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Причастия и независимый причастный оборот: упражнения


  1. Designers and drafters (чертежник) are using the computer as a tool.
  2. The computer system shopping (to shop – брать данные) from function menu, specifies points, constructs the lines and figures.
  3. Interactive graphic is an important component of CAD/CAM providing a "window" through which the computer can be reached and observed.
  4. The signal is sent to the computer, which determines the screen location being illuminated at the time the signal is generated.
  5. Computers designed to serve one limited specific purpose are called special-purpose computers.
  6. The screen glows (светиться) to produce a visible trace when excited by impinging (сталкиваться) electrons.
  7. Color adds to the amount of information stored in memory.
  8. The compatibility (совместимость) of chips and chip families made by different manufacturers varies widely.
  9. At the first level of hierarchy are the microprocessors chips representing the large-scale integration of individual electronic devices: transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors.

10. Microprocessors being programmable logic systems, they can be adapted to serve various job functions each of which previously required individually designed circuit.

  1. The PROM is supplied by integrated circuit manufacturer, all cells assuming to logic 1 state.



12. Technically, a database is an electronic organization of data and information organized and maintained by a database management system.

13. Since much of the organization data are placed into the database, the processing time required to access the database must be carefully evaluated.

14. Only when combined with a production system, intelligent robots will be fully used as helpers for economic and productivity increase.

15. During the last years integrated circuit technology is especially impressive (значительный) when viewed in terms of cost decrease.

16. The time-response history (временная характеристика) being known, complete detection and stress information can be obtained for specific times.

17. Integration techniques being improved, higher transistor became possible with faster speed and more reliability.

18. An analysis of the microprocessor logic behaviour in the presence of these faults allows determining test algorithms, each algorithm being designed for detecting particular class of faults.



Герундий: упражнения


  1. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Drafting involves using the computer as a tool in making, checking, correcting and revising original drawings.
  2. The computer can be used for converting a rough sketch into a finished working drafting, for producing numerical control, process control.
  3. Selecting one type over the other is almost always a trade-off (выбор) between the cost of the machine and computational speed it can handle.
  4. Real picture can be "photographed" into the computer system by being scanned by a digital camera.
  5. Determining the best output device for a particular CAD/CAM application is a three-step process: 1) specifying how hardcopies (копии на твердой основе) will be used; 2) identifying quality and cost criteria and 3) selecting equipment most suited for the application.
  6. In order to communicate with such a minimal system the user needs also a simple device capable of displaying or recording the computer output.
  7. A common method of transferring large blocks of data between a computer and a peripheral device is called a direct memory access.
  8. The problem of converting analog electrical signals into precise digital equipment is most often solved by using an analog-to-digital converter.
  9. Personal computers with their standard 16-bit processors have an advantage of being able to run (обслуживать) a substantial amount of software such as programs for word processing.



Инфинитив: упражнения


  1. To find the mass of the electron was then of prime importance.
  2. To be fully effective control must start with the production of raw materials.
  3. To improve the automatic system the engineers had to make numerous experiments.
  4. To improve the accuracy of automatic supervision means to expand its usefulness.
  5. To supervise manufacturing process is of great importance for every industry.
  6. To supervise manufacturing process the engineers have to study all kinds of disturbances influencing the production run.
  7. To pick (брать) the product parts requires high robot repeatability accuracy.
  8. To transfer the product parts the movements of the robot must be as quick as possible.
  9. The problem to consider next is concerned with classification of supervisory systems.
  10. It was the first significant factor to be studied.
  11. The method to be followed is based upon some peculiar properties of these rays.
  12. There was only one signal to be detected.
  13. There is only finite number of waves to characterize electronic states.
  14. Attractive forces make molecules collide.


  1. The central processing unit carries out program instructions to perform operations on data.
  2. The task is to set up (установить) robotized complexes and flexible productions capable of transferring easily and quickly to an output of new goods (изделия).
  3. Artificial intelligence and robotics are actually in their infancy, but they promise a lot of useful things to do.
  4. Lasers work with program interactively to synthesize logic functions and produce functional designs.
  5. The technology to support the development of microprocessor has grown significantly and has made possible to include larger number of devices on a single piece of silicon.
  6. The first option (вариант) to be selected by the system designer is the use of the type of processor technology.
  7. A practical aspect to be considered is power plant production control.
  8. The user specifies the protocol to be used in a program in a microprocessor unit.
  9. The choice of methods depends on the peripheral, the access time of the memory involved and the size of the data block to be transferred.
  10. There is a choice to be made between hardware designed especially for the particular application and general purpose microcomputer card which requires the minimum of special logic.
  11. There were many additional problems to be overcome to implement the smaller bubble films (магнитная лента) for 1-Mbit devices.
  12. To create the model the interactive terminal screen is usually divided into sections showing various views of the model.
  13. An expert system is a computer program which deals with a specialized field requiring some expertise to provide solutions to problems and/or to give advice.
  14. One purpose of processing the image may be to count all the objects in an area, another may be to describe them, the third may be to determine their exact location, the fourth – to find all kinds of irregularities that can put different problems.


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