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What idea corresponds to every passage of the text?

a) Overcrowding in the cities leads imperceptibly to many problems;

b) The indirect effect of insecticides is much worse as they attack not only insects;

c) The automobile needs another source of energy;

d) Noise pollution influences almost all people living in the industrial centers;

e) Technological progress has twofold relationship to human being.


10. Answer the questions to the text PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT :

1. What kind of comparatively new pollution is it told about?

2. What does the author mean saying that quality of many people's lives has deteriorated in some respects?

3. What changes in the environment is automobile responsible for?

4. Is the application of insecticides and pesticides banned everywhere nowadays?

5. Why do people protest the using of insecticides?

6. Is smog the constant companion of all big cities?

7. What country is mentioned in the text as a successful one to counter pollution?


11. Learn the information in the Appendix II ‘For and Against’ Essay. Read and translate some useful phrases given in the table.

Read and translate the sentences. Say what things (facts) are set against and which ones are approved.

1. The device was reported to be improved and ready for the series production. However, this new modification turned out to have some by-effects alongside with indisputable benefits. 2. The first and the most important advantage is that this material is completely eco-friendly, but on the other hand its production will require tangible investments. 3. All these factors are on the plus side, but there is a reverse side of the coin, to be exact, this is a job-killer (шаг или мера, ведущая к потере рабочих мест). 4. Another convenience we’d like to mention about is minimization of many diagnostic devices. It also offers the advantage in the surgery and transplanpology. 5. Though the latest modification ranks in priority to the previous one, it still has some weak points.

13. a) Create a Pro and Con list that can help you to take into account all the positives and negatives. Use the key-words only like in the model;


Pros/For Cons/Against
mobility car accidents, high death-rate
independence service expenses, fuel charges
comfort pollution, noise, danger
saving of time traffic jams

b) Write a short ‘ For and Against’ Essay concerning some tech achievements (auto transport, SST or high-rise building construction);

c) Discuss all advantages and drawbacks of the use of agrochemicals. Work in pairs.

Read the text and transform the word given in bold at the end of each line into a suitable form that fits the space in the same line.

Over the decades the living standards has _1_ due to _2_ progress in general but at the same time quality of many people's lives has been _3_. The automobile is a convenient means of transport, but it has a _4_ influence on the environment. The motor car has been _5_ for many changes in the environment. On the one hand it has brought _6_ to millions of people but on the other it has led to the construction of more and more _7_ and dangerous roads and has _8_ the atmosphere with exhaust fumes. The countryside has also been _9_ by the large-scale use of insecticides and pesticides. For one thing _10_ of insects can result in disruption of ecological balance, for another one _11_ provide food for birds. decrease technology worse negatively response mobile noise pollution affect kill insecticides


U nit I


Reading:   Sources and Composition of Atmospheric Pollutants

Writing:              Reviewing an Article

Study the active vocabulary.

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