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III. Choose the suitable preposition or postposition.

1.1 always have tea and some toast with jam (at, on, for) breakfast.

2. The smell of herbs reminds me (-, of, on) my childhood.

3. He must be here (for, by, to) nine o'clock. As soon as he turns (out, up, in) tell him to come (on, in, up) and wait (for, -, during) a few minutes in the office.

4. I'd like to go climbing (on, at, -) next weekend. You know I'm fond (about, over, of) it.

5. It'll all come right (on, in, at) the end. I'm sure (in, over, of) it-

6. Early (in, on, at) the morning the train approached (-, to, at) the seaside town where I was going to spend my holidays.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. Even an old car is better than (no, none, neither).

2. Look out! (Any, Some, A few) of the oil has spilled out onto the floor.

3. (Every, All, Everyone) in the tour buses is eager to get started.

4. (Somebody, Anybody, Everybody) has forgotten to turn off the car lights.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. up/would/help/you/to/washing/like/me/the/with?

2. been/today/kids/really/the/have/noisy.

3. and/first/to/of/flour/butter/all/you/the/have/mix/the.

4. to/I/get/told/where/them/off.

VI. Choose the right response.


1. Good luck at your exams. a) Yes, I will. b) And at your. c) Thanks a lot.   3. Have a good picnic! a) I really will have. b) Don't worry. c) Thanks a lot.  
2. Tea or coffee? a) Give tea. b) Rather tea. c) Tea, please.   4. Isn't she clever? a) I'm afraid so. b) She doesn't. c) Rather!  

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

(Rising, Raising) a puppy is not (easy, light). My brother and I have (found, founded) that first we have to (defend, protect) anything chewable, (like, as) a shoe (lying, laying) on the floor. (Rising, Raising) costs of veterinary (fees, fines) and dog food (make, do) it expensive to (keep, hold) a puppy. But the effort will seem (justifying, justified) when we all (sit, seat) back and enjoy a healthy, (good, well) -trained dog as a member of the family.


(I. Use the correct tense-form of the verbs in bracketsro 1. Since the beginning of the term, Brian (read) three novels. Right now he (read) «A Farewell to Arms». He (read) that novel for the past three days. He (intend) to finish it next week. In his lifetime he (read) many novels, but this is the first Hemingway's novel he (read) ever.

2. It's noon. The mail should be here soon. It usually (deliver) sometime between noon and one o'clock.

3. In my opinion Kacey (elect) tomorrow because she (be) honest, knowledgeable and competent.

4. It was the first time he (clean) his own boots.

5. The fact that there will be only a few people attending the meeting (not/discourage) the organizers. That's why the meeting (not/cancel).

II. Use the right article.

Our first fishing trip of... summer was ... memorable affair My brother Peter and I got up at... dawn and packed оur fishing equipment. ... sun was shining and ... sea was calm when we climbed into ... little motor boat tied to ... quayside We knew we wouldn't be able to go fishing again until evening high tide, so we had prepared ... picnic and taken some bottles of... drink.

III. Fill in a suitable preposition or postposition.

1. The passage is taken ... the novel 'Jane Eyre' Charlotte Bronte, which was first published ... 1847. Jane's parents were dead and she had been brought... ... her relatives. ... the age ... ten she was sent away ... home ... her first school.

2. The children were all upset. Some ... them were ... tears.

3. Please, try to speed ... the process. We need these docu­ments ... delay.

4. Why don't you share the bike? You can ride it... turn.

IV. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. can/a/hope/let's/space/we/parking/find.

2. cooking/the/the/same/prepare/sauce/is/while/pasta.

3. reqшres/of/a/fitness/marathons/lot/running/physical.

4. Linda/pillow/rucksack/her/as/used/a.

V. Translate the Russian fragment into English.

1. Don't ( повышай ) your voice. I can hear you ( хорошо ).

2. Before you buy a boat, you ought to ( научиться ) to swim.

3. She looked ( удивленной ) when she was ( сказали ) how much the treatment would cost.

4. I'm tired of ( слушать ) to her endless complaints.

5. I've eaten only two apples. Where are ( остальные )!

6. When 1 cut my hand, my mum used her scarf ( как ) а bandage to stop the bleeding.

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