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A. Listen to the following remarks of Peter’s. All the sentences are mixed up. Put them in the order they appear in the recording. Use the grid below.

A … Those sheets are urgent.
B … Mr. Morgan.
C … Those plastic coated sheets - Mid Wales Steel Company are the suppliers, aren't they?
D … If you like, I'll speak to Morgan myself.
E … What? You didn't know?
F … Yes, phone me back, will you.
G … Hello, Jones.
H … Well, does that mean there was no time limit in the contract?
I … Who do you deal with there?
J … Yes, they're wanted for a special order.
K … Can you find out why there's this hold-up on delivery?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

B. Produce the dialogue in full, invent the remarks and questions put by Jones in reply to Peter Wiles’ words.

Exercise 3

Listen to the following extract from the recording which shows how the situation progressed. Try to complete the gaps, using no more than three words in each case.

John: Does that mean we can't … if they fail … on time?
Peter: It looks like it. Jones is … now. He didn't know they were being ordered …. He thought they were ….
John: Just our luck!
Jane: Mr. Jones for you …, Mr. Wiles.
Peter: Hello. What did …? Oh, no! Well, if that's true, why did Mid Wales … of thirty days? They must have known they …. Why did they … at all? Yes. O.K. Morgan …, is he? Yes. I'd like to hear …. Thanks, Jones. (He puts the receiver down)
John: What's … the delay?
Peter: Deliveries … because … annealing ovens …. (Telephone rings) Ah, that may be … now.
Jane: Mr. Morgan of the Mid Wales Steel Company ….
Peter: Hello. Good morning, Mr. Morgan. Yes, … has been telling me. Well, you've put us in …. Those sheets of yours are …. We're due … the finished console desks …, and now you say there's … When did … break down? Yes. Well, …, what can you do …? It's too late … for this job … now. What? Well, if …, that will help. Yes, I think we'd be prepared … the extra cost of … by road. Yes. Goodbye.

Exercise 4

Act as an interpreter.

John: What does he say?
Peter: Он говорит, что может подготовить половину товара к отправке (франко-завод) к полудню в понедельник. Это дает нам полтора дня для сборки столов … один день для упаковки и доставки. Да, нам придется сделать эту операцию экстренной. Джейн! Идите сюда, пожалуйста!
Jane: Yes, Mr. Wiles.
Peter: Соедините меня по телефону с управляющим производством как можно быстрее.
Jane: Yes, Mr. Wiles.
John: What about the other half?
Peter: Морган считает, что он сможет обеспечить их в среду. К тому времени, когда их соберут и доставят они опоздают приблизительно на неделю, но, может быть, клиента это устроит. Как вы думаете, Джон?
John: I'll get on to them and find out.
Peter: Вы уже нашли управляющего производством, Джейн?
Jane: I'm trying to get him; he's not answering his phone.
Peter: Ну, попробуйте связаться с ним по открытой связи. Он никогда не сидит в своем кабинете.
Jane: He's on the line now, Mr. Wiles.
Peter: А, Филдинг. У нас кризис. Насколько быстро мы можем собрать те сто-лы для компьютера? Да, это повлечет за собой перестройку производ-ственной линии, но я вот что хочу знать …, если мы получим листы к понедельнику, соберут ли их, упакуют ли, и будут ли они готовы к от-правке ко второй половине дня в среду? В понедельник прибывает толь-ко половина заказа. Остаток листов будет доставлен в среду, что дает нам выходные … Я с этим ничего не могу поделать. Заплатить двойную ставку будет все же дешевле, чем те потери, которые мы понесем, если клиент настоит на штрафе. Да. Вы думаете, вы сможете? Молодец. О.К. Спасибо.

Exercise 5

Match each of the phrases on the left with an appropriate explanation on the right. Fill in the grid below.

1. Production Manager A Ready to leave the factory  
2. penalty clause B Work which is in addition to the normal weekly working hours  
3. to honour the contract C To have the goods ready by the agreed time  
4. overdue D A paragraph in a contract allowing the buyer to deduct a percentage of the price as a penalty for late delivery  
5. Buying Department E The man in charge of production. He is responsible for coordinating all the factors such as the stock levels, deployment of labour and use of machinery so that the goods will be produced when required and at minimum cost.  
6. to meet a delivery date F Employees are paid double their normal wage for working at certain times, e.g. on Sundays  
7. compensation G The process through which the raw materials pass to make a finished product.  
8. ex works H Not received on the date promised  
9. double time I To do just what the contract specifies despite unforeseen difficulties  
10. production line J The department responsible for buying in all materials, such as paint, components, stationery, fuel, parts, tools, etc., required by the company  
11. overtime K Money or goods given to offset a loss caused through failure to fulfill an obligation  
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.



Consider the following points. Share your ideas with a partner or a small group. Be prepared to explain your answers to the class.

a) the subject of the memo sent by Peter Wiles to John Martin

b) the penalty clauses and why people engaged in sales accept them

c) the reason for the hold-up in delivery

2. Speak as if you were Peter Wiles and say whether you found the way to offset the penalty clause and the absence of the time limit in the contract was company’s luck.

3. Recount the situation as if you were John Martin. Explain why Peter Wiles needed a telephone conversation with Mr. Morgan and how he managed to settle the problem.

4. Suppose you are Mr. Morgan. Recount the situation with plastic coated sheets for Harper & Grant Ltd.

5. Render the situation as if you were Mr. Fielding.

6. Act out

a) the two successive telephone conversations between Peter Wiles and Mr. Jones

b) a telephone conversation between Peter Wiles and Mr. Morgan

c) a telephone conversation between Peter Wiles and Mr. Fielding


Unit 6 Appointing the New Advertising Manager

Phrase list

Listen to the tape and practise the pronunciation of the following words and word combinations, quote the sentences in which they are used in the unit. Consult a dictionary and translate them into Russian.

to advertise / to deal with advertising

to undertake to do something

to liaise with the agency

to supervise the campaign

to check proofs

to cope with public relations work

(the) public at large

to appoint a manager

to relieve somebody of something

to be ultimately responsible to somebody for something

“situations vacant” column

to invite applications for a job

to have the right qualifications for the post

to interview the selected applicant from the short list

an applicant for a job

a letter of application

to handle the accounts

to brief somebody

to be an account executive

to join a training scheme run by somebody

to stay with a company (a firm, etc.)

to discuss the layout

to have the right kind of experience

the executive

to be go-ahead

to be high on the list

to persuade / to convince somebody

to look up (about the firm)


Task 1

Consider the introduction to the unit. Answer the following questions and be ready to give a story line. Use the word combinations in brackets.


1. How would you describe the system of advertising used in Harper & Grant Ltd.?

(the Factory Extension Meeting; to be a growing company; to deal with advertising; to employ an Advertising Agency; to design the advertisements; to place the advertisements in newspapers or magazines)

For what reason do many firms employ advertising agencies to handle advertising?

(to undertake to handle something on behalf of somebody; to employ specialists in the field; to buy space in newspapers, or time on radio and television; to do a far more professional job than somebody; to have a limited experience; to employ an advertising manager; to liaise with the agency)

Can John Martin cope with advertising without any help?

(to be too busy on the sales side; to be able to handle the work involved; to supervise an advertising campaign; to check proofs; to use the media; to suit the company's interests)



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