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Avery day morning be for start work advice safety tool Box information for safety frequency

Live plant work frequency and HSE system, on the new construction project HSE, procedure

Advice & induction   

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Project ----------------------------- Yanpet Yanbu Saudi Arabia

Client ----------------------------- SNAMPROGETTI

Customer ------------------------ Yanpet

Position -------------------------- piping & mechanical Supervisor

Duration --------------------- 25 Nov 1996 to 15 Jul 1997

Leaving of Resin Partial completion of our contract

Job Responsibilities

Prepare and review all the isometric latest drawing need for fabrication and for Erection

Isometric & plan/ GA monitor the material require for fabrication, Supervision the man power

Check & pools layout and measurement, heat number of pipe and fitting in accordance to

Drawing, conduct inspection and validity of welder s certificates, Review the isometric drawing

And General arrangement of P & ID according to the scope of project, and punch list item A

Preparation hydro testing inspection of all process and utility lines Re instatement of all lines

In pree-commissioning activity starts UP and field operating



Project ---------------------------- Belleli heavy equipment manufacturing works shop Jubail (KSA)

Client ----------------------------- Belleli heavy industries

Customer------------------------- as Sadaf, IBN ZAHR, ptrochamya

 Position -------------------------- piping and Mechanical SUPERVISOR

Duration ------------------------- 23 Mar 1995 to 23 September 1996

Job Responsibilities

Proficient in understanding iso-metric, plan and piping and instrumentation drawing

Strong Supervising skill in fabrication and erection of piping and structural works as per the

Issued construction drawing, vessel, Heat Exchanger, cooling exchanger, Reactors, Boiler,

Furnish & Heater for the vessel molding of barrel by high pressure hydraulic molders

 Assembly of barrel alignment and fit up and welding with on saw all their equipment

Manufacturing, internal piping and internal all support in the vessel Bowels tray support

Piping support and in the furnish internal piping, in the Reactor catelish plate & combustor

Installation in late steam nozzle liner for calshil Refectory the all construction equipment

As per the requirement oil &Gas refinery petrochemicals, fertilizer and other project, monitoring

For the material as per the requirement of drawing monitor of manpower controlling of the quality

As the procedures

Ahmad Shaikh Shahabuddin [Resume]                              page 6 of 9    

Signature;  Shaikh Shahabuddin Ahmad


Project -----------------------SHU project, pulaw Ayer chuan Refinery Singapore

Client ----------------------- foster wheeler

Customer ------------------ Pullaw  Ayer chuan Refinery Singapore

Position --------------------- piping Supervisor


Project ----------------------- Amoco oil &Gas plant Sharjah U.A.E

 Client ----------------------- Technip IEG

Customer ------------------ Amoco oil & Gas industries limited UAE.

 Position ------------------- piping Supervisor

Duration ------------------ 30 Dec 1993 to 15 Jan 1995 [Sharjah UAE to Singapore

Resin of leaving project complication

Job Responsibilities

Supervise and monitor the manpower and materials, Equipment’s needed for the project.

Review and evaluate drawing on plan, fabrication and erection, erected lines, by isometric

Within plan GA drawing to check, verify and review installation of gasket, supports, and valve

Internal, instrument and control valves prior to line reinstatement acceptance as per the latest

Drawing for construction P & ID and project related cost, specification and standards

Reporting to the project engineer the progress of the project, coordinate with consultant for

Final inspection, Supervision of pipe spool fabrication, pipe laying, hydro testing and flushing,

Inspection all materials as per classification, monitoring the right materials to be used before

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