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Dropping from height controlling of fall from height to be clear of way house keeping

On the height work to be safety harness during cutting& grinding use double eye

Protection to be fire Extinguisher work area covered to be fire blanket all tools good

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Consolidated contractors international company (CCIC) Abu Dhabi UAE

Project -------------------------------------3rd RNGL project Al Ruwais

Client ------------------------------------- SNAMPROGETTI

Customer ---------------------------------GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas industries LTD

Position -----------------------------------piping and mechanical SUPERVISOR

Duration ----------------------------------04 Aug 2006 to 26 Jun 2008

Job Responsibilities

Site Supervision as per drawing of the project

  Supervision of quality fabricated Spools for piping project on Site as well as off Site

Fabrication and Erection of piping as the iso-metric & GA drawing tack out of coordination from

Structural Rack our Ground sleeper line Alignment within pipe Support required as the drawing than

Support verification by Support Detail and Support list Erection different type of fit up material fit up completed

Before welding Rising RFI Request fit up Inspection QC up to date after go to for welding co ordinate with concerning

Person during fabrication and Erection crews Re solving fabrication and erection technical problem controlling of manpower as the company concerned work Time of Schedule

Safety, working period ALL Procedure Of safety flowing work Start be for safety tool Box


ULG/LSGO- Project Al Ruwais

Client -----------------------         Technip

Customer ----------------------------- TAKREER

Position --------------------------------piping and mechanical Supervisor

Duration -------------------------------10 October 2004 to 25April 2006

Job Responsibilities

 Supervisor and monitor the manpower and materials Equipment needed for the project

Review and evaluate drawing on plan fabrication and erected lines, isometric and P &ID

To check, verify and Review installation of gaskets, Supports Valve internal instrument and

Control valve prior to line Re instatement acceptance as per the latest Revision drawing for

Construction, P &ID and project related costs, Specification and standards. Reporting to the

Project engineer the progress of the project. Coordinate with consultant for final inspection

Supervision of piping spools fabrication pipe lying hydro testing and flushing inspection

All materials as per classification. Monitor the Right materials to be used before start of work

Inspection and Documentation of piping spools fabrication work


Schedule of working time, start work before as the Grouper our section ways

Must be induction safety of parts safety tool Box, topic a safety point .per day

Changed of safety topic, 1.82 m height work required full body safety Harness

Huck up doable lanyard at height to be material sequire exase way to be clear

Fall object, drop object during of Gas cutting, Grinding, and cutting welding

To be used dabble eye protection and ALL P PE, REQUIRED

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Project --------------------------IBINE ZEHAR European Petrochemical Company LIMITED

                                            AL JUBAIL SAUDI ARABIA

Client ---------------------------Saudi Binladdin Group

Customer ----------------------IBINE ZEHAR Saudi Arabia

Position -----------------------piping and mechanical SUPERVISOR

Duration ----------------------08-Oct 2003 to 23 September 2004

Job Responsibilities

Prepare and review all the isometric and GA drawing need to fabricated, monitored the materials

Required for fabrication   Supervise the check &pools layout and measurement, heat number pipe and

Fittings in accordance to drawing. Conduct inspection and validity of welders certificates, Review the

Isometric drawing and general arrangement of P &ID according to the scope of project

Monitor the SHUD DOWN Reactor over hauling Re installation of liner and combustor TCTA JOBS

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