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Monitor machine and Equipment need at the project coordination with and attending regular meeting

With client and Sub contractor Review and approval of fabrication shop & site drawing

Tie- in connection for all kinds of service?


Project : --------------------------QVC. Qatar venial company Doha Qatar

Client  : ---------------------------technip & Gahm

 Position : -------------------------- piping & Mechanical supervisor

Duration: --------------------------29 Aug 2000 to 22 Aug 2001

Job Responsibilities

Proficient in understanding isometric, plan GA drawing piping and instrumentation drawing

Strong Supervising skill in fabrication and Erection of piping and structural works as per the

Issued construction drawing supervised erection of piping and structural fabricated spools on site

As per the iso-metric and plan GA drawing Able to prepare punch list of line, prepare the line for

Hydrostatic testing as per the approved hydrostatic test package and marked on the iso-metric

And P &ID drawing for limit of test, conducting hydrostatic test in accordance with the approved

Hydrostatic test procedure, Re instatement of line for the punch item B completed Reporting to

Section head / Engineering re installation for pree commissioning prepare for Air flashing and

Air blowing Different procedure flowing of Requirement as client steam flashing/steam blowing

Prepare for the purging nitrogen and air for leak test, other start UP. Gather commissioning,

FCN, field change notice, plant Operational Department Require and approved Field change

Coues of valve operating vent &Drain

HSOE and HSE, health safety Organization Environment/ Health Safety environment, work with safety controlling of Accident & Incident, object / prevent Fire, hazardous, fall &

Dropped objects, work Area to be clean & housekeeping

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(6) Consolidated Contractor international company Sal

Project ----------------------- Adnoc, Ruwais Refinery Expansion project UAE

Client ------------------------ Cheuda

Customer ------------------- Adnoc

Position --------------------- piping & mechanical Supervisor

Duration--------------------31 Jan 1999 to 29 Jan 2000

Job Responsibilities       

Supervision as per drawing of the project

Supervision of quality fabricated spools for piping project on site as well as off site

Fabrication and Erection of pipe supports and their alignment erection of Different type

Piping support in the isometric and GA drawing show support number check support list& support

Detail Multi type of support, Supervision of finished item including welding Grinding checking

Of Joints different fittings Raising RFI (Request for inspection)

Inspection of piping technical Modification and making as Built Hydro testing inspection of

All process and utility lines, Re instatement of all lines in pree-commissioning activities and

Supervision of finished work Resolving of field problems and liaison with contractors our

Client and supervise mechanical Crews.

(7) Consolidated Contractor International Company Sal

Project ---------------------------------------- SPF, Shay bah petro Infrastructure project (KSA)

Client ----------------------------------------- Bechtel Company limited

Customer ----------------------------------- Saudi Aramco

Position ------------------------------------- piping and Mechanical Supervisor

Duration ----------------------------------- 13 Oct 1997 to 25 Nov 1998

Risen of leaving Spf project to Trancefar for (RRE PROJECT) Abu Dhabi UAE     

Job Responsibilities

Proficient in understanding iso-metric plan GA and instrumentation P &ID Drawing

Strong Supervising skill in piping fabrication and Erection in clouding of heavy structural and

Vessel, Exchanger, Reactor, turbine, Heater, furnish, Boiler, erection and alignment controlling

Of manpower, monitoring materials as the drawing of required specification materials code

Coordinating with foreman Charge hand and Grouped Advice & instruction for the work

Rulls’ and reguarlation by Procedure progress improving in clouding by safety uses of all ppE,

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