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Iii . Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в одном из настоящих или будущих времён:

1. By the end of the year mr. Greenshaw (work) in this company for 5 months.

2. Did you post that letter for me? – oh, i’m sorry. I completely forgot. I (do) it right now.

3. I (see) nick tomorrow, so i can give him your message

4. Do you think you still (do) the same job in ten years’ time?

5. When we (get) back to minsk we (travel) for nine days.

6. We (repay) the bank loan by september.

7. I (let) you know as soon as i (finish) the statement analysis.

8. The manufacturers guarantee that customers (be) gratified with this product.

9. If you need to contact me, i (stay) at the hilton hotel until friday.

10. In the future video-conferences probably (replace) many international meetings.

11. Mr. Stanton (not be) satisfied until he (be) promoted to the chief executive’s position.

12. I’m not expecting any messages, but if someone (to ring) while i (be) out, could you say that i (to be) back at 6 o’clock?

13. By the time i (qualify) i (study) management for five years.

14. Next year (be) the company’s centenary year.

15. Prices (go up) if the exchange rate (change). What you (do) if that (happen)?

16. Sue has applied for the job but she isn’t qualified for it. I (be) surprised if she (get) it.

17. Supposing the marketing campaign (not be) a success. What we (do)?

18. The board meeting (begin) at 9.30 or 10.30?

19. The international trade exhibition (open) on 9 april and (finish) on 1 may.

20. Tom is on holiday and he is spending his money very quickly. If he continues like this, he (spend) all his money before the end of his holiday.

21. Don’t phone me between 7 and 8. I (prepare) the annual report then.

22. We (have) our weekly meeting tomorrow instead of thursday next week.

23. When we (have) notice from the manufacturers, we (inform) you that the goods (be) in stock.

24. Will you ask mr. Black if his company (take part) in the exhibition next month?

25. You (not be) able to enter the teaching block if you (not have) your identity card.


I . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. I am studying management at the belarusian state economic university, and so … my colleague.

a. Is                                b. Does                                   c. Was                                     d. Were

2. My subordinates usually … five days a week, and this week they … six days.

a. Work; work                                                                    c. Are working; are working

b. Are working; work                                                          d. Work; are working

3. When mr. Lyndon arrived, the managing director … lunch, but stopped in order to talk to him.

a. Was having                 b. Had                                     c. Were having                        d. Had been having

4. The company … for office managers now.

a. Advertised                  b. Has advertised                    c. Was advertised                    d. Is advertising

5. Don’t worry … late tonight.

a. If i’ll be                     b. If i am                                 c. When i’ll be                        d. If i be

6. What time … the accident …?

a. Did; happen                b. Has; happened                    c. Had; happened                    d. Was; happening

7. I … a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare for the exam.

a. Will have                   b. Am having                          c. Have                                   d. Would have

8. We had many difficulties but we … them.

a. Have overcome           b. Overcame                           c. Had overcome                     d. Will overcome

9. At 9 a.m. On tuesday the public relations manager … the delegation in the office.

a. Will receive                                                                     c. Will be receiving

b. Is receiving                                                                     d. Would receive

10. I … always … if the service is bad in restaurants.

a. –; complain                                                                     c. Will; be complaining

b. Am; complaining                                                            d. Will; complain

11. At first i thought i … the right thing, but i soon realized that i … a serious mistake.

a. Did; made                                                                       c. Have done; have made

b. Had done; had made   d. Did; had made

12. This … the third time i … you one and the same question.

a. Has been; asked                                                              c. Is; am asking

b. Is; have asked                                                                 d. Has been; had asked

13. Next week kate mckenna … to the usa on business.

a. Is going                       b. Is going to go                      c. Goes                                   d. Will go

14. How long … you … here? – since i graduated from the university.

a. Have been working     c. Did work 

b. Had worked                                                                    d. Do work

15. I … agricultural fairs a lot, but i don’t any more.

a. Was used to attend                                                          c. Was attending

b. Used to attending                                                            d. Used to attend

16. … you … the bank when you go out? I need to top up my mobile account.

a. Will; have passed        c. Will; be passing

b. Do; pass                                                                         d. Are; passing

17. The economic situation is already very bad and it … worse.

a. Is getting                     b. Gets                                    c. Got                                      d. Would be getting

18. He is broke. He … all his money into some hoity-toity business.

a. Put                              b. Has put                               c. Had put                               d. Puts

19. I think it … a hard time for our enterprise.

a. Is going to be              b. Will be                                c. Have been                           d. Had been

20. Everything is going well. We … any problems so far, fortunately.

a. Didn’t have                 b. Weren’t having                   c. Haven’t had                        d. Don’t have

21. We … a lot of orders from other firms at this price and more orders … now.

a. Have got; are coming                                                      c. Got; came

b. Get; will come                                                                 d. Got; are coming

22. The participants … the matter before the chairman … .

a. Will be discussing; will come                                          c. Will have discussed; comes

b. Will discuss; come      d. Discuss; will come

23. It … an invention which … the foundations of modern information technology.

a. Was; laid                                                                         c. Had been; lied

b. Has been; lies                                                                 d. Is; has been lying

24. I … the chief executive himself today, but i … to his deputy.

a. Didn’t see; spoke        c. Don’t see; speak

b. Haven’t seen; have spoken                                             d. Didn’t see; have spoken

25. I … ill since i … up this morning.

a. Am feeling; got                                                               c. Feel; have got

b. Had felt; have got        d. Have been feeling; got

26. She … promoted because she … a lot of good work.

a. Has got; is doing         c. Had got; has done

b. Got; had done                                                                 d. Got; was doing

27. By next summer you … english for two years.

a. Will study                                                                       c. Will have been studying

b. Have studied                                                                   d. Are studying

28. She … at the parcel long-enough, before she … that it was for her boss.

a. Had been looking; had understood                                 c. Was looking; understood

b. Had been looking; understood                                        d. Was looking; had understood

29. He … through advertising brochures when i … the room yesterday.

a. Had been looking; entered                                              c. Was looking; entered

b. Looked; had entered                                                       d. Was looking; was entering

30.  after we … the specimens of your products, we came to the conclusion that they … our requirements.

a. Had examined; met                                                         c. Have examined; meets

b. Examined; had met                                                         d. Had examined; meet


Страдательный залог

I . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. The belarusian state economic university (has been founded / was founded) in 1933.

2. Highly qualified specialists (are trained / are being trained) at numerous departments of the belarusian state economic university.

3. The material base of the university (had been restored / was restored) by the end of the 1950s.

4. Another date for the meeting (will be set / will being set) next week.

5. At present our company (is being reorganized / is reorganizing).

6. Further information can (be obtained / being obtained) from your immediate superior.

7. I hope the papers (will have received / will have been received) by tomorrow afternoon.

8. New software (was installed / has been installed) on my pc yesterday.

9. She (was appointed / appointed) head of the information systems department two months ago.

10. Why (has he given / has he been given) a promotion?

Ii . Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. The papers … by the managing director yet. He is on a business trip.

a. Haven’t been signed                                                       c. Haven’t signed

b. Aren’t signed                                                                  d. Weren’t signed

2. The details of the deal … at the board meeting now.

a. Are finalised                                                                   c. Have been finalised

b. Are being finalised                                                         d. Are finalising

3. A new government … to overcome the economic slump.

a. Formed                       b. Has formed                         c. Was formed                        d. Have been formed

4. Promotional gifts … at the presentation.

a. Is handed out                                                                 c. Has been handed out

b. Will be handed out                                                         d. Have handed out

5. A discount may … to make a consumer pay immediately.

a. Have been offered                                                          c. Will be offered

b. Is offered                                                                       d. Be offered

6. The stock exchange … twice a day.

a. Is monitored                                                                   c. Has monitored

b. Were monitored                                                              d. Will monitored

7. The mail … yet.

a. Hasn’t received                                                              c. Wasn’t received

b. Hadn’t been received                                                      d. Hasn’t been received

8. To improve the effectiveness of marketing strategy a market … into separate definable elements.

a. Has split                                                                         c. Is split

b. Splits                                                                              d. Has been split

9. This model is of a new design and only a few units … so far.

a. Have been manufactured                                                c. Are manufactured

b. Were manufactured                                                        d. Had manufactured

10. The financial status of an enterprise … in its financial account.

a. Is reflected                                                                     c. Is being reflected

b. Has reflected                                                                  d. Was being reflected

11. The project … within the framework of the agreement.

a. Will build                                                                       c. Will be built

b. Will have been built                                                        d. Are built

12. The talks … from 2 till 3 p.m. Yesterday.

a. Were being held                                                              c. Had been held

b. Were held                                                                       d. Have held

13. When an individual or a company borrows money from a bank, the money must … back by a specific date.

a. To pay                                                                            c. Being paid

b. Be paid                                                                           d. Have been paid

14. He told me not to worry as the letter … by 6 o'clock.

a. Will have been sent                                                        c. Will be sent

b. Has been sent                                                                 d. Would have been sent

15. The contract was signed after the terms of payment and delivery … .

a. Are discussed                                                                 c. Were discussed

b. Have been discussed                                                      d. Had been discussed

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