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Look at these sentences from the chapter. What Tense is used in them?

'I've never heard of her.'

How long have you known her?' she was the loveliest thing I had ever seen in my life.'

I haven't seen him for a week.

Since I have known you, Harry, I have discovered that.'

12. Read about tennis star Martina Hingis. Underline all the verbs in the present Perfect. Circle all the time expressions with since and for:

Martina Hingis picked up her first tennis racket at the age of two. Since then she has become one of the greatest player in the world. Born on Slovakia, she has lived in Switzerland for many years. She became the outdoor Swiss champion at the age of nine. Since then she has won many international competitions including Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open.

For young stars like Martina, life has its difficulties. They are under constant pressure to win and they don't have time to just relax with friends. In fact, Martina hasn't been to school since 1994 and she has been in the public spotlight for years. But she seems to be handling her success well. Since she turned professional, she has played tennis all over the world and has earned millions of dollars. She sees her life as normal because tennis has been the most important thing to her since she was a little girl.

13. Complete the interview about Martina Hingis. Use the words in brackets to write questions. Then write short answers to the questions using information from ex. 11:

1. (How long/she/ be/ a tennis player?)

Q: How long has she been a tennis player?

A: Since she was two.

2. (How long/she/live in Switzerland?)


A: _______________________

3. (she/win any competitions/since the outdoor Swiss championship?)

Q: _______________________

A: _______________________

4. (She/go to scool/since 1994?)



5. (How much money/she/earn/since her career began?)

Q: ______________________

A: ______________________

6. (How long/tennis/be important to her?)

Q: ______________________

A: ______________________


14. Complete the sentences with for or since. Remembersince refers to a fixed point in time; for refers to a period of time and can be used with different tenses.

  1. The Peace Corps hasn’t lost a volunteer … many years.
  2. I haven’t seen him … ages.
  3. Maria hasn’t played tennis … last summer.
  4. Bob and I have been friends … years.
  5. … his birthday, Peter has been behaving rather strangely.
  6. Mr. Brown worked in New York … ten weeks.
  7. They waited outside the cinema … half an hour.
  8. Peter has been in this country … January 27th 1990.
  9. We lived in Paris … a long time before moving to Brussels.
  10. I’ve been waiting for the doctor … 4.30.
  11. I’m sorry I haven’t written … so long.


15. Read this student's paragraph. Find and correct seven mistakes in the use of the Present Perfect, and since and for. The first mistake has already been corrected:


I am in Ms Clark's physical education class since two months. I enjoy it a lot and have only miss two classes since the beginning of the term. I especially like tennis but since September we don't play because the weather have been too cold. I also like volleyball and my team has win two matches since we have started to compete with Lincoln School. I'm looking forward to the next match.


Comprehension Task

16. Answer the questions:

1. Where was Dorian Gray sitting one afternoon?

2. Whose steps did Dorian hear outside? Were they Lord's steps?

3. Who came in? Did Mrs Wotton know Dorian Gray?

4. How many photographs of Dorian, in her opinion, has her husband got?  

5. Where could she see her husband and Dorian Gray the other night?

6. Who was eating out tonight?

7. Why did Lord Henry ask Dorian not to marry woman with fair hair? Did Dorian agree with him?

8. 'Who was Dorian in love with? What was her name? How old was she? What did she do? Was she an ordinary woman?

9. Has Lord Henry ever heard of her?

10. How long has Dorian known her? Did he meet her in the street when he searched for beauty?

11. What was the play on? Why was Dorian annoyed at first?

12. When did Dorian gray decide to wait for her outside the theatre?

13. 'What was she like?'

14. Did Miss Sibyl know how to flatter Dorian?

15. What did she think of Dorian Gray?

16. Did Lord Henry want to see Juliet's play?

17. Why did Dorian refuse to have dinner with Lord Henry that night? When did they decide to come and watch her?

18. Did they want to take Basil with them?

19. How long hasn't Dorian seen basil? What did basil send him a week ago?

20. Did Dorian like looking at the portrait?

21. Why didn't Dorian want to see Basil alone? Did he give him good advices?

22. What did Lord Henry begin thinking about when Dorian left him?

23. Was he interested in Dorian? Why?

24. What did he see on the table when he arrived home from dinner?

25. What did the telegram run as?


17. Comment on the following:

a. Women never have anything to say but they say it charmingly.

b. 'People are very fond of giving away advice they need themselves.'


Chapter four

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