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I. Read the emails below. For each, choose the best subject line.

1. 2.

a. Office designs–London a. Brussels Conference

b. Meeting– your office b. Programme changes

c. Anton Berg–new offices c. Theatre tour, USA



II. Would you write a formal or an informal email in the following situations?

1. Agreeing to meet a colleague for lunch.

2. Complaining to a supplier about a mistake in an order.

3. Requesting information from an official website.

4. Attaching the agenda for a meeting in an email to a colleague abroad.

5. Apologizing for a delay in delivery to a customer.

6. Sending your boss a report.

III. Some of these phrases are used formally and some informally. Choose the correct order.

  Formal Informal
Dear John Hi John    
I’m writing to inform you that… I’m writing to let you know that…    
We are having a get-together We are arranging a meeting    
I’d like to apologize for Sorry about    
Let me know if you can make it Let me know if you can attend    
I would be very pleased to come I’d love to come    
This is to let you know about Just to let you know about    

IV. Read the emails below and explain why the writers use a formal style.


V Read the emails again and write the formal equivalent next to these informal expressions.

1. Please get in touch.


2. I am not happy.


3. Thanks for your email about…


4. Please…


5. I’m sorry for any problems.


6. We sent you order…


7. I am sorry to tell you…


8. I am writing to let you know…


VI. The following table shows some phrases you can use to be friendly in both formal and informal emails. Find the corresponding phrase and complete the table.

VII. Write the sentences in this letter in the correct order.

Dear Mr. Green

a. Members of our sales team will present the service

b .after the presentation

c. We would like to invite you to lunch of

d. and there will be an opportunity to ask questions

e. there will be dinner in the main restaurant

f. our new courier service on 6 March

g. I very much hope that you can attend

j. at the Grand Hotel at 6:30 p.m.

Best regards

Peter Pod


Write one of the following emails. Invent any details you need.

I.1. To Hans Mauer, car-leasing, to request a test-drive of a car

for your office use. Offer to telephone at a time suitable for him.

2. To Anna Wilson, requesting a demonstration of a new intercom system.

You have her name from a friend, Ted Collins, whose offices have

had this installed. Offer to telephone at a time suitable for her.

3. To Noriaki Kasogi, product manager of a tire factory in Japan.

You want to tell him the dates of the Automobile Exhibition in Detroit and find out if he wants you to arrange a hotel for him.

4. To Miranda, an American friend who you are hoping to meet at the conference you are in charge of next month. You are enclosing the conference information and you want to meet one night for dinner.

II. You are visiting Switzerland on a business trip next week with your colleague.

Write an e-mail to your colleague:

–thanking him or her for booking your tickets

–apologizing for losing the itenary he or she gave you

–asking him or her to send it to you again


Study types of companies and business organization forms in Russia and other countries; analyze the structure of the company according to different criteria, learn how to compose company portfolio and research competition of companies.

Lesson 1. Types of companies

Warm up

I.How many different ways of organizing a company can you think of? Think of departments, products, markets.

II.If you work for a company or a firm, how would you describe the company structure?

III.Match the information about these multinational companies to the correct company logo.

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