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Ex. 11 . Translate the words given in brackets into English. Translate the text you have now into Russian. Do it in written form.

Due to (современны e сигнальны e системы) trains can give signals themselves. Еntering the next section, each train (менять сигнал) behind it to red. When it then (подходить к следующему участку), the red light which is now two sections behind it changes to yellow. The red signal is lit up immediately behind the train. When the train (входить) the next section the first signal (переключиться на зеленый). Thus, every train has behind it (сначала) a red, (затем) a yellow, (и в конце концов) a green signal. All these operations (выполняться при помощи рельсовой цепи). Simple rail circuit is the basis of (современная сигнальная система). The principle of operation is that (весь путь) is divided into sections, (изолированный) from each other. A low voltage electric current (проходить через один рельс) to the end of the section and then back along the other rail. When a train enters a section it brakes (цепь). (Ток ) passes through its wheels and axis. When the train (покидать) a section, current runs along the rails. The change in the track current (можно легко обнаружить). In this way many electrical apparatus (управляться ).


Ex. 12. Match the terms in line A with their definitions in line B:

1)автоматическое управление поездом a) the safety system which automatically prevents a train from passing through a stop signal;
2)автоматическое ограждение поезда b) the system which use electronic systems to indicate the state of the track ahead on cab displays at all times and can halt a train automatically if a signal is passed at danger;
3)автоведение поездa c) the trackwork mechanism where a track divides into two;
4)локомотивная сигнализация d) a form of communication designed to inform the train crew, particularly the engine crew, of track conditions ahead and to tell it how to operate the train;
5)стрелочный перевод e) the system for automatically controlling train movements and directing train operations;  
6)железнодорожный сигнал f) a simple electrical device used to detect the presence or absence of a train on rail tracks, used to inform signallers and control relevant signals;
7)рельсовая цепь g) the subsystem which performs functions otherwise assigned to the train operator (driver)
Text B. Scan the text and write down all the unknown words. Read the text trying to guess the meaning of the unknown words. Retell the text in Russian.

Richard Trevithick (April 13, 1771 – April 22, 1833) was a British inventor, mining engineer and builder of the first working railway steam locomotive. Trevithick built a full-size steam road locomotive in 1801 on a site near the present day Fore Street at Camborne. He named the carriage 'Puffing Devil' and, on Christmas Eve that year, he demonstrated it by successfully carrying several men up Fore Street and then continuing on up Camborne Hill, from Camborne Cross, to the nearby village of Beacon with his cousin and associate, Andrew Vivian, steering. This event is believed by many to be the first demonstration of transportation by (steam) auto-motive power and it later inspired the popular Cornish folk song "Camborne Hill". During further tests, Trevithick's locomotive broke down 3 days later, after passing over a gully in the road. The vehicle was left under some shelter with the fire still burning whilst the operators retired to a nearby public house for a meal of roast goose and drinks. Meanwhile the water boiled off, the engine overheated and the whole machine burnt out, completely destroying it. Trevithick however did not consider this episode a serious setback but more a case of operator error.



Lesson FOUR

Ex. 1. Practice the reading of the following words and phrases:

semaphore, audible, priority, auxiliary, suspended, manipulate, influence, incline, engineman, identical, usually, measure;

multiple-track railway, suburban railway, marshalling track, train crew, frequent intervals, color lights, push-button switches, restrictive position, continuous indication, station employees.


Ex. 2. These are the key words to Lesson 4. You are to copy them and memorize their meanings:

a fixed signal – стационарный / постоянный сигнал; an indication – показание (прибора);  to proceed – следовать (о поезде), продолжать (путь); a protective / safety device – защитное (предохранительное) устройство,                                                                            предохранитель; a restrictive position –сдерживающее положение; a semaphore (signal) arm – крыло светофора; a wayside signal – путевой сигнал.

Ex. 3. Copy the following words and memorize their meanings:

to constitute – составлять, быть частью;

to indicate - показывать, указывать;

to install – устанавливать, устраивать;

to restrict – ограничивать;

to warn - предупреждать; предостерегать;

regardless of ( smb/smth) – невзирая на…, не считаясь (с кем/чем-либо).


Read and translate the following sentences into Russian:

1. His action constitutes a criminal offence. 2. Studies indicate that children from poorer areas are less likely to go to university. 3. All gas stations have now installed pumps for lead-free gasoline. 4. Installing a computer system may by costly, but it is obligatory to make our work and study more efficient. 5. A true professional can work with anyone regardless of age, race or color. 6. As a charity, we provide foods and shelter for people in need, regardless of the reasons for their need. 7. Construction workers and home owners are being warned that the fumes from insulating foam can make them seriously ill. 8. The story of the Titanic is a warning to anyone who trusts too much in the technology to take safety seriously. 9. Do you know any laws that restrict people’s freedom? 10. If you don’t pay taxes, it may restrict your traveling abroad. 11. The man who installed our washing machine advised me not to use the hottest water. 12. She indicated the small door with her hand. 13. The speedometer indicated 50 miles per hour. 14. The driver only needs to press two buttons to start the train and if the way is clear then the train will automatically proceed to the next station. 15. Signals installed at frequent intervals along the entire mainline inform the driver of the position of other trains. 16. Tomorrow the movement of trains at that section of the line will be restricted because of track repair work.


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