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Chapter 1 - What are you getting into


The life of a flight attendant


Your prospect employer


1.2.1 Emirates Airlines


1.2.2 Etihad Airways


1.2.3 Qatar Airways


Who is hiring


Your worries and questions answered


Chapter 2 - Let's get you the job


Before the assessment


Creating your CV


Application photos Passport photo Full length photo


Online application Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Qatar Airways


The assessment


©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant


How to dress for your assessment day


How to be confident during the assessment day




Open Day


CV Submission Day


Assessment Day Introduction Reach test The group exercise


Exercise 1 - Prioritization


Exercise 2 - Customer service


Exercise 3 - Team-building English test


Missing Words Test


Reading and Understanding Test


Essay writing Math test Personality profile test Raven test (IQ test)


Final Interview Confidence during the interview Final Interview 101 Question and Answers


After the assessment


Golden Call and Successful Candidate Email


Document submission


Date of Joining (DOJ)


Documents to prepare for your departure


©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

Chapter 3 - Off you go!


Family and friends


What to pack


New place called home


The training


See you up there!



©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

Chapter 1 - What are you getting into


The life of a flight attendant


I will present to you a list of the greatest aspects of being a flight attendant, as well as the less glamorous parts of the job. You must make an informed decision when choosing this career.




Being a flight attendant has enormous benefits, especially when you are young and adventurous.


See the world at no cost to you


The airlines have impressive route maps. Whatever destination farther than 4 hours flight away implies that the crew will have a layover in that city. Depending on the flight frequency, your length of stay could be anything from 24 hours to 100 hours. All expenses paid and you can browse the city, do some sightseeing, see concerts, explore restaurants, and whatever else you can think of.


Meet awesome people


Many expat airlines pride themselves with the number of nationalities they employ. My airline had more than 120 nationalities. You will meet people from countries you never knew existed (Faroe Islands anyone?) to countries that seem so far and exotic, such as Japan, Nicaragua, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Azerbaijan or Eritrea.


Not only your colleagues, but also your passengers are from all over the world, and everybody has a unique story to tell. All you have to do is listen and wow your heart!


Broaden your mind and experiences


One of my colleagues had a small book in which she was writing the same 5 phrases in all the languages that people she met were speaking. She was building quite a collection!


©Copyright Kara Grand - How to Become a Flight Attendant

I met a girl from Finland who started studying Arabic and in 1 year she was able to have conversations with native speakers. Another amazing woman was going to Nepal every time she had some days off. She was collecting and bringing supplies to local schools and spending some time with children who are so poor they have never even seen a TV.


My friend Nadine went to Traditional Massage School in Thailand and got herself a diploma on how to be a real Thai massage therapist.


You go, you see, your mind and heart grow. This job gives you continuous opportunities to find passions and hobbies that you will never be able to pursue at home with a 9-5 job and 2 weeks of vacation per year.


Loads of free time


Every month you will get 8 to 12 days off. Having all that time and all the possibility and quietness, I managed to finish my university studies while I was flying. You will finally find the time to pursue other dreams, education or passions.


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