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Translate the following word combinations into Russian and illustrate them in sentences or situations.

a) Odd shoes, an odd choice, to do odd jobs, odd conduct, at odd moments, odd bits of information, odds and ends, 8 pounds odd, 20 years odd, an odd person, an odd thing to say, odd money, odd months, odd player, odd houses, odd and even, odd-come shortly, at odds, over odds.


b) To shake hands; to shake oneself free; to shake one's head; to shake one's side; to shake with fear; to give smb. a shake; in a brace of shake; all of a shakeshaky; shaker.


5. Translate these sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the italicized words and word-combination.

a) I like the way the doctor treats the child. Do you like the way she wears her hat? I don't like the way you speak to me. The teacher didn't like the way the children behaved in class. You like the way the work.

b) 1. What makes you think he knows the truth? – Everything. His look. The way he talked at dinner. 2. She smiled in that charming way of hers. 3. He spoke on one note. It gave Kitty the impression that he was speaking from a long way off. 4. He had particularly congratulated us on the way we had done the difficult job. 5. I didn’t know what way to look. 6. I really can’t get used to the new ways. 7. Is that the way you feel towards us? 8. She threw my slippers into my face. She behaved in the most outrageous way. 9. Isabel didn’t want to stand in Larry’s way. 10. Sophie pushed her way through the dancers and we lost sight of her in the crowd. 11. I made way for him to go up the stairs. 12. Suzanne’s mother could hardly live on her pension with prices the way they were. 13. They had been to Chartres and were on their way back to Paris. 14. I saw the waiter threading his way through the tables. 15. The room had a narrow iron bed and by way of furniture only the barest necessities. 16. She used to live in a great (small) way.

6. Choose the right word.

after all – at all

1. Don’t be so hard on her. She is a child …. 2. Is there anything … I can do for you? 3. Mabel did get married …. 4. He is not … what you believe him to be.

shake – tremble – shiver

1. The old man looked shocked and his hands were …. 2. He … to think of what would happen when he got home. 3. Put on something warm! You are … with cold. 4. He … with fear.

Through - in - across

1. ... the smoky window he could hardly make out a road running ... the woods. 2. Just ... the river there was an ancient bridge built may be a thousand years ago. 3. I'll be there ... five minutes. 4. They walked ... the gate and stopped at the monument. 5. ... a moment everything will be over. 6. You can see a bus stop ... the street.

To look - to glance -to stare

1.What are you ... at? 2. He can ... as much as he likes; it doesn't get on my nerves. 3. Tracy stood in front of the window... at the window. 4.  only ...at his face and saw at once that he was ill. 5. This girl is really pretty, but stop ... at her like that. 6. She ... quickly over her shoulders.

ache – pain(ful) – hurt

- What … you?

- I can’t say I feel any sharp … in some definite place, I just … all over.

- Does it … you to move your arms, legs, or head?

- My head … all the time, it … me to look at the light and each movement is ….

- Well, I must examine you. Don’t be afraid, it won’t be ….

- But doctor, each touch gives me ….

- Well, try and take it easy.

 I’m _______you’re mistaken. A criminal always lives in ________ of being arrested. She screamed in _______ and jumped away from the snake. Lizbeth made a _______ face and pretended her hands were scratching claws. (to be afraid of, a fear, a dread, scary)         

       These steppes _______ to the South for miles. The path ______ across the field for a mile and then lost in the forest. He _______and adjusted until things were as comfortable as they would get. The ugly scar ________ right across the man’s left cheek. (to stretch, to run)

Derive adjectives from the nouns below as in Models 1 and 2 and use them with suitable nouns.

Model 1: spot – spotless, e. g. a spotless house

father, hope, blame, heart, sense, fault, rest, brain, shame, tree

Model 2 : gloom – gloomy, e. g. a gloomy place

rain, prospect, mud, dust, bush, jerk, dirt, jump, filth, mess

Say what can you make people do? How can you make people laugh, cry?

Fill in prepositions.

The room was filled ...the smell of roses.

...the open door came the distant sounds of the London streets.

... the centre ... the room stood a portrait of an extraordinarily beautiful young man. Sitting a little distance ... front ... it was the artist himself, Basil Hallward. As the painter looked ... the portrait, he smiled.

'I don't think I shall send it anywhere,' the painter answered, moving his head ... that odd way that used to make his friends laugh ... him at Oxford University.

Lord Henry looked ... him ... surprise ... the thin blue smoke of his cigarette. 'I know you will laugh ... me,' Basil replied, 'but I really can't exhibit it. I have put too much of myself into it.'

Lord Henry stretched himself ... ... the sofa and laughed.

 It is better not to be different ...other people.

'Dorian Gray? Is that his name?' asked Lord Henry, walking ...the room towards Basil Hallward.

'Not ... all,' answered Lord Henry, 'not... all, my dear Basil. You forget that I am married, so my life is full ... secrets.

'I believe you are really a very good husband, but that you are ashamed ... it.

Lord Henry laughed and the two men went ... ...the garden together. After a pause, Lord Henry pulled ... his watch. 'I am afraid I have to go, Basil,' he said ... a quiet voice

'Harry,' said Basil Hallward, looking him straight ... the face, 'every portrait that is painted ... feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter.

Lord Henry smiled and picked a flower ... grass. 'I am quite sure I'll understand it,' he replied, staring ...the flower,' and I can believe anything.'

 After I had been in the room ...about ten minutes, I suddenly realized that someone was looking ... me. I turned around and saw Dorian Gray ... the first time.

 Dorian and I both laughed and we became friends ... once.'

'I choose my friends ... their beauty and my enemies ... their intelligence. A man cannot be too careful ... choosing his enemies.

'I don't agree ... a word you have said.

Lord Henry touched his pointed brown beard ... his finger, and the toe of his boot ... his stick.

 An Englishman is only interested ... whether he agrees ... an idea, not whether it is right or wrong.

'He is all my art ... me now,' said the painter. 'I know that the work I have done ... I met Dorian Gray is the best work of my life. ... some strange way his personality has shown me a new kind of art.

Hallward got ... from his seat and walked ... and ... the garden. ...some time he came back.

 ... that reason the world will never see my portrait of Dorian Gray.'

'I think you are wrong, Basil, but I won't argue ...you. Tell me, is Dorian Gray very fond ... you?'

The painter thought ... a few moments.

'Summer days are long, Basil,' said Lord Henry ... a quiet voice.

The painter turned ... his servant. 'Ask Mr Gray to wait, Parker. I will come ... a few moments.'

Don't take ... from me the one person who makes me a true artist.'

'What silly things you say!' said Lord Henry. Smiling, he took Hallward ... the arm and almost led him ... the house.


10. Fill in some, any.

Shopping for groceries isn’t like it used to be. In the past, if you wanted to buy … bread, you had to go to the bakery. If you wanted to buy … meat, you had to go to a butcher shop. A baker didn’t sell … meat and the butcher didn’t sell … bread. Of course, there still … bakeries and butcher shops that sell only baked goods or meat, but most of them have been replaced by supermarkets.

In the past when you went into a butcher shop, you would see sawdust on the floor. You don’t see that … more. You would even see the butcher cutting up your special order. That also isn’t seen … more. Now the meat is wrapped in plastic, weighed, priced, and put on display in a refrigerated counter. If you want something special, you can still talk to the butcher, but you have to ring a bell so he or she will come out from behind the glass walls. It certainly isn’t like it once was. If you wanted … bones for your dog, the butcher was happy to give you … - free! They don’t do it … more, … butchers won’t give you … bones at all; … others will only sell them to you!

Also in the past, if you wanted to buy … coffee, it was ground for you right in the store. This isn’t usually possible … more. You can still get specially ground coffee, but only in special coffee shops in large cities.

In the small towns there used to be what are now called “country stores”. These used to be the only stores in town and you could buy many different things but, unlike in today’s supermarkets, there wasn’t a wide selection to choose from. In … country stores you could sit around the wood stove or the cracker barrel and talk with your neighbors. You can’t do that in … of the supermarkets today. There aren’t … cracker barrels and there isn’t … need for wood stoves. Although there are … country stores that are still open in a few small villages in rural states, large supermarket chains are rapidly replacing them. These supermarkets may make shopping more convenient than before, but there are … disadvantages too. While … supermarkets stay open twenty-four hours a day and they offer a wide choice of different products, few seem to care about friendliness … more, and there isn’t … of the personal service that existed in the past. Most people don’t seem to have … time now to shop leisurely, but personally I wish there were still a country store in my home town.

11. Fill in articles where necessary:

One day ... little girl entered ... baker's shop and asked:

Do you sell ... pies?

Yes, my little girl. What sort of pie would you like?

... cherry pie. How much is it?

... penny.

Please give me one.

I am sorry I have not ... cherry pies today. I have some ... mince pies.

But I want ... cherry pie.

I am sold out.

My mother said you sold ... cherry pies.

Well, so do I, but I am all sold out today.

My mother said if I gave you ... penny you would give me ... cherry pie.

So I would if I had any.

Any what?

... cherry pies.

That's what I want.

But I haven't any. I have ... mince pies, ... apple pies, and ... lemon pies, but no ... cherry pies.

How much do you want for your ... pies?

If I had any, I should let you have as many as you like for ... penny each.

I have ... penny in my hand.

But I haven't any ... cherry pies. I am sold out. Do you understand?

You sold my mother ... cherry pie yesterday for ... penny.

That is so. I had some to sell yesterday, but today I haven't any.

This is ... baker's shop, isn't it?

Of course, it is.

And you sell ... bread and ... cakes and ... pies?

Of course I do.

Then I want ... cherry pie.

... little girl, go home. I shall never have any more cherry pies to sell. Do you hear? Never any more cherry pies!


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