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Match the phrasal verbs underlined in the sentences 1-8 with the definitions a-h below.

1. My brother was always in trouble but he was too honest. If I was in trouble I always denied doing anything wrong and I usually got away with it!

2. When I look back on my childhood, I realize my parents treated me really very fairly.

3. If I ran out of money, I would sometimes ‘borrow’ some from my mother’s purse.

4. Sometimes I wished my dad would just give me a smack. It would have been better than listening to him going on about ‘responsibility’.

5. I can remember the first time I stood up to my dad. He wanted to punish me for coming back after midnight when I was 15 but I just told him I wasn’t a child any longer and he couldn’t tell me what to do.

6. I don’t exactly look down on parents who smack their children, but I do think that they could find other ways of disciplining their children if they really thought about it.

7. I was really badly behaved when I was a teenager but I seemed to grow out of it when I reached my early twenties.

8. I didn’t get into much trouble at school – except for once when I was caught fooling around with some chemicals in a science laboratory.

a. to not run away from, to resist

b. to escape without punishment

c. to consider inferior

d. to think about something in the past

e. to become too old to do something

f. to not have any left

g. to behave irresponsibly

h. to talk about something for a long time and in a boring way

13. Fill in prepositions:

'But it would be absurd for him to marry someone like that.'

Whenever a man does a completely stupid thing, it is always for a good reason.'

It is absurd,' cried the painter, walking up and down the room, biting his lip.

'Dorian Gray falls in love with a beautiful actress who plays Juliet.

I hope that Dorian Gray marries this girl and worships her for six months.

'My dear Harry, my dear Basil, you must both congratulate me!' said the boy, throwing off his coat and shaking each of his friends' hands.

 And yet it seems to me to be the one thing I have been looking for all my life.'

 After, when we were sitting together, there came into her eyes a wonderful look. I can't describe to you what I felt at that moment.'

'At what exact point did you use the word "marry", Dorian?

Lord Henry looked across the table. 'Dorian is never annoyed with me,' he answered.

'And those are... ?' asked Lord Henry, helping himself to some salad.

'Pleasure is the only thing worth having ideas about,' he answered, in his slow, musical voice.

They got up and put on their coats.

When he arrived at the theatre it seemed to Hallward that he had grown years older.

'I understand what you mean, Dorian,' said the painter, 'and I believe in this girl.

In a few minutes you will see the girl who I am going to give my life to.

Yes, she was certainly lovely to look at, Lord Henry thought. Basil Hallward jumped to his feet excitedly. Dorian Gray sat staring at her like he was in a dream.

 I apologize to you both.'

When it was over, Dorian Gray rushed to see Sibyl Vane. The girl was standing there alone, with a look of extraordinary happiness on her face.

 Tonight, for the first time in my life I saw that I was playing at love. Our love for each other is the only true love. Take me away with you, Dorian!

He threw himself down on the sofa, and turned away his face. 'You have killed my love,' he said quietly. Then he jumped up and went to the door.

He pushed her back. 'Don't touch me!' he cried.

 As he passed through the library, he saw the portrait that Basil Hallward had painted of him. He stared at it in surprise and walked on into his bedroom.

He took his coat off and stood next to his bed.

 He would go back to Sibyl Vane, marry her and try to love her again.

He got up from his chair, and covered the portrait. 'How horrible!' he said to himself, and he walked across to the window and opened it.

 When he stepped out on to the grass he took a deep breath.

Grammar: Present Perfect

14. Match the cause with the opposite result:

1. Tom has just had his flue jab,             a. is really hungry.

so he probably

2. Dr Meier has already finished                       b. may get flu.

his interview, so he

3. Dr. Meier hasn't had lunch yet, so he             c. has left the TV studio.

4. Steve hasn't had his jab yet, so he                  d. isn't very hungry.

5. Steve has just had lunch, so he                        e. won't get flu this year.


15. Read these questions and answers from a magazine article. Complete them with the Present Perfect form of the verbs in brackets plus already or yet:

Q: We plan to travel to the rain forest next year. Have they found a malaria vaccine yet?

A: No, they haven't. Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent this disease.

Q: My doctor told me I won't need another smallpox jab. I was surprised. ____________

smallpox completely ____________ (disappear)?

A: _____________, it __________________.

Q: They _____________(develop) vaccines against flu. What about the common cold?

A: No. Because there are so many different cold viruses, they __________ (not to be able) to develop a vaccine ____________.

Q: There has been so much cancer research. ____________ anyone ______________ (make) a successful vaccine ___________?

A: _____________ they ___________. Researches have made a lot of progress in recent years, however.

16. Complete B’s sentences. Use the verb in brackets + just/already/yet        


                           A                                                                          B


1. Would you like to eat something?                        No, thanks. I /just /have /lunch.

2. Do you know where Julia is?                                Yes, I /just /see / her.

3. What time is David leaving?                                 He /already /leave.

4. What’s in the newspaper today?                           I don’t know. I /not / read / it yet.

5. Is Sue coming to the cinema with us?                   No, she /already /see /the film.

6. Are your friends here yet?                                     Yes, they /just /arrive.

7. What does Tim think about your plan?                  We /not /tell /him yet.

17. Read the situation and write sentences with just, already or yet.

1. After lunch you go to see a friend at her house. She says, “Would you like something to eat?” You say: No, thank you. _____________. (have lunch)

2. Joes go out. Five minutes later, the phone rings and the caller says, “Can I speak to Joe?” You say “I’m afraid _______________ . (go out)

3.You are eating in a restaurant. The waiter thinks you have finished and starts to take your plate away. You say: Wait a minute! _____________. (not/finish)

4. You are going to a restaurant tonight. You phone to reserve a table. Later your friend says, “Shall I phone to reserve a table?” You say: No, _____________. (do it)

5. You know that a friend of yours is looking for a place to live. Perhaps she has been successful. Ask her. You say: ____________? (find)

6. You are still thinking about where to go for your holiday. A friend asks, “Where are you going for your holiday?” You say: ____________. (not/decide)

7. Linda went to the bank, but a few minutes ago she returned. Somebody asks, “Is Linda still at the bank?” You say: No, _____________. (come back)

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