after lunch, my secretary (tell) me that somebody (phone) when i (be) out.

18. I (not see) the figures before the meeting, so it (put) me at a disadvantage during the discussion.

19. The head of sales (explain) his proposal to the board of directors when the marketing director (interrupt) him.

20. Our company operates all over belarus. We (set up) new branches in moscow and kiev last year.

21. When the consultant finally (arrive), everyone was rather annoyed with him as he was late and we (wait) for a very long time.

22. Before miss wong (become) mr. Harris’s personal assistant she already (work) in the company for five years.

23. As soon as i (speak) to the customer, i (realize) there had been a misunderstanding.

24. The seller (send) us an apologetic letter explaining why they (not do) what they (promise).

25. While i (negotiate) the contract, my boss (phone) me to say that i should insist on absolutely different terms.

Формы будущего времени

I . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. I think jane (will get / is getting) the job. She has a lot of experience.

2. Ann isn’t free on saturday. She (will work / is working).

3. I can’t meet you tomorrow afternoon. (i’m having / i’ll have) business lunch with our perspective customers.

4. They (will have moved / will be moving) to their new office by january.

5. Tomorrow (i’ll interview / i’ll be interviewing) candidates all morning.

6. When the contract (is / will be) ready, i’ll let you know.

7. (i’m seeing / i’ll see) the chief executive on tuesday. It was arranged last week. – i wonder if he (will recognise / recognises) you. You haven’t seen him for over a year.

8. I’ve just checked your flight details. Your plane for tokyo (leaves / is leaving) at 9 p.m. – can you find out what time the airport bus (leaves / will be leaving)?

9.  remember to give her the faxes when she (comes back / will come back). – ok. I (am not going to forget / won’t forget).

10. I don’t want to go to that official reception alone. (are you coming / will you come) with me?

Ii . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. Their new advertising campaign probably … .

a. Will succeed                                                                    c. Will have succeeded

b. Will be succeeding                                                          d. Is succeeding

2. Have you seen the financial statement yet? – no, but i … at home this evening so i can study it then.

a. Stay                             b. Will stay                             c. Am staying                          d. Will have stayed

3. Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you … .

a. Are leaving                  b. Leave                                  c. Will leave                            d. Is going to leave

4. Can i have the detailed account about the company’s activities this afternoon? – i don’t think i … it by then.

a. Will be finishing                                                              c. Will have been finishing

b. Will finish                                                                       d. Will have finished

5. I’ve just been to the council meeting. It looks like they … a new shopping centre in our town.

a. Will be building                                                               c. Will built

b. Are going to build       d. Will have built

6. As soon as you … mrs. Minks tomorrow, could you ask her to ring me up?

a. Will see                       b. See                                      c. Saw                                     d. Would see

7. We can’t send the goods until we … a firm order.

a. Receives                      b. Will receive                         c. Don’t receive                      d. Have received

8. Unless they … more reasonable, we’ll have to break off the negotiations.

a. Aren’t                         b. Will be                                c. Are                                      d. Won’t be

9. The stuff didn’t know if the time-table for the following week … changed.

a. Has been                     b. Will have been                    c. Would be                            d. Was being

10. By the time all the papers are ready, the deadline … .

a. Will pass                     b. Passes                                 c. Will have passed                 d. Has passed

11. Do you know what time … ?

a. Does the conference finish  c. The conference will finish

b. The conference finishes      d. Is the conference finishing

12. Have the management made plans to review salaries? – they … salaries as usual in the end-of-year review.

a. Will look at                                                                     c. Is going to look at

b. Will be looking at                                                            d. Will have looked at

13. Don’t phone me tonight. I … for my english exam.

a. Will study                                                                     c. Study 

b. Will be studying                                                              d. Will have studied

14. We’re late. The meeting … by the time we get to the office.

a. Will already start                                                             c. Will already have started

b. Will be already starred                                                    d. Have started

15. … to the stationer’s later? If so, could you buy a bundle of a4 paper for me?

a. Are you going                                                                 c. Will you go

b. Have you gone                                                                d. Will you be going


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