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Listen to the third conversation between Della and Peter James again and look at the notes below. Try to reconstruct the conversation with your partner. Change roles when you finish.

Della: Tell Peter who you are, and why you are phoning (you want him to speak at a conference).

Peter: You would like to give the presentation but you are busy. You suggest your colleague Alastair Wilkins does instead. Alastair is not in his office, so you give Della his mobile number: 564 77 0808.


Work in pairs and make a dialogue according to the situation.

You want to speak to the Head of Sales at Bond & Co., a company which manufactures silk ties, because you want to stock their ties in your department store. You telephone the company. The Head of Sales is not in his office so you leave a message with Student B, a Sales Representative. Student A telephones you and asks to speak to the Head of Sales who is not in the office at the moment, so you offer to take a message. Explain that the Head of Sales is not available and ask if you can take a message, find out your caller’s name and a contact number for him/ her, ask what message the caller wants to leave. Be careful with telephone language and ask your partner to spell things if necessary.


Write the short email that Della sends to Alastair Wilkins. In your email thank him for agreeing to speak at the conference and include the most important details about the conference. Remind him about the phone call at 11: 00

Lesson 4. Multilingual Internet

Warm up

“The Internet is so big, so powerful and so pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.”

Andrew Brown,

Web site designer

I. Answer the questions.

· How much time do you spend surfing the Internet?

· Do you ever join online discussion groups or chat rooms?

· Do you book things like flights and hotel rooms on the Net?

· What are advantages and disadvantages of buying online?

· Would you search for a job on the Internet?

· Would you consider looking for a partner in cyberspace?

II. Look at the e-businesses. What products or services do you think they offer? Discuss with a partner.

III. Which of these Web sites would you be curious to visit?

Active vocabulary

Match the words and their definitions given below.

Term Definition
1.Net (internet) a) an internet advertisement
2. Web(world wide web) b) a picture or symbol that represents an instruction for your computer
3.Cyberspace c) describing electronic information that is put into a scrambled form that can only be used if decoded
4. Online d) exploring the net, moving from one location to another
5.Service provider e) a magazine on the web
6. Chat room f)a connection, usually underlined or in picture form (an icon), which allows you to jump to another page on the Web
7. Modem g)short for “electronic mail”, mail or messages sent to others via the Internet
8. Link h) an attachment that allows computers to exchange through telephone lines
9. Email i)the Web or Www is a part of the internet consisting of documents (web pages) stored on computers around the world and providing a vast amount of information
10.Home page j)computer networks worldwide that are connected together and that exchange information; some call it the information Superhighway
11. Cyberstore k)a place on the Web where you can have conversations (“chat”)on-line by typing and receiving messages from others
12.Webzine l)describing a computer that communicates with the user, asking questions and responding to answers
13. Software m)refers to the Internet and the space in which information is available
14. Interactive n) to be connected to the Internet
15. Encrypted o)a company that gives access to the Internet for a fee
16. Surfing the net p)the first page you see that contains links to other pages and more information when a company (or individual) is on the Web
17. Icon q)describing electronic information that is put into a scrambled form that can only be used if decoded
18. Banner r)the computer programs or instructions that control the function of a computer


I. Skim the text to grasp the general idea.

The Web as a Sales Tool

Aside from the tremendous increase in use of the Internet by all segments of the population (15 million households in the United States alone), businesses in particular are using the Net as a marketplace.

As a businessman or woman with a computer and modem, you can research just about anything, finding links to resources for your business. And now, the Internet itself is being transformed into a marketplace: advertisements, sales brochures, cyberstores, and webzines are offering everything for sale. Businesses are looking to the Net as a current and future marketing tool.

Whether you are using the Net for private research, or just for fun, you will certainly encounter your business colleagues discussing the latest thing they saw online, and you will want to be informed.

There is discussion today about how beneficial the Web is as a sales tool. Many companies, even those with a tremendous presence on the Web, are not making a lot of money. They are positioning themselves for the future, with hopes that buying on-line will become an everyday event.

The question that must be answered is whether the World Wide Web will remain a place of information, or involve into a profitable marketplace for businesses.

Actually, if you trace the history and growth of the Internet, you will realize that extraordinary progress has been made. In the last decade, the number of personal computers has multiplied to the point that potential vendors of products and services now see tens of millions of customers to whom they can market their products. As consumers become more relaxed and secure about buying on-line, market potential will rise.

Because of this potential, banner ads are everywhere: on Home Pages, magazines or “webzines”, hidden on bulletin boards or behind provocative icons. “Cyberstores” offer everything from automobiles to vacation cruises.

The most successful vendors are those that mainly transact business by phone, selling a product that does not have to be present physically.

If you know the title or author of a book you want to buy, it is easier ordering it by computer than going to the bookstore. Besides, you may get a discount from a Web vendor, or save sales tax, even though you have to pay for shipping.

Will the commercial aspect of the Web overcome or replace its informational function?

A major problem vendors have is that banner ads are not seen unless they are selected (clicked on) by the consumer. The fact that “suffers” can bypass an advertisement means that there is no assurance it will be read.

Another problem is that people fear giving personal information on-line, such as credit card numbers or a personal address. Although most sites will encode or “scramble” this information, consumers are wary about giving information to a computer, even they may freely give the same information to a strange voice on the phone.

Thus, a company can spend a good deal of money, with no assurance of the size of its market. Even a provocative and colorful banner is easy to be ignored, when a Web “surfer” is looking for information instead of something to buy. If this aspect of Web advertising changes and new approaches are implemented, then commercialization may overtake the Web.

A growing use of Web technology is the “Extranet”, which is a company’s private link with its corporate customers. (The “Intranet” is the company’s internal network with its employees.) General Electric. The most successful example of extranets grosses over a billion dollars a year in sales.

From “The European”

Reading comprehension



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