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Ex. 4. Fill in the gaps with the suitable derivative of the word given on the right.

1. At present our life cannot be imagined without … technology. AUTOMATE

2. This automated system is linked to the … . OPERATE

3. Water and low temperature caused … breakdown. INSULATE

4. Thomas Edison designed and constructed a new device called a … . TRANSMIT

5. This machine is capable of performing any operation of very great … . COMPLEX

6. The … of new equipment was of great importance. INSTALL

7. Environmental … is our main task to preserve the Earth for many generations to come. PROTECT

8. … notices tell you to be careful because something bad may happen. WARN

9. There is a special … against bringing dogs into the country. RESTRICT

10. The traffic rules have a special … to wear seatbelts. REQUIRE

11. There are new laws to improve … on aircrafts. SAFE

12. There was some … that he had exceeded speed limits. INDICATE


Ex. 5. In English you can form adjectives with the suffix -able/-ible meaning “capable of something, having the quality of something”, as for example, to change – changeable – изменять – изменчивый .

A. Match the adjectives given in column A with their translations in column B.

1) preferable 2) predictable 3) eatable 4) understandable 5) comparable 6) audible 7) exchangeable 8) measurable 9) passable 10) recyclable 11) compatible a) съедобный b) сравнимый c) совместимый d) слышимый e) предсказуемый f) понятный g) предпочтительный h) перерабатываемый i) изменчивый j) измеряемый k) проходимый

B. Which noun given in the box will be the most suitable one to form a word combination?

a distance, words, weather, results, a signal, food, a solution, a road, waste, a computer, an idea

C. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. The exact distance was immeasurable. 2. Heat is convertible into electricity.   3. The device isn’t workable, you should replace it by a new one. 4. The obtained results are quite comparable. Do the calculation. 5. The village is a walkable distance from here, you don’t need to take a taxi. 6. This is a listenable record though it is very old.    7. The procedure is applicable whether or not the product is pure. 8. We should use this compound device because its two parts are exchangeable. 9. I hope it’s an IBM compatible computer. 10. I wasn’t able to understand your letter! It was absolutely unreadable! 11. If you're looking for a job you need to be flexible about where you're prepared to work. 12. There's a portable CD player in the kitchen. 13. The players wear protective helmets. 14. The locomotive driver is responsible for the train passengers’ safety. 15. We need a computer system that is reliable and fast. 16. Natural air circulation isn't enough to keep the air in the underground tunnels breathable.


Ex. 6. Translate the following attributive groups:

freight and passenger traffic, locomotive and train crew, engine crew, semaphore mechanism, color light signal, day and night indications, automatic train control, station employees, cab and wayside signals, on-board computers, remote control device, environment protection, internal combustion engine, traffic speed increase, engine breakdown, track repair work, safety systems, labour protection.


Ex. 7. Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the Complex Subject.              

1. The railroad engineers are said to be improving a protective device on the locomotives. 2. The efficiency of electric locomotives is stated to be much higher than that of steam locomotives. 3. That railroad seems to have been the first in the world.  4. High-speed trains are said to be introduced on this section of the mainline early next year. 5. The timetable is known to be changed for the summer period. 6. The failure in power supply system is reported to have caused considerable alarm in the work of several industrial enterprises. 7. Everyone seems to be worried about environmental protection and careful use of resources. 8. The system is expected to be most effective on single lines. 9. Train control can be considered to be a hierarchical step above the signal box. 10. Automatic drivers are supposed to operate all trains in near future.    11. The London Underground is said to be the safest form of transport in the world.  12. A track circuit is known to be an electrical circuit of which the running rails form a path. 13. The term ATP is known to provide failsafe protection against collisions, excessive speed, and other hazardous conditions which may arise during train movements by preventing trains from ignoring control commands. 14. The evolution of train control systems seemed to end up in a disorder of gage standards. 15. Traditional wayside devices are likely to be unnecessary in this train control system. 16. He is sure to be able to repair this computer. 17. The labor of a man with secondary education was found to be 108% more efficient than that of a man without education. Moreover the work of a university graduate proves to be 300% more efficient than that of a specialist with secondary education.


Ex. 8. Read the sentences and find the Russian equivalents for the predicates:

1. The electrical devices are being installed on the renewed section of the line now. 2. Block signals were installed on all the railroads. 3. Special signals are installed to help enginemen to drive trains without accidents. 4. Station employees installed a lot of signal appliances last year. 5. We have just installed the equipment in the lab.        6. The protective device has been installed recently.


a) устанавливаются (вообще); b) устанавливают (сейчас); c) были установлены; d) установлены (как результат); e) только что установили; f) установили (как факт).

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