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Centralized Traffic Control

CTC… is a signaling system of railway operation which is used to control train traffic by signal indications. The system consists of a centralized train dispatcher's office that controls railroad s… in the CTC territory and the signals that railroad engineers must obey in order to keep the t… moving safely and smoothly across the railroad. It combines the principles of p…-bs… with the high-speed processing capabilities of a digital minicomputer. The basic c… c… has two displays for td… of the controlled distance and a centre display. They are placed directly in front of the dispatcher. The display shows the overall track diagram including current routes, to… and signal i…. The p…-bs… are replaced by a compact control console keyboard. This k… enables the operator to call up an enlarged track plan of a selected s… which shows the current status of the ars…, signal indications and tc... occupancies. Besides, the keyboard enables the operator to make a change if necessary. All these control functions are performed via the dc... .

C. What do you call:

1. The system which controls the movement of trains by signal indications.

2. The man who controls all the movements of the train.

3. A special panel with push-button switches.

4. A device which performs the control functions.

5. A complete set of keys, usually hand-operated.

D . Speak on the operation of the CTC system.


Text B. Scan the text and write down all the unknown words. Read the text trying to guess the meaning of the unknown words. Retell the text in Russian.

The driver of a bullet train in Japan is under investigation after falling asleep for nearly ten minutes at the helm. The train was travelling at 170mph with 800 passengers on board.

Railway staff became suspicious when the train pulled into Okayama station, about 90 miles east of Hiroshima. It came to a halt about 100 metres before it was supposed to, leaving rear carriages outside the station. They inspected the driver's cab and found him asleep in his chair, according to a source at West Japan Railway. Staff knocked on the window but he continued to sleep. Eventually the conductor went inside the compartment and woke him up.

The driver, 33, told his superiors that he "had no memory" of what happened for a period of about eight minutes until he woke up.

A West Japan Railway spokesman said the driver had plenty of sleep and had not been drinking alcohol.

Police said the driver was under investigation for possible violations of the railway law and for causing danger due to professional negligence while driving.

No one was hurt in the incident because the train was on autopilot at the time. Drivers normally take over and steer the train manually in the final stretch to a station.

Lesson two


    Ex. 1. Practice the reading of the following words and phrases:

    appraise, efficiency, insulate, exist, responsibility, telecommunications, availability, techniques, intermittent, reappraisal, require, essential, headache, throughout;

    powerful computer equipment, rapid information, sophisticated signaling systems, optimum time, continuous data exchange, secure coding, driverless operation, up-to-date facilities.


    Ex. 2. These are the key words to Lesson 2. You are to copy them and memorize their meanings.

automatic train control (ATC) – автоматическое управление поездом, поездная                                                          авторегулировка; automatic train protection (ATP) – автоматическое ограждение поезда, защита; an intermittent automatic train control – точечная автоматическая локомотивная                                                           cигнализация (АЛСТ); cross-border operation(s) – пограничные перевозки; to coast – двигаться по инерции; to insulate – изолировать.

Ex. 3. Copy the following words and memorize their meanings:

appraisal – оценка,

to appraise – оценивать;

benefit – польза, выгода,

to benefit (from smth) – извлекать пользу (из чего-либо);

a cost / costs – стоимость, затраты, издержки,

to cost - стоить, обходиться (в какую-л. сумму);

to exist – существовать;

to handle - управлять чем-л., справляться с кем-л., чем-л.,

to handle data – обрабатывать данные;

responsible – ответственный,

responsibility – ответственность,

to take/accept responsibility – брать, принимать ответственность;

а view – взгляд, мнение,

to view – рассматривать,

a point of view – точка зрения,

from (economic, political) point of view – с (экономической, политической) точки



    Read and translate the following sentences into Russian:

1. This article gives an appraisal of recent books on this subject. 2. There now exists a significant body of scientific research on the subject. 3. It’s no use trying to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. 4. The easy-to-use design of the vacuum cleaner is a significant benefit for many households. 5. The government is responsible for the general management of the economy. 6. Development research was the responsibility of scientists attached to universities. 7. The operating costs of a new line will be very high. 8. Whatever that awful child has done I promise to take full responsibility. 9. The management accepts no responsibility for cars parked in the car park. 10. The house, now up for sale, should be viewed in order to appraise it.          11. When I’m discussing something with Mary, I always try to understand her point of view. 12. An operator on London Metro is responsible for manual control in case of emergency. 13. Automatic train control systems support drivers and supervise train speeds.14. Tourism has brought many benefits to the area. 15. You can't go on avoiding your responsibilities forever. 16. He was asked to give a critical appraisal of the facilities. 17. The crisis was handled very badly. 18. The system handles huge amounts of data. 19. She was responsible for designing the entire project. 20. Good students expect to have responsible positions in industry as soon as they graduate.    21. The airport was built at a cost of $5.3 billion. 22. That one mistake almost cost him his life. 23. An electric engine is more useful from ecological point of view. 24. He seems to know how to handle this device.

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